SwaSan- Hidden Hate Open Love (Episode – 4)


Hii frndzz I am back with another episode and tysm for ur valuable comments and I see that comments are decreasing so plzz readers tell me if u like it then only I will continue it..

Episode – 4
Aman tells all his bad deeds to Maya and says
Aman- Uff. . Now happy I tell u everything about me and now don’t say anything else…
Maya gives a smile and says- oh Aman u r so so sweet…. u tell everything about urself so easily… I can’t believe that u r so dumb..
Aman – what do u mean??
And by saying this he fell unconscious..

Sanskar orders his servant to set everything perfect for dinner..
San- time reach to 8:00 clock and they didn’t come yet..

We are here a voice came from the entrance..
Sanskar turns around and says raglak come , come but I must say u both are late.
Lak – u know na how much time she take to get ready..
San (laughs )- yes..
Rag angrily – how mean???u both r bad mouthing about me. I thought laksh is like this type only but u sanskar u r also with him..
Lak- excuse me.. can u tell me of which type I am?
Rag- u r like dumbo donkey only..
Lak-(angrily ) ragini..
San- stop!! Stop u both again started. First we will eat something afterwards we decide to fight or not.
Raglak- yess.. let’s go..
Sanskar orders his servants to bring food.. They all start eating food.
Rag- Dp uncle and adarsh are not seeing anywhere.. where they are??
San- wo actually uncle have some work so he left and as usual u know adarsh is party type andl..
Raglak- hmm..
They all finishes the food and ragini says
Rag- sanskar this is not fair..first time I came to ur mansion and u r not showing it to me. I want to see ur house..
San- why not my cute sis of course I will myself show it to u..come
Then raglak and sanskar start seeing the house.. then suddenly ragini says
Rag- u know sanskar when I came here I listen that there is a person whose name is king and he is very cruel man. First I don’t believe then I thought to search on net and when I read his biography.. I am just shocked.. I can’t think that this type of people also exist in world. I mean he is so cheap and a big casonova. No crime in this world is left from his hand.. if I got that b*** man na I will surely murder him..
Lak (shouts ) – ragini.. if u don’t know anything about the person fully then u don’t have right to say anything about him..
Rag- but..
Sanskar listen this and feels sad by thinking what his sister thinks about him. And he silently goes from there..
Laksh see this and he goes back of sanskar..
Rag- (confused) what happen to both of them??
Lak- sanskar r u ok??
Sanskar wipes his tears and says yaa.. I am fine.
Lak-( angrily ) sanskar I am fed up of all these things.. For how many times u will blame himself for everything which u can’t do.
San- laksh we will talk later about it let’s go..
Lak- no. Sanskar today u have to say why u r saving that f*** bl*** adarsh. He do all the cheap things under ur name and u didn’t say anything why??
San- I know that adarsh is a big womaniser and I also know that he do all the things under my name but u know dp uncle do many things for me. He hold my hand at that moment when no one was there and adarsh he is his son. And I consider him as my little bro.
Lak- I know sanskar that u respect dp uncle very much but adarsh is doing wrong things and when dp uncle will come to know all the bad deeds of his son.. he himself only punish him.. so why u r saving him now..
San- I know laksh that’s why I am saving him becoz I know the pain of heart breaking.. I see the love in uncle’s eyes for his son and when he comes to know the truth he will be in so much pain and what about me my name is already defamed in everyone’s eyes some more crimes will add in my crime ‘s list nothing should be changed or affected..
Lak- but..
San- Acha don’t start ur investigation.. let’s go otherwise..

There other side dp and adarsh are finalizing some deals..
Dp- don’t worry Mr. Charlie ur medicine will be supply to India.. We will supply it..
Mr.Charlie – but how our medicines are not so good and other countries rejected our medicines.
Adarsh- relax Mr . Charlie it is India here all types of medicine will be selled. No matter other countries rejected ur medicine we will accept it only u have to bring 3-4 suitcase like this..
Mr.charlie- yaa.. yaa sure we will bring it. Ok now we have to leave..
Dp- yaa.. sure.And they leaves.. Adarsh take care of that sanskar if this time our deal fails na we will loose grt opportunity.. As we decided earlier sell it under the name of king.
Adarsh- yess.. dad but I must say he loves u so much. He trust u blindly I mean he didn’t even see that u r destroying him..
Dp laughs evilly- hmm.. poor man he thinks me as his god. He don’t know that I am his life’s biggest devil..

@ hotel room
After sometime Aman opens his eyes. He is sitting on a chair and some mens were surrounding him..
Aman scaredly- who r u and what u people r doing here and where is Maya???
A man replies – relax Mr. Aman u will come to know everything just wait..

Then a lady in black jeans and yellow top with a half dark blue jacket over it and her hair is tight in a bun comes there holding a gun in her hand..
Aman just get shocked by seeing him and says Mayaaaa….
She comes near him and put her leg on his chair and says
Maya smrkingly- yess.. so just tell me who told u to kill Rita.
Aman in fear gulps the water that is coming in his mouth and stammerly says r..ita
Swara – yess.mr Aman rita.. just tell me I don’t have time at all.
Aman scaredly – I don’t know any Rita.
Swara with a smirk- Mr.Lalwani play that D.V.D..
Mr.L- sure mam..
The Dvd plays and all his confession are recorded in that cd…
Aman is just hell shocked and says when u record this..
Maya smiling- when u r busy in flirting there is hidden camera in my clothes so don’t use ur brain and tell me why u did this..
Aman- really I don’t know anything.. Maya is just hell angry and point gun towards him and says I am warning u just tell me otherwise.
Aman scaredly – no. No don’t kill me I am saying.. his name is king. He only said to me to kill her becoz he comes to know the drug dealing of our kings gang..
Maya- hmm. U r telling truth??
Aman- yess.. I am saying truth only plzz leave me what I have done to u and who r u why u want to kill me..
Maya smirkingly points gun towards him- SHONA RAICHAND.. And don’t worry very soon u r going to meet god ask him only why I wanted to kill u..

Then in next second he is in pool of blood and swara & her teams hurriedly leaves from there.. They check out from the hotel and swara sits in the car and before sitting she instructs work to his trusted person ..
Shona- Mr.Lalwani make this murder as like suicide don’t worry about money.. ok.. I am going to office.. and as soon as possible get every details about king..
Mr.L – ok mam..

At the other day sanskar is at his farm house and Mr. Desai come
Mr.D – king. Did u read today’s newspaper. .
San- no.. what happen??
Mr.D – see by urself..
Sanskar read the newspaper and he is hell angry- howzz this possible.. how he can he do suicide….
Mr.D – yess king I am also thinking that how he can do suicide… And he himself write the suicide note and shoot himself. But the truth is this only that he attempt to suicide.

San- no.. Mr. Desai it is all planned.. its not a suicide it’s a murder.. its a planned murder.. Mr. Desai I wanted every information about this person.. go at that hotel and check carefully any evidence is left.. And he looks towards the newspaper and says I also wanted to see that person who have the courage to kill kings target..
Mr.D – sure.king..

Screen freezes on the faces of swasan…

Credit to: pari

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