SwaSan!!! HIS HOT WIFE prologue


Sanskar Sarna: A middle class but very very talented boy, just started his business and wants to earn fame and reach top, still struggling to set his business.. While attending a business party he comes across the only daughter and heiress of multinational Taneja Company: SWARA TANEJA He didnt knew that night would change his life forever and he will end up being a temporary hired husband of the beautiful and hell s*xy lady standing infront of him…

Swara Taneja: A rich spoil brat, only daughter of Arnav Taneja and inheritance of business worth trillions in international market, her life was smooth from partying to adventours… Not only she had a hell of a s*xy body but also a cunning and sharp mind which got her every deal she did.. She knew the right buttons and weakness of a person and would just use it at the right time… But she was being constantly pressurized by her parents to marry their fellow business partner’s son Sahil , whom she hated from the bottom of her heart, so just to aboid this marriage she wants a man who would play the role of her husband infront of her parents.. But she also knew that nobody would accept her deal in the fear of SaHIL LUTHRA… Thats when she came across SANSKAR and knew that he was her prey….

Lets see what destiny has planned for them…

Guyzz this is the intro of my new story, dont worry I will start it after completing HIS MISTRESS and ETP but I was too excited soo I wrote down the prologue..
I am publishing it on wattpad as twinj story so any twinj fans out there can check it out on my wattpad…
I wanted all of your comments about the storyline and whether I should write it or not

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  1. Mariyajap

    awesome prologue loved the concept eagerly waiting for it post soon

    1. Poota

      Thankzz for ur appreciation☺️

  2. Impressive
    Go ahead

    1. Poota

      Thankzz for ur appreciation☺️

  3. Like it…..
    Plz continue the other story…
    Phillender (Womenizar)…
    Continue this story

    1. Poota

      Hey dear thanzz for liking the story..
      I will continue with philanderer and ETP after HIS MISTRESS and parallely i will be giving a few chapters of HIs HOT WIFE also..

  4. Soujanya


    1. Poota

      Thankzz for liking it…?❤️

  5. Tamil


    1. Poota

      Thankeww? Dear for the encouragement

  6. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Update soon

    1. Poota

      Yeah! I would start it after HM

  7. Rosey

    awesom start yaar
    now both will fall for each other

    1. Poota

      Thankzz for ur appreciation☺️
      But for the love story there are going to be many twists in their deal marriage??

    1. Poota

      Thankzz for ur appreciation☺️

  8. Nyc concept but its request first complete those ff which u have already started

    1. Poota

      Dont worry I will first complete HM amd than will start with philanderer and ETP and parrallely I will give few chappy of these one.. Actually I was too excited regarding these story soo i thought to dive its prologue and know about your views…

  9. Deeksha

    Awesome dear… Upload soon his mistress….!!!!

    1. Poota

      Yeah the mext chappy is on its way with a big shock?

      1. Deeksha

        Post it soon dear….!!!!!

  10. Rekha

    Waiting for ur next update……

  11. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    It’s really interesting dear.. Plz continue.. All the best for the further parts..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Poota

      Thankzz for ur wishes dear?❤️

  12. hey what is wattpad…

    1. Poota

      Its an app for stories u have to make a account on it and then you can read and even write your on stories there

  13. Wow.. Interesting..

  14. Mumpi


  15. Sweeta

    Much interesting ☺☺☺

  16. Interesting… Continue dear…

  17. its nice please update soon next part

  18. too good post the episodes soon

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