SwaSan- Hidden Hate Open Love (Episode – 9)


Hii frndzz i am back with another one and it is my second last episode and tysm for ur support and comment and guyzz hope i will give last part today itself so must read that part and this part also..

Rag-what r u saying Mr.desai??Why swara did this when she loves sanskar bhai..
Mr.D- No ragini mam..Swara never loves sanskar she does only acting..hmm.

When sanskar is in jail swara comes there to meet him..
San worriedly- Swara..why u did this u love me na and it is just accident..I don’t kill sourav intentionally
Swa laughs- Love..seriously do u think that i love u.Never ever in ur dreams Mr.sanskar Maheswari.I just do the acting of loving becoz i want to see u behind these bars.I hate u..I just hate u.
San- But why what i have done to u that u hate me??
Swa- I think u don’t listen well the introduction of mine..

Sanskar is in utter confusion…
Swa- u don’t understand I will tell u. Myself Swara Malik the sister of kavita Malik..I think now u understand and she goes from there .
Sanskar is just get shocked and numb and the word kavita malik is echoeing in his ears..

Lak- Kavita Malik…who is she and what is her relation with sanskar..
Mr.D- I also don’t know laksh sir.Only this much sanskar sir tell me..
Rag- This questions answer only one person can give??
Lak- who??
Rag- come with me..
And they both leaves from there..

@swara’s home
Swara is disturbed by remembering last night incident.Suddenly a call came from her security guards.
Swa- yess..Tell them to come inside..
Then 2-3 persons came inside and swara says
Swa- So officers what makes u to come here?
They are from CBI group..
Officer- Miss.Swara malik what is ur realtion with Mr.sanskar maheswari..
Swa shocked- Sanskar…
Offic- yess..sanskar what is ur relation with him??
Swa- I don’t know any sanskar..
Officer- Don’t lie miss.malik we see u last night with sanskar..
Swa widens his eyes- So u all r stalking me..

Officer-Not u Miss.Malik. we r stalking Mr.sanskar becoz he is king and we r collecting evidence against him..
Swa shocked- whatttt… king???
Off- yess he is king..
Swa- But..Swara controls herself and says officer i don’t know him.He just met me on the road even i saw him first time on last night.
Off- ok but if u get any information regarding him then contact us..
Swa- ok..

The officers leave from there..
Only swara is not shocked by listening this someone else is also shocked as well as shattered by knowing that sanskar is king and the person is ragini.Actually she came to swara’s home for asking her about kavita..But..

Laksh tries to calm her down but ragini is continuously crying..
Rag- u see na sanskar bhai is king.How many things he hide from us??
Lak- Ragini sanskar hides nothing from us actually he told me earlier that he is a underworld don.. But he is very good..
Rag- what u know this then also u lie from me.. I don’t expect this from u.Now i will ask him why he did this??

And in anger she directly goes to sanskar’s home..
Ragini shouts- King..king where r u??
Sanskar comes downstairs and says
San- Ragini..
Rag claps her hands- wow..what a game u play na.At one side u destroy swara’s sister life and other side u destroy my life by hiding this big truth that u r king..I consider u as my bhai.I think that my bhai is world’s bst bhai but now i shame on myself..
San- Ragini just listen to me once..
Rag- Noo..now i will not stand in front of u for a sec..I just hate u hate u king..
And she is going but laksh stops her
Lak- Ragini just stop..
Rag- I will not..

Lak shouts- just stop i said….
Rag- wow u r supporting ur cheap frnd..
Lak raises his hand and shouts- Raginiiiiiiii… U know who he is..But sanskar hold his hands and nods in no to laksh..
Rag- yess i know a devil king..
Sanskar tight his fist in pain and tears roll down from his eyes..
Ragini goes from there angrily and sanskar says to laksh to go behind ragini..When both left sanskar falls down on his knees and cries bitterly.After sometimes of crying he goes to dp’s room..
Dp with fake emotions- Sanskar beta.come inside..
San- Uncle..I want go away from here..
Dp- I don’t understand..
San- Uncle i will surrender myself..
Dp- whatt??
San- yess..I just came here to say this..
And he goes from there and dp hits his fist on table and angrily says
Dp angrily- No sanskar not so easily..I know for that swara u left me na now u have to bear consequences..And he calls someone..
Dp- Hello!!Make swara malik life hell??It seems like that all these thing are done by sanskar becoz he want revenge.. ok for this u will get a very big amount of payment..
Now just wait and watch sanskar..

There all the employees and workers of swara go on protest and swara’s company got sealed by government..
Swara is hell angry and ask
Swa- Mr.lalwani who did this??
Mr.l- Mam..king
Swa angrily – i will not leave u king..u destroy my sister life and now mine..

There sanskar is unaware of everything and he is just getting ready to surrender himself to police..Suddenly he receives a call..
San happy- swara…
Swa- I want to talk to u come to xyz place..
San- ok..

Sanskar goes there and see swara standing.Her face is not visible becoz she is standing turning her face only her back is visible..
San- I knew it swara.One day u will forgive me today i am so much happy.And as he puts his hand on swara’s shoulder she turns and stab him with knife..
Swa- I hate u.. u make my life hell sanskar.
Sanskar eyes becomes red and the pool of blood is coming out from his stomach.
Swara goes from there without even caring once for sanskar..
Sanskar is now totally heartbroken but this time he is very much angry..And he faints in sometime.His men came there and took him to the hospital..

Sanskar open his eyes and stands up from the hospital bed..Doctor stops him but he can’t listen.He is too much angry.He roars to his men to come with him..His eyes is red with anger he takes a gun..And leaves from there..

There swara is feeling too much scared becoz she thinks that she killed sanskar and she is packing her bags.She is leaving the city with her lil bro..Suddenly a voice of car came.A hoard of goons enters in swara’s house and make swara smell chlorofoam and kidnaps her and his bro bunty…

Precap- Last episode…

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