SwaSan- Hidden Hate Open Love (Episode – 3)


Hii frndzz this pari (eku) here and again I come with a new episode.. and I will tell u something about characters.

1. Aman Shukla- u can imagine him as anuj sachdeva i.e sahil.. And he is very cheap man..

Episode – 3
Mr. D- king.. how will u manage it I mean we have no evidence against him and he is the son of D.I.G and already they r back of u. If they see u near him surely they will do something.
San- relax. Mr.desai relax why u r taking tension. Don’t worry. I will manage and I promise u that I will kill that basted.

There is club in the mumbai where all the illegal work takes place like selling of drugs and racket of selling girls etc.. And today there is grand party in that club becoz of its 15th anniversary. All the youngster are gather there for fun and in that Rajat, Aman, Nikhil and some of their frnd are also present they are standing at the bar counter and drinking wine.. Then manager of that club comes and announces.
Manager- hello everyone.. I think u all have fun and as today is the 15th anniversary of our club.. so to increase this fun we call some dancer over here. So guys enjoy.. All the crowd whoots and started clapping..

Then light goes off and all lights get focus on the stage and song start and a girl come.. she is wearing a knee length short black dress and she is looking damn s**y in that dress. Every boys present over there just drool over her and the crowd again started whooting.. Then a boy comes from the back and started singing.

O.. tujhe chhune ki aazaadi
Jo nahi mill paati ae
Ho.. tujhe chhune ki aazaadi
Jo nahi mil paati ae
Sapno mein wo aazadi
Mujhko mill jaati hai

Lekin sapno mein bhi jab
Tujhko main haath lagaaun
Uff neendein khul jaati hain

Ho.. dirty baatein kar-kar ke
Tujhe sharam ni aati ae
Teri mummy aur teri sister
Kuchh na sikhlaati ae

Izzat haaye bacch gayi meri
Rabb ka hai shukar ki teri
Neendein khul jaati hain

The boy catches that girl from her waist and started caressing her cheeks and sings

Zara figure ko chhune de to
Teri chal badal jaaye
Lab labon pe rakh ke dekho
Tera heart pighal jaaye (x2)

Oye chhoti moti baatein ignore karke
Meri baahon ko bharde zara
O apun dil wale door karke
Aaja jeena ka le le maza

Then the girl goes far away from him and by teasing everyone started singing..

Ho.. harqat ye naughty teri
Mere samajh mein aati ae
Teri mummy aur teri sister
Kuchh na sikhlaati ae

Izzat haaye bach gayi meri
Rabb ka hai shukar ki teri
Neendein khul jaati hain

The girl is dancing very well and everyone is staring her..

Teri kissing hai baby killer
Love-bite na ban jaaye
Teri neeyat se darti hoon main
Din night na ban jaaye (x2)

Chhod de tu jhoota-moota flirt karna
Hath dhoke kyun pichhe pada
Acche se utarna main janti hoon
Love ka ye jo fever tujhpe chadha

Haaye.. promise har din kar kar ke
Kyun mukar jaati ae
Phir dil mera uksaane
Sapnon mein aati ae

Lekin sapno mein bhi jab
Tujhko main haath lagaaun
Uff neendein khul jaati hain

The song gets over and everyone claps and whooting for her.. But one man is just eyeing her Lustly..

Rajat- yarr.. she is too hot.. I just want her..
Aman smirks and talks with manager which is mute..

The girl comes at backstage and she is relaxing over there..
Manager- hey listen.. u got an offer from a very respectful person. He sends u this bookey..
Manager gives that bookey to the girl and goes from there. She see a card in it and she reads it and smirks..

Then after sometime she enters in a room and it is decorated beautifully..Then a voice came from behind..

Man- welcome.. miss. Maya welcome.
Maya- oh so this is u Mr. Aman who send that bookey.
Aman- yess.. so what about this decoration did u like it??
Maya sees the decoration and says – well.. its very nice I am impressed..
Aman ( husky voice ) – no baby.. u impressed me from ur dance.. u know I never saw a girl like u. U r Soo hot.. I am just flat on u.
Maya (smiling)- u r crossing ur limits Mr. Aman.
Aman catches her from her waist and says- no. Miss Maya. At this moment I am in my limits only but after that whatever will happen is on ur responsibility becoz u r driving me crazy and leans over her..
Maya stops- wait.. Wait Mr. Aman first we shall have some drinks then we will discuss or continue..
Aman- yaa.. sure I will bring it..
Maya- no. Why u r taking tension.. I will bring it.
Aman- okay.

Maya brings drink for both of them and both drinks it.
Maya- Mr. Aman I know I am not the first woman with whom u r spending night. So can u tell me..
Aman- wow.. u r so intelligent.. u know that’s I like about u.. u r right u r not first one but those are so boring type u r so much interesting baby.come on let’s start..
Maya- no.. First tell me the name of those girls..
Aman- uffo.. u r so stubborn ok so listen first one is Rita she is bla bla and he tells everything about him his crimes done by him..Each and everything..
Maya- u r such a devil..
Aman- I know my baby..

A man comes at the residence of king and says
Man-king.. We got Aman’s address. He is now in the club.
San (smile evilly)- hmm. Nice ok u go.. now Mr. Aman time came to meet u I am coming.. and I promise u that u will regret after meeting with me.
Mr.D- stop sanskar..
Sanskar give a surprised look to Mr.desai.
San- what happen?? Suddenly king to sanskar..
Mr.D- I know u r surprised but king never forget anything and my cute sanskar u forgot everything.
San- (confused) what??
Mr.D pats his cheeks and says – beta sanskar u call raglak for dinner at ur farmhouse and they are waiting for u..
San-(shocked) oh sit!!! I totally forgotten. Thank u Mr. Desai u told me otherwise they both will kill me. Ok I am going u take care of here and that Aman…
Sanskar hurriedly goes from there to his mansion.
MR.DESAI smile by seeing him like this.

Precap- Aman do suicide…

So this is the 3 episode tell me howzz this from ur comments… AnD guyzz just guess who is this Maya.

Credit to: pari (eku)

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