Swasan – Hote Hote Pyaar Ho Gaya (Shot 2)

Hello everyone Madhu here with second part of the story,the first part got very good response and thanks to all of you for that ????? and sorry everyone this part is a bit long.Pls do read and comment hope you all will like it and HAPPY READING!!!
Recap – Uttara giving Swara a bet and Swara’s friendship deal with Sanskar and as time passes Swasan become good friends but Swara eventually falling in love with Sanskar and confessing her feelings but Sanskar rejects her.

Later when Sanskar arrives at home his mother informs him that they have a new tenant.

San – What new tenant??

Mom – Yes,one girl had came and she was telling that due to studies she has to stay alone in kolkata.She wanted a room in rent and as we had a spare room I gave it to her.

San – Okay but where is she now ??

Mom – Haan woh she is in her room,wait I will call her.

San – Aray ne….before Sanskar can stop his mom she calls out Swara !! Swara !!

San (thinking) – Swara,nehi how can Swara come here,she will not leave her luxurious life and come to this middle class house what am I thinking ?? Shayad yeh koi aur hogi but when he sees the girl he is shocked as its non other than our cute Swara.

San – Tum ??

Mom – You know her ??

Sw – Nehi aunty how can we know each other ?? I am seeing him for the first time.Sanskar is shocked after hearing this.

San – Mom you cann’t make her our tenant.

Mom – But why ??

San – Because hmm….

Mom – When you have a reason then only come to tell me and for now she is the new tenant and Sanskar’s mom goes away from there.

San – What are you doing here Swara ??

Sw – Sanskar I have come here to make you realise your love.

San – Swara I clearly told you that I donot love you then whats your problem ??

Sw – My problem is ki you are not understanding your love for me.

San – Swara….

Sw – Okay Listen we will talk about this later abhi dekho Mom akele khana bana rahi hain and I have to help her so,Bye and she goes away.

San – Aray listen….uff yeh larki….

Later,Sanskar decides to talk with Swara;Sanskar was coming out of his room when his mom came.

Mom – Acha shun Sanskar beta I and your dad are going out and we will come back in the evening.Okay.

San – Okay mom and she goes.

San (thinking) – Chalo achai hain now I can freely talk with Swara,mom and dad have gone out so there is no tension.Sanskar goes and meets Swara.

San – Swara !!

Sw – Aray Sanskar tum,come inside.

San – Listen Swara why are you making the situation so complicated,I have already told you na I donot love you and please yeh sab karke hamari dosti ko kharab maat karo.
(And please donot do all this and break our friendship)

Sw – But Sanskar I am doing all this only for you I want that you realise your love.

San – Offo SWARA….mein kitni baar bollu I DON’T LOVE YOU and Sanskar angrily starts walking away but Swara comes to stop him and suddenly her leg gets twisted,she was about to fall down when Sanskar holds her and they share an intense eyelock.

Haan aa o…

Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon (x2)

Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye.

Aa o… aa…

Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron ko Khuda (x2)

Hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

aa… o…

They were lost in each other when suddenly Sanskar’s mom enters the room.

Mom – Sanskar…and hearing this Swasan comes back to reality.

San – Mom What are you doing here ?? you had gone out na ??

Mom – Forget that first tell me what is all this ??

Sw – Woh aunty…..

Mom – Aur tum toh kuch bollo hi maat I thought you are a nice girl but you are toh….

San – Mom jo ap samaj rahi hoon esa kuch nehi hain.
(Mom you are thinking all wrong).

Mom – Mujhe jo samaj na tha woh maine samaj liya hain now Swara you please leave.
(What I had to understand I had understood all so Swara please leave)

Sw – But Aunty…

Mom – I said leave and unwillingly Swara packs her bags and leaves for her house.

Later that night,Sanskar couldnot sleep properly,he keeps thinking about Swara,he remembers how their friendship started,how he got to know the real Swara,how she confessed her feelings and how easily she had left her luxurious life for him and came here and he realises that he loves Swara and decides to talk to her about all this.

