SwaSan- Hidden Hate Open Love (Episode – 7)


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Epi- 7
Sanskar returns home late at night and he is fully drunk..His eyes are red it seems that he cries very much..
Dp and adarsh are not at home only servants are there and raglak.Laksh is sleeping in his room..
Sanskar is not in his senses and he falls down from the stairs. Ragini comes out of the room and sees sanskar like this and calls some servants to take him to his room..
Servants took him and get him sleep in his room..

@ morning
Laksh gets up with his heavy headache and he shouts in pain..
Lak – Ahhhhhhhaahh… Ragini my head..
Ragini comes there with a glass of nimbu pani and angrily says
Rag – take it.. And fresh up fast..
Lak takes the glass and says- ragini why r u talking with me rudely..
Rag rudely- what u did last night na I will talk u like this only..
Lak remembers everything and says- so u see everything..
Rag sarcasticly- no no.. I am surdas na how will I see haan..
Lak pout- ragini I am sorry na..plzz forgive me.
Rag- I will forgive u on one condition..
Lak- which condition??
Rag- Tell me who is swara..
Lak- swara.. yess I heard this name from sanskar’s mouth but I don’t know her..
Rag- u r just a duffer. Since a long time u know sanskar and u don’t know about swara.
Laksh nods in no..
Rag- Take me to Mr.desai…
Lak confusedly – Mr. Desai.. but why??
Rag- Don’t question otherwise I will not forgive u..
Lak- ok..ok I will take u there..
Rag- so get ready and come fast..
Lak- ok.

Then after some time they reach at the house of Mr.desai..

They rings the bell of the door and Desai open the door and welcome them.
Mr.D- so what will u take tea or coffee..
Lak- Nothing… u sit down.
Rag- Mr.desai I want to know about sanskar bhai past… And who is swara.
Mr.d widen his eyes- Swaraaaaaaa!! Did u met with her..
Rag – No.. but last night when I take laksh in car I see bhai shouting swara name and I also see him fighting with a girl..
Mr.D thinks for a while and says I don’t know swara.. And sir’s past how I will know..
Rag- Mr. Desai don’t lie becoz I Know bhai shares each and everything with u so no need to hide..
Mr.D – Ragini mam I don’t know anything.
Rag- ok.. u don’t want to tell na then I will directly ask bhai..
Mr.D- noooooo… don’t ask him I will tell u..
Rag- Then tell..
Desai- swara is the same girl whom sir was finding from eight years..
Rag- eight years..
Lak- Mr.D is that girl is swara..
Rag- how do u know??
Lak- obviously sanskar tell me..
Mr.D- yess.. she is the same..Before 8 years.


Sanskar is very simple and kind professor of a college name kashi university.. She is very innocent and he believes in the Gandhi non- violence rules..
Sanskar have a cute family his paternal aunt and uncle and had a cute sister name uttara..They live happily in the small town of kashi…
His life is going very smooth and one day in his life swara came….

Sanskar is wearing kurta pajama with chandan on his forehead and doing prayer in the temple sanskar came out and he is going suddenly a voice came
He turns and a girl immediately clicks the photo..
San- hey stop what r u doing..
Girl comes to him and forward his hand and says – hii..I am swara.
San folds his hands and says- namaste..
Swara confusedly- ohhhh..namaste.Can u tell me where is kashi university?? I am new here na thats why..
San- yess.. From here go straight then take right and then go straight take left there is kashi university..
Swara smiling- oh.. thanx…And she goes but again stops woh actually after right where we go..
San- after right go straight then take left.
Swara- oh yaaa..thanx..but again she think something and stop..
San see this and rudely says now what..
Swara bite her lips and says- woh..ummm.. here no cab is going to kashi university… so can u…
San understand and rudely says- ok ok come with me i am going at that way only..i will drop u.
Swa overjoyed and happily hugs him- And says thank u thank u..
San releases the hug and angrily says- see swara ji..i don’t like these things so next time don’t do it..
Swa sadly- i am sorry..
San starts his bike and swara sits behind and holds sanskar by his shoulder..
San irritated- swara jiiii..
Swa- yess what happen..
San- remove ur hand..
Swa- hmm..
San- remove ur hand from my shoulder..
Swa confusedly- noo.. if i remove my hand then i will fall down..
San- then hold the handle of bike which is back of u..
Swa- ok..
Then he starts the bike and they reach to kashi university… On the way sanskar tells swara that he is professor in kashi university only..

There a rowdy gang stops them…
Boy1- abbeyyy.. professor where did u got this item..
Sanskar is not responding anything just he says let’s go swara..
Boy2- oye.. professor where are u going?? First answer our question..
Boy3- I think that he want to meet with our sourav bhai.. thats why he is not answering our question..
All boys laugh and sanskar doesn’t say anything..swara can’t handle more and she starts scolding the boys..
Swa- wow!! What a manner u got from ur parents did anyone talk like this with his teacher.. haan..
Boy1- heyy..don’t ever try to teach us how to talk otherwise when sourav bhai will come na then..
Swa angrily-sourav.. who is this sourav and what he will do.. i will tell u what i will do..
San- swara jii.. stop stop.. see plzz let us go..
Swara- aree.. sanskar ji not so easily these kind of people should go to jail..
San- swara ji.. let’s go..
They enter in the university and swara is very upset from sanskar..
Swa angrily- sanskar ji.. this is not fair they are insulting u and u r just listening them.. did u scared of them..
San- no no.. Swara ji i am not afraid of them. Only i don’t want to talk with them i know these type of people never change..
San- swara ji.. u came here for some work na.. go
Swa- ok..And she goes from there to principal office..
San thinks in mind- waise swara ji is not bad.. she is good girl and a smiles came on his lips..

Precap- Sanskar take swara to roam around kashi..

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