SwaSan- Hidden Hate Open Love (Episode – 6)


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Episode – 5
After 2 days there is sanskar birthday but he don’t celebrate his birthday only laksh knows his birth day date..
Laksh comes to sanskar.sanskar is busy in his work he see this and says
Lak- what sanskar on ur birthday only u will do work..
San smiles – so..tell me what is the relation of birthday with work did people don’t do any work on their birthday..
Lak- I don’t mean that but on this day u should have some fun na..
San- u already know laksh that I am not celebrate my birthday..
Lak- I know but this time u will at least come with me at pub..
San- no laksh there is much work left and I will not go..
Lak- u will have to come with me otherwise I will think that u r not my frnd..
San- laksh.. what kind of stubborn is this??
Lak- yaa..think it as my stubbornness only but u have to come with me now..
San- ok ok let’s go..

Shona receives a call and says ok Mr. Gupta I will come to pub for the meeting..
Shona- Mr.Lalwani get ready the papers we r going to pub for a meeting with Mr.gupta..
Mr.L – ok mam…

Sanlak reaches at pub there no one knows sanskar that he is king becoz he came there in laksh car and everybody knows king by his car only..No one seen his face.. And for world sanskar is a business man only.

Laksh gave orders to waiter to bring 7-8 strong shots of alcohol.. Sanskar amusedly see laksh and says
San- laksh we have to reach home also and he orders only 4-5 shots. .
Lak- what sanskar this is not fair..
San- I am saying na only 4-5 if ragini comes to know na then she will restrict ur coming out of house..
Lak- ok ok..

Shona enters in the pub and sanskar hearts skips a bit.. he started feeling nervous..
There swara also enters in the pub with some clients and she also have a strange feeling but she ignores it..
Sanskar feels restless laksh see this and says are u ok sanskar..
San- yess.. I am alright??
Then waiter comes with the order..
Sanskar is in his sense but laksh losses his sense..
San- let’s go home laksh..
Lak in semi conscious state- no yarr..let’s party enjoy its ur birthday..
And he stands up on table and announces sanskar birthday..
San- laksh what r u doing.. get down..
But laksh is not listening him..
San- now only one person can handle him and he calls ragini…

Shona meeting gets disturb and he calls manager…
Shona with attitude – who the hell is shouting like mad.. Manager listen just go tell them to be silent..

Manager comes there and request laksh to keep silence becoz many people are gets disturb..
Lak- who the hec* have problem.. who have problem can go from here.. Manager today give everyone treat from my side becoz my bst frnd birthday is here..
San to manager- u go I will handle..

Then all lights gets off and a light flashes on the stage..
Sanlak see at the stage. A hoard of dancer come on the stage..
Shona see all this and gets very much angry..
Shona- I will not leave this manager.. I especially give him money for today not doing any performance and he call dancer.. And she is going but lalwani stops her and says
Mr.L – mam stop we will go somewhere else..
Shona- but…
Mr. Gupta – Miss.RAICHAND we r getting late. I am sorry but we can’t do this deal. See u said that u will only take 10 min of ours. But here proper silence is not there and it’s already half an hour. We can’t do this deal..let’s go
Shona- But Mr. Gupta just listen me one sec..
But they don’t listen and goes from there..Shona is hell angry…

Lehra ke, balkha ke

Hmm.. lehra ke balkha ke
Balkha ke lehra ke
Aag laga ke, dilon ko jala ke
Karoon main ishara
Sharara sharara, sharara sharara
Sharara sharara main hoon ik sharara

Laksh is full flat on the dancer and goes to dance at stage. Sanskar kept his hand on forehead..

Sharara sharara, sharara sharara
Sharara sharara main hoon ek sharara

Shola hai yeh tann mera
Arre dekho tum paas na aana
Shamma ke jo paas aaya
Arre jalta hai woh hi parvana
O.. mere deewanon baat ko samjho
Door se dekho mera yeh nazara
Sharara sharara, sharara sharara
Sharara sharara main hoon ek sharara ra ra ra ra

Sharara sharara, sharara sharara
Sharara sharara main hoon ek sharara. aa..

Bijli ban ke girti hoon
Main nagin ban ke dasti hoon
Chheene hosh jo sabke
Main hi to aisi masti hoon
Ho.. rang chhalka doon
Saansein mehka doon
Pal mein dhadka doon
Main yeh dil tumhara
Sharara sharara, sharara sharara
Sharara sharara main hoon ek sharara. aa..

Shona comes out of the pub and sanskar see her going out. He is stunned as well as shocked seeing Shona there and he shouts swaraaaaaaa….And he goes towards her but a crowd of people comes between…

Sharara sharara, sharara sharara
Sharara sharara main hoon ek sharara ra ra ra ra

Laksh starts to sing with dancer..And he lifts the dancer in his arms then at the same time ragini comes there and she got shocked seeing the scene..

Lehra ke [lehra ke..] Balkha ke [balkha ke..] Lehra ke balkha ke
Balkha ke lehra ke
Aag laga ke, dilon ko jala ke
Karein tu ishara
Sharara sharara, sharara sharara
Sharara sharara tu hai ik sharara

Shona comes out and she is going to sit in the car suddenly she says Oh sit I left my bag in that bl**dy pub.. Lalwani u go I will come in min and he leaves..
Sanskar is searching swara in whole pub but she is not seeing anywhere. Suddenly he see him in the lobby and he runs behind her.

Sharara sharara, sharara sharara
Sharara sharara main hoon ik sharara..

Both comes out swara reach to her car and sanskar shouts swaraaaaaaa…
Shona is shocked becoz no one knows him with this name so who is calling.. she turns behind and she gets her life biggest shock..Sanskar is standing there.. he comes to her and smiling says swara.. where were u… u don’t know where where I find u and today u met me here at this pub on my birthday…Sanskar held her hands and says today “I am so happy my love, my swara has returned”
Swara remove his hands with a jerk and says
Swa- excuse me who r u??
San- swara. I am sanskar ur sanskar..
Swa- Sanskar oh i listen this name from my employees mouth.. so listen who were u I don’t know just leave me I am gonna late for my work..
San- I know swara u r angry on me and I am really really sorry for that.. plzz don’t talk like this..
Swara don’t listen him and goes from there sanskar is now got irritated by this behaviour of swara and he tightly holds her by her shoulder and pins her to the car stares at her eyes and angrily says so u don’t know me..
Swara with same attitude and tone says noooooo….
Sanskar tighten the grip on her shoulder and says so u don’t remember me..
Swara says noooooo…and says just leave me..
He leaves her and she started to going but sanskar says so u also forget ur dii also..
This is enough for swara and she angrily shouts..
Swa- Mr.sanskar Maheswari.. don’t u dare to say my dii name from ur dirty mouth… yess.. I didn’t forget u.. In these eight years even for a sec I don’t forget.. of course how can I forget my sister’s murderer… Yess Mr. Maheswari u r a murderer.. murderer of my kavita dii and listen carefully I hate u Mr. Maheswari.. I hate u from the core of my heart…
Sanskar is just shattered by listening the harsh words of swara..

Precap- Sanskar’s past…..

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