Next day,Sanskar goes to college and searches for Swara but he doesnot find her so,he goes to Kavita to know about Swara’s whereabouts.

San -Aray Kavita have you seen Swara ??

Kav – Hmm…no Sanskar I have not seen her.

San – Oh okay.

Kav – Acha Sanskar why are you searching for her ??

San – Oh Yesterday Swara had come to my house and bohat drama hoya udhar and so,today I have come to talk with Swara about that.

Kav – What drama ??

San – Aray woh Swara is telling that she loves me.

Kav – Oh toh You also love her.

San – Sach bollu toh I love her.

Kav (thinking) – No this cannot happen,from the starting of college I had loved Sanskar and now this Swara will come and take him no I will not let this happen….I will make sure ki Swara aur Sanskar alag ho jai.

Kav – Hmm…Sanskar you search for Swara this side and I will search for Swara on that side.Okay ??

San – Okay and he starts searching for Swara and Kavita pretends to be searching for her but suddenly she spots Swara and a plan strikes her mind.Kavita meets Swara and starts talking.

Kav – Aray Swara how are you ??

Sw (sad) – Achi hoon.

Kav – Waise why are you so sad ??

Sw – Nothing Yaar…

Kav – Acha Swara what happened to your bet ?? have you won it ??

Sw – Bet,which bet are you talking about ??

Kav – Aray woh bet where you have to make Sanskar fall in love with you.

Sw – Listen Kavita I have totally forgot about that bet and in reality I have really fallen in love with Sanskar.

Suddenly Kavita sees that Sanskar has noticed them and is coming towards them.

Kav – Acha I had met Sanskar and he was telling that he has also fallen in love with you.

Sw – Kya ?? now Kavita sees that Sanskar has came.

Kav – Haan but Swara now we all have to agree that you are the bet queen,see you have also won this bet Sanskar has fallen in love with you.

San – Kya ?? Swaraaa…..

Sw (shocked) – SANSKARRR…..

San – Swara toh tum ne yeh sab kuch sirf ek bet ke liye kiya ??
(Swara so you have done all this for only a bet).

Sw – No…Sanskar please listen to me.

San – Ab sunne ko kya rahe gaya hain ? tum toh sirf mujhse pyaar karne ka natak kar rahi thi aur mein paagal tumse pyaar kar batha.
(Now what is left to listen ? I am only mad that I fell in love with you while in reality you were doing acting and I thought that you love me).

Sw – No…Sanskar tum galat…

San (angry) – What ?? I am thinking wrong ? ha ha ha…aray I had forgot ki you are Swara Bose,daughter of Shekhar Bose,the richest bussiness man of kolkata you were a rich spoilt girl,you are a rich spolit girl and you will be a rich spoilt girl.Tumhara woh kind hearted side shayad woh bhi natak tha mujhe phasane ke liye. Swara I HATE YOU pls never ever show your face again and he goes away and Swara while crying leaves for her home.

Later when she reaches home she starts remembering Sanskar’s harsh words,she was very much hurt and when she could not take it anymore she commits suicide but thankfully Swara’s sister Ragini reaches there and takes her to hospital.Ragini and Swara were sisters com best friends and Swara shared everything with her and so,Ragini knew about Sanskar.When Ragini sees Swara’s friends in the hospital she questions them and eventually Kavita tells everything to her and she goes to meet Sanskar in college.

when she arrives there she starts searching for him after asking alot of students she finds Sanskar sitting in the college garden and silently crying.

Rag – Sanskar ??

San – Yes but who are you ??

Rag – I am Ragini Swara’s sister.

San – Oh so, now Swara has sent you to make a fool out of me.

Rag – Sanskar Swara is in hospital she has commited suicide.

San (crying) – Kya ?? he was completely broken after hearing this it seemed like someone has stabbed his heart.

Rag – Yes listen Sanskar I have not came here to tell you that Swara is correct but I have came to tell you the real truth…

San – What truth ??

