SwaSan- Hidden Hate Open Love (Episode – 8)

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Previous Episodes

Principal call sanskar in the office room..
Prin-Sanskar i have a work for u..
San- which type of work sir??
Prin- Meet Miss.swara she is a photographer came from U.S.A.he want to see our city culture and pride and beautiful places.so u have to roam with her around the city to help her.
Swara turns and happily says- hii sanskar.its good sir that u sent him
with me.He is very good men.
Sanskar unwillingly says yess to principal.And goes from there.

Then at night when sanskar reaches at his home.Swara is already present there and doing dinner with others.
San shocked-Swara ji u here..
Swara looks up- Hii sanskar woh actually i want to talk to u so i go to university take ur address and came here..
Uttara- yess bhai.See na swara di is very good person.she is so loving in nature i like her.
Ram- yess beta she is very good..
Sujata- See na beta its too late and its not safe for her to go alone so take swara to her home.
San- ok.First i fresh myself then.

Swa smiles- no problem sanskar till then i will talk with ur family.
Sanskar smiles by seeing swara’s bond with his family and he goes.
After sometime they both leave.Sanskar sit on the bike and swara sits behind him.she is going to hold sanskar but stops by thinking that again he will got angry.But sanskar interrupts
San smiles- Swara ji.don’t worry i will not scold u.U can hold it.
Swara happily and hurriedly put her hands on sanskar’s shoulder and talks with him non stop on whole way..

Then another day swasan go out together and swara click some good as well as funny pictures with sanskar.Sanskar started loving his chirpy and naughty nature and one day he decides to propose swara..
Sanskar well decorated a place and hold a rose in his hands and waiting for swara.Swara comes there and feels very happy by seeing the decoration..And sees that sanskar is standing far from him holding a rose in his hands.
Swa- wow sanskar its damn beautiful decoration..
San smiles- did u like it??
Swa- Like it sanskar.i just love it…
San- I want to say something to u..
Swa- Say..

San- Swara.when i saw u first time i don’t think that u will become my life.Though in starting i am bit angry with u but as i started knowing u l started liking u.And today i want to say something very imp.
And he bows down on his knees anf forward the rose to swara and says
San-I LOVE U swara..I want to live my rest of life with u.Will u marry me?
Swara have tears in her eyes and she is just smiling.
Sanskar see this and stands up and says- Swara if u don’t love me then its ok but don’t cry i can’t see tears in ur eyes..
Swara hurriedly tight hugs him qnd says- I love u sanskar.i love u so much..
Sanskar is just gets shocked and tight hugs her..
Swara release the hug and sanskar says

San- U don’t know swara today i am so much happy.If today u say no na then i can’t live it.
Swara put her hands on his mouth and says- Don’t dare to say these type of words again..
Sanskar remove her hands and they have a cute eyelock.Sanskar is going to kiss her suddenly swara started tickling sanskar and he laughs and says swara stop..But swara ran away from there.
San shouts- swara ki bacchi..now just wait and watch.
And he also started chasing swara.

Swara laughs by seeing running sanskar behind her and she runs fastly but the way got ends and a wall came in front of her.She stops and at that time sanskar also came there.Swara turns and sanskar is standing crossing his arms around his chest with a smirk on his face.And started walking slowly towards swara.And swara started stepping her feet back and bump in the wall..
Sanskar reaches close to swara and blocks the way.Swara started breathing heavily and sanskar is coming close to swara.Swara closes her eyes and sanskar smiles and give a soft kiss on his forehead.

San in a husky voice- Don’t worry swara.I will not do anything which is beyond the limit..
Swara smiles and hides her face on sanskar chest..

The days passed like this and sanskar tells about their love to his family.Everyone gets ready for their marriage..But first there is marriage of his sister uttara.Sourav singh chauhan also came out of jail and now he is irritating and molesting everyone in the city some time they try to molest swara also but sanskar came in front of them..And by this act sourav is very much angry on sanskar.One day when sourav came to his home and his mother Gayatri singh chauhan(The MLA) scold sourav very much becoz of his doings and says

Gayatri- Where did u came from?
Sourav- Mom i don’t want to answer ur question.
Gayatri angrily- yess why would u answer.i know u came here after doing crimes only.I shame on myself that i am ur mother that sanskar is far better from u.U r just a criminal..
Sourav fumes in anger- woww..u also started praise him good very good now i will end this sanskar chapter here only.

And he goes angrily from there with his rowdy frnds..
Sanskar is roaming with swara its a lonely place no one is there suddenly sourav and his frnds comes there and started beating sanskar.In return sanskar also beata him.They have a grt fight between them and both r drenching in pool of blood and sanskar is fuming in anger suddenly sourav is going to hit sanskar with a big stone and swara shouts and gives a gun to sanskar and says to shoot him.Sanskar in anger picks the gun and shoot sourav.Sourav is dead on the spot and police came there..

Swara also comes there and says
Swa angrily – Inspector Arrest this men he kills the son of mla sourav singh chauhan..I am the eye witness of this murder..
Sanskar looked at him shocked and police take him to the jail..

Precap- Swara comes to know that sanskar is king…

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