SwaSan- Hidden Hate Open Love (Episode – 5)

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Episode- 5

Adarsh is busy in flirting with the pa of sanskar..
Adi- neha.. u r such a hot and beautiful girl..
Neha- sir plzz.let me go I came here to meet sanskar sir..
Adi- oh come on whole day u r busy with him only na… get some time for us also ok tonight u come to my house and we will spend some time together .. and he leans over her to kiss him
Neha- sir plzz.. let me go I am not this type of girl..
Adi- oh i see u want money na ok let’s deal u tonight u come to my house and in exchange I will give u infinite money..
San- neha…
Adarsh hurriedly separate from her and neha is on the verge of crying..
Sanskar eying angrily to adarsh and ask to neha.
San- what r u doing here??
Neha- sir woh actually I came here to give u these papers..
Sanskar takes the paper and says ok now go from here..
Neha is going from there suddenly adarsh in front of sanskar holds neha hands..
Adi(adarsh) in a husky voice – do consider about my deal??
Sanskar is hell angry and he goes to say something but before he says anything some one slaps adi…

Dp- how dare u??? And he again slap Adi.. did I gave u this type of manners… to misbehave with a girl.. u r just a lamp black on my name.. see sanskar and get some manners from him..
Adarsh is just fuming in anger by holding his cheeks and says
Adi- not fair.. dad today u slap me becoz of this cheap sanskar na. I will never forgave u..
Dp in anger holds the collar of adarsh and shouts adarshhhhhhh…
Sanskar see all this and stops dp..
San- uncle stop.. plzz uncle stop let it be he will never change..
And neha plzz go from here I will get sign on this paper and reach to ofc..
Dp release the collar of adarsh and adi angrily goes from there…
Dp sadly- I am sorry sanskar.. what I will do this adarsh is .. he is just growing day by day bad.. I will not tolerate his nonsense anymore.. I will call police and make him arrest..
San- no.. uncle u will not do anything like this..
Dp- no beta.. for how much time u will save him and blaming urself for his deeds…
San- uncle.. uncle just relax.. and don’t worry I have faith in god that one day he will completely change.. ok now I am going to ofc and plzz don’t take stress.. hmm and he goes suddenly dp calls him..
Dp- sanskar.. and he hugs him and says I am proud of u..
San- I know uncle..

@ ofc
Shona- Mr. .lalwani everything is set..
Mr.L – yess.. mam the meeting with mehra’s is finalized.
Sho- good.. and I ask u to take out information about king did u find any info..
Mr.L – mam our men are trying to find out about him..
Sho- ok tell them to find fast.. shona see Mr.Lalwani in tension so she ask..
Any problem Mr. Lalwani ..
Mr.L – woh actually mam actually a man name sanskar Maheswari is disturbing us a lot…
Shona is shocked by listening “Sanskar Maheswari” and all the past memory are flashed in her mind..
He sees Shona disturbed an ask
Mr.L – mam.. are u alright..
Shona comes out of her thoughts and says
Sho- yess I am alright.. what r u saying…
Mr. L- woh mam sanskar is a well known businessman of mumbai.. and he is playing games to destroy our company.. Our company losses a big deal becoz of him..
Sho- hmm.. ok Mr. Lalwani I will talk to u later..
Mr.Lalwani goes from there…
Shona thinks for sometime and says- sanskar at that time u r only the thorns of my path and today also u r thorn of my path.. I hate u sanskar why u return again after so many years…. I swear this time I will not leave u..

@ mm
Adarsh is hell angry and he is throwing all the things in his room.
Dp comes there and see all the things are messed up..
Dp- what is this adarsh???
Adi- don’t ever try to talk with me…
Dp- but what happen???
Adi angrily – u slap me..
Dp with smirk- and u know my son why I slap u??
Adarsh angrily see at his dad and burst out in a laugh..
Adi laughing – oh dad..what a acting u did..
Dp- thanx.. And let’s go have some drink in the happiness of fooling sanskar..
Adi laughs and says yess..yess let’s go..
They sit on the sofa and starts drinking..
Adi – dad I don’t understand one thing sanskar the king from whom the whole world is afraid. How he became a slave of urs. .And he dumb or what that he is not understanding that we r only using his name and power..
Dp sips a drink – no beta.. he is not fool.. Actually his eyes are covered with my love,affection.. he thinks that I love him so much and but he can’t understand that behind this love the hate is hidden..
Adi – hmm.. but I am angry on u..
Dp worriedly- but why my son did I do any mistake??
Adi- yess.. becoz of this drama I loose that girl neha…
Dp evilly laughs- don’t worry son many neha’s are there in this world..u will enjoy with them..
Both laughs evilly and enjoy the drinks..

no precap

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