SwaSan- Hidden Hate Open Love (Episode – 2)


Hii frndzz pari is here with second episode and thanks for ur support and valuable comments. I am glad that u r liking my fiction..

Episode – 2
Sanskar is so much happy by listening the news and he hurriedly goes to airport..

A handsome young tall man in blue suit. He is wearing goggles and he had a bag in his hand and he is continuously seeing his titan watch and fuming in anger.

A car comes in front of him and another handsome man comes in black suit.
Man- hey laksh whatsupp buddy??Yes he is laksh and he is very much angry..
Lak- (angrily)wow!!!! sanskar it’s the time to pick ur best frnd from airport.. I am waiting for u here from 10 min and u r just lost in ur work right..
San- laksh relax woh actually.. ssshh I didn’t complete my talk ok so just keep mum.. laksh interrupted.
Lak- yaa.. where i am yess..And tell me why ur mobile is off.. haan thank god that i have the no of ur assistant if I hadn’t call ur pa then u didn’t come here only. Sanskar today u show that how much u love me right??

Sanskar like obedient child listening his talks sincerely. Laksh see this and in anger says
Lak- what the!!!! Just speak up sanskar..
San- u only say to keep mum that’s why I am not..
Lak- oh god ok I say it na so now I am only saying to speak.
San(happily) – woh laksh actually I am sorry my phone battery is dead and my mobile is off so I put it on charge and as u know I set reminder of everything in my mobile so thats why I became late..
Lak- sanskar how can u be so.. but a familiar voice come from behind… lakshh why r u scolding.. my sweet brother.
Laksh turns and sanskar see a girl. She is wearing a skinny color jeans with a white top and a red blazer.She is looking to beautiful and shouts raginiiiiiii..
And he goes and hugs her tightly..
San- what a pleasant surprise.. laksh told me that only he is coming and not u.
Lak- yess. Only I am coming but u know ur Sister is so stubborn. So I came with her to give u surprise but why u care for us go and do ur work.
Ragini angrily says -laksh why r u scolding my brother.. he told u na that his mobile is off.
Lak- wow.. ur brother does mistake and u r scolding me.. This is injustice..
Rag- this is justice becoz u r so khadus.
Sanskar is slowly laughing by listening their fights..
Lak- I am khadus. U r calling ur husband khadus.Did u see sanskar she is calling me khadus.
San- yes. Ragini He is not khadus. He is dumbo donkey..
Ragini laughs very loudly and laksh in anger stump his feet on the ground and says how can I forgot that they r from the same team.
Ragsan- yess. U r alone dumbo donkey..
Laksh just got irritated by his new name and goes from there..
Ragsan can’t control their laugh and they laugh for five min. Then sanskar says
San- I think laksh got angry..
Rag- don’t worry I will conciliate him..
San- ok.. I want to invite u and laksh for dinner at my house.
Rag- sanskar but..
San- no ifs and but already u people come after so many years to India and today’s night u both will have to spend with me. So no arguments required u have to come. And brought dumbo donkey also.
Rag laughs – ok we will come.
San- ok now I am going and u go to laksh. Ok. Bye…

@ unknown place
A man in near about in fifty is talking to sanskar and giving him some details..
San- great Mr.desai.. u have done work very neatly I am impressed..(Mr. Desai is the most trusted person of sanskar)
Mr.D- it’s my pleasure king..
Sanskar smile proudly and with some attitude says
San- hmm. Ok so rest of the talk we will do in the car. Let’s go..

Sanskar with Mr. Desai and with some goons leaves the place in sanskar’s car Austin Martin.
Both sanskar and Mr. Desai sit at the back seat and driver drives the car.
San- so Mr. Desai tell me the rest of the work.
Mr.D- can u tell me with whom I am talking my sanskar or king.??
San gives a unbelievable look to him and says- Mr. Desai I think it’s better to proceed in work.. right
Mr.D knows that he is not in the mood of joking so he continued his talk- ok.. king.. And he gives some details about the crime that were happening in the world.
Mr.D – king everything is going good but Aman shukla is creating very much problem..
San confusingly- Aman shukla.. he is the son of D.I.G
Mr.D- yess. He is the same. Now a days he is creating so much problem. One day he just cross his limits. He try to rape a girl and in that shock that girl commits suicide..
Sanskar is damn angry- such a strange thing this much happen and police doesn’t do anything.
Mr.D – Her family do F.I.R but what can we do his father is D.I.G and by money and power her family losses the case.
San(smirkingly ) hmm. Nice work Mr. Aman I think the time came to meet u.

Then driver applies sudden brake and sanskar shouts
San- what happen??
Driver (fumbles)- woh.. A. Boy came..In. front of car.
San- what??
Sanskar hurriedly comes out of car and goes to the little boy
San – beta?? U r ok na.
Boy- yes.uncle I am alright but.
San- but what??
Boy- I want ice- cream.
San (laugh )- ice cream come I will bought for u..
Then they goes to ice cream parlour and bought ice cream that boy is very much happy and he says thanx and goes from there. Sanskar goes to his car but what he saw he is just hell shocked..

That boy is beaten by his father. He goes to save him but stops in between by listening his talks.
Father is slapping that boy and asking- tell me from where did u bought this ice cream… Just tell me??
Boy cryingly point his hand towards the car.
Father sees that car and becomes angry and again start beating and says.
Father- u moron u bought ice cream from that man whom I hate the most that bl***** , cheap king (actually at the car there is the pic of tiger which is the sign of king as well as sanskar )

Sanskar see all this and feels guilty becoz of him his father is beating him and tears form in his eyes. He is cursing himself that why he helped that boy but sanskar feels a familiar hand on his shoulder. He is Mr. Desai. He is consoling him.. and he gives a let’s go look to sanskar.
Then he wears his sunglasses and goes from there…

Precap- swara’s entry….

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Credit to: pari

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