Rag – I know ki Swara had taken up a bet of making you fall in love with her but little did she know that in this process,she will eventually experience true love.Haan Sanskar Swara really loves you,Swara is sister com best friend woh mujhse kabhi jhoot nehi bolti she has confessed to me that she loves you and she had totally forgotten about the bet but you Sanskar without knowing anything had insulted and scolded her.She can listen to any scolding of yours but I HATE YOU that word she cannot take it, she was so much depressed and hurt that she decided to end her life.

San – No di !! this cann’t happen Swara cannot leave me I need her,I love her…..

Rag – Sanskar….

San – Di ! kaisi hain woh ??thik hain na….

Rag – When I was in the hospital the doctors said that she is in critical stage and she is interupted by Sanskar.

San – Swara is admitted in which hospital ?? I need to meet her and he rushes towards his car.

Rag – Ruko Sanskar I am also coming.



Sanskar was thinking all this when…

Rag – Sanskar signal green ho gaya hain and he starts driving and arrives at city hospital.

At hospital…

San – Doctor how is Swara ??

Doc – Swara is now okay and she is out of danger.

Rag – Doc,can we meet her.

Doc – Haan but only one member is allowed.

Rag – Thik hain,Sanskar you go.

San – Thank you di !!

Sanskar enters Swara’s cabin and sees that Swara is sleeping,he goes and sits beside her.

San – Swara….

Sw (Waking up) – Sanskar…tum??

San (angry) – Swara whats all this ?? mein kya zara sa daat di toh tum suicide karogi ??
(If I scold you for something then you will try to commit suicide).

Sw – Sanskar….have you forgiven me ?? pls Sanskar forgive me you can say me anything but please don’t say I HATE YOU,I cannot take it haan I agree that I had taken up a bet but who knew ki that the bet will change my life.Sanskar I had totally forgotten about the bet, I have really fallen in love with you I Love…(she is interupted by Sanskar).

San (crying) – Pls Swara forgive me ??

Sw – Sanskar…why are you asking for forgiveness ??

San – No Swara I was wrong mein ne tumhari puri baat nehi sunke tumhe daat diya,tumhe sabke samne insult kiya.I am so sorry Swara,pls Swara mujhe chorke maat jao I love you and I need you…
(No Swara I was wrong I had not listened to you and had scolded you,had insulted you.I am so sorry Swara,pls Swara donot leave me I love you and I need you).

Sw (getting up) – Nehi Sanskar,I will not go anywhere,I love you a lot I cann’t live without you.You are my life Sanskar.I love you Sanskar..

San – I Love You too Swara and they hug each other.

San (breaking the hug) – Waise Miss Swara Bose I have a deal for you.

Sw – Deal ??

San – Yes deal.Toh deal yeh hai ki mein tumhara boyfriend banaunga par uske badle mein you have to promise me that tum yeh suicide jaise kam phir se nehi karogi.Promise….
(Yes deal so the deal is that I will be your boyfriend but for that you
have to promise me that you will do suicide again.Promise…)

Sw – Okay promise but you will be my boyfriend na.

San – I said na its a deal and they start laughing and hugs each other.

Oh dariya
Mujhe nahi jaana uss par
Aaya ranjha mera
Aaya ranjha mera
Oh dariya
Zara rokan do majhdar
Aaya ranjha mera
Aaya ranjha mera (x2)

Woh ho.. woh oh oh ..

Tair ke aaya nadiya ve
Pal pal jaise sadiya ve
Ishq bada hai intehaan tera

Chan le teri galiyan ve
Dil mera na mileya ve
Mujhko banale nigehban tera

Oh dariya
Hai tujhsa hi dildar
Woh ranjha mera
Woh ranjha mera

Oh dariya
Hai wahi mera hai gharbar
Jaha ranjha mera
Jaha ranjha mera……..

So there my story on Swasan ends hope you all liked this two shot story pls read and do comment.Bye everyone ?????

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