Swasan – Hote Hote Pyaar Ho Gaya (Shot 1)

Hi everyone I am Madhu hope you all remember me,my first OS got a very good response so I thought of writting another story on our favourite couple Swasan but this time this a two shot story and this is the first part.Once again I would like to thank my best friend Diya for helping me with the plot and I hope you all will enjoy this story.Happy reading !!!
Sanskar was rashly driving the car and desparately wanted to reach somewhere he was lost in thoughts when suddenly he saw that the traffic light had became red and his car halted with a jerk.

Sanskar (thinking) – I have to reach there quickly,pata nehi Swara kaisi hogi I hope she is fine and he starts crying silently and thinks about the past.

Flashback (1 month ago)….

Swara and Sanskar studied in the same college but they were not friends.Swara was a rich spoilt girl she loved doing parties,drinking alcohol and taking up challenges while Sanskar was just the opposite,he came from a middle class family and he only focussed on studies as he wanted to give his parents a luxurious life.Sanskar stayed away from girls speacially rich spoilt ones so,he never talked with Swara or other girls but the girls were attracted to him as Sanskar was very handsome.Once there was a party in their college Swara arrived to the party with her gang of friends while Sanskar didnot come,Swara and her friends were drinking when Uttara,Swara’s friend said….

Utt – Swara,O dekho Laksh Singhania.

Sw – Offo Uttara Laksh is history mera maan toh laksh se uth chuka hain waise bhi it was just a bet.

Pia (friend) – Haan Uttara yaad hain that I gave Swara the bet that she has to make Laksh her boyfriend within one week and she did it in just two days.

Nupur (friend) – Hain Swara how did you do it ?? please give me some tips.

Sw – Aray yaar you know na I love taking up challenges and waise bhi Laksh toh pehle se hi mujh pe laato tha and as you know no boy can say no to me.

Kavita (friend ) – Haan but one boy can definitely say no.

Sw – Kaun ??

Kav – Obviously the great Sanskar Maheshwari…

Sw – Uff seriously sirf Sanskar e hain jo mujhe pasand nahi karta.

Utt – Chal Swara toh phir ek challenge ho jaye ??

Sw – Bilkul ?? Why not ??

Pi and Nu (together) – So whats the challenge ??

Utt – The challenge is really difficult,Swara think twice.

Sw – Aray Uttara you know na Swara Bose doesnot fear any challenge.

Utt – Okay so…the challenge is you have to make Sanskar fall in love with you within three days !!

Sw – What ?? Only three days Uttara….you know Sanskar,he just hate girls so,I need more time.

Utt – Acha kitna time chahiye ??

Sw – One month.

Utt – 1 month !! nehi nehi itna time nehi de sakti.

Kav – Aray Uttara Swara ko time de doon dekhte hain woh kya kar sakti hain…

Utt – Okay so,Swara are you ready ??

Sw – 100% ready.

After the party

Swara returns home and starts thinking.

Sw – Oh no ! Kavya ne kaisa challenge de diya in 1 month’s time I have to make Sanskar fall in love with me but how’s that possible. Sanskar doesnot even look at me,offo lekin Swara you have to win this challenge so, ab mujhe Sanskar ka pura family history jana hoga and she takes out her phone and calls someone.

Sw – Hi !! Mr.Roy ab ko ek larke ka pura family history nikal na hain, haan uska naam hain Sanskar Maheshwari.Haan thik mujhe kal tak uske bare mein pura information chahiye.Bye.
Chalo ab so jati hoon.

Next day…

Mr.Roy meets Swara and gives her full details of Sanskar.

Sw – Acha toh he comes from a middle class family and he is having problem in paying college fees.Oh thats great now I know his weakness ab mujhe bas Sanskar ke saath dosti karni hogi phir I have to make him fall in love with me or mein yeh challenge jeet jaunogi.

Swara then goes to college and starts searching for Sanskar,she sees Sanskar sitting in the college garden she goes and sits beside him but he doesnot notice her.

Sw – Hi !!

Sanskar doesnot reply.

Sw – Hi !! Sanskar…

San (looks at her) – Dekho !! I am not interested in talking with you.

Sw – But Sanskar mein toh tumse studies ke bare mein baat karne ayi hoon.

San (irritated face) – Acha bollo….

Sw – Woh mujhe chemistry ki ch-5 samaj mein nehi aa rahi..for the next one hour Sanskar helps her with the chapter and after they finish studying.

Sw – Thanks Sanskar,acha Sanskar can we be friends ??

San – Listen I donot want to do friendship with you.

Sw – Acha agar mein tumhara college fees pay kar du tab bhi mujhse dosti nehi karoge ??

San – Matlab…

Sw – I have a deal.I will pay your college fees or uske badle mein you have to do friendship with me.

San – Lekin tum mujhse friendship karna kiu chahte hoon ??

Sw – Dekho yeh tumhe jane ki koi zaroraat nehi hain mein tumhare fees pay kardungi and uske badle mein you have to do friendship with me,thats it !! are you ready for this deal ??

San (unwillingly) – thik hai magar you have to pay my college fees.

Sw – Haan I said na its a deal.

From then onwards Swara and Sanskar became friends when Swara’s friends saw them they were very suprised and shocked to see that Sanskar had done friendship with Swara.Though Swasan started their friendship unwillingly but slowly they started to enjoy each other’s company and become very good friends,as time passed Swara and Sanskar got to know about each other and many unknown facts about them came into light.Sanskar thought that Swara was a spoilt girl but in reality she was very kind hearted.It was true that she loved to do parties and play bets but she also loved to teach poor children for free,every month she donated a large part of her pocket money to NGOs,she loved to help people who were in problems whereas Swara who thought Sanskar to be a boring person was shocked to see a new side of him.He was a very fun loving guy he loved his family more than anything in this world, he loved to spend time with his family,he loved to play pranks and loved to go on outings and specifically he loved to enjoy his life. She was stunned to see that life can be enjoyed like this as she thought that life can only be enjoyed through parties.The most important thing that Swara loved about Sanskar was that he was not like the other boys.Boys like Laksh thought Swara to be beauty queen,a trophy to show others,a person with whom they could enjoy but they cannot truely love her whereas Sanskar thought Swara to be beauty with brains,he complimented Swara for her looks but he also appreciated her intelligence.Sanskar was the only person who understood her fully and supported her in everything, these characteristics of Sanskar made Swara fall in love with him and she decided to confess her feelings.One day they were sitting in the garden college

Sw – Acha Sanskar hamari dosti ko pure one month ho gaye hain.

San – Haan toh ??

Sw – Hmm…Sanskar earlier I thought all wrong things about you but slowly after knowing the real you….

San – Swara bollo na kya bolna chahti hoon ??

Sw – Sanskar I LOVE YOU !!

San – WHAAT !! I…I…

Sw – Kya huya Sanskar kuch toh bollo.

San – Swara dekho I have never thought about you like this hmm… sorry but Swara I don’t love you.

Sw – Sanskar why are you lying ?? I can see love in your eyes.

San – Swara listen I don’t love you and moreover I need to focuss on my career and pls Swara yeh sab karge hamari dosti ko kharab maat karo and he walks away from there.

Sw – Nehi Sanskar ab toh mein tumhe tumhara pyaar realise karwake rahungi and she starts smirking.

Precap – Swara going Sanskar’s home and later commiting suicide.

So everyone this is the first part,hope you all have liked it pls do comment and the next part is on the way ?????.

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