SwaSan- Hidden Hate Open Love (Episode – 10)

Hii frndzz as i said that i will post so here is the last part of my fiction so do read and comment and its pretty long so enjoy it…

A dark room is scene and swara is tied with a rope in the chair and a cloth is wrapped around her mouth..Swara wakes up and see dark and try to shout but he can’t becoz of the cloth.
Suddenly a light focuses on swara’s face.And a voice came welcome swara malik welcome..
Swara again try to say something then a men comes open her mouth cloth
Swa- who r u?? And where i am..
Voice comes out of the dark and says
V- welcome swara to the king’s world and he laughs evilly..
Swa- Sanskar..

San evilly- correction swara not sanskar becoz before some hrs u killed him with ur hands remember..
Swara remembers the scene and got scared.
San – And now the person standing in front of u is king..
Sanskar comes near her and says- u know na king never shows mercy.And he again laughs evilly..
Swa stammerly- why….u..kid..nap me??
San- oh come on darling if i kidnap u then there is very big reason na..And by the way i have surprise for u..And he signal at his men..
Then from a projector vedio clip is on in which it is clearly scene that how swara try to kill sanskar..
Swara is dumbstruck and the sweat is coming out from her forehead..
San- howzz the vedio nice na i think to show it live on the media what say??
Swa- Why u r doing all this??

San- For u my love..
Swa- U know na i hate u..
San- So what I love u..
Swa- What do u want??
San surprised- wow.. u r so minded now u ask right question.So i want u to marry me..
Swa laughs- Hahahaa..Do u think i will do this?Never sanskar never i will like to go jail but i won’t marry u cheapster..
San- Don’t worry baby u will do after seeing this?
And a one goon came holding a small boy of 7 years..The boy is crying continuously
Swa shouts- Buntyyyyy…
Boy crying shouts- Didi plzz save me di plzz..They r very bad plzz di..
Swa angrily- Mr.sanskar u have enmity with me na then torture me why u r giving pain to my bro??
San with same tone- exactly swara exactly.. i want to see this pain in urs eyes..U broke my heart na now ur brother will face the consequences..

And he comes near swara and says in husky voice- But u can save him by saying yess…
Swa- never ever i will not let u win..
San angrily roars- Alright..then get ready to see ur bro die in front of ur eyes.And he takes out the gun and walk towards bunty..
Swara is continuosly crying- Plzz sanskar plzz don’t kill him..plzz sanskar he is a small boy plzz sanskar he is my life.The tears are continuosly flowing down from her eyes.
San- Swara i will count down for 3 times if u will not say yess then…
Swara is helpless she doesn’t know what she will do only she wants her bro safe..
San puts the gun on bunty’s forehead the boy is hell scared and crying..He loads the gun and says 1…..2………..3.Sanskar is going to shoot..
Swa shouts- yesss..I am ready..I am ready for the marriage..
San smiles evilly and signal his men to take the boy from here..
San- Start the preperations of marriage..
Everyone leaves from there…
Sanskar comes near swara untie her and says
San- oh swara for this u will make me wait so much..
Sanskar touches her shoulder but swara jerks it and says
Swa angrily- Don’t ever try to come near me..
San laughs evilly- ok i will not touch u now.. but after marriage u will be mine officially right…
And he goes from there..

Then after sometimes all the arrangements done for the marriage.Sanskar comes in white&cream sherwani with red color shawl ..And he sits in the mandap..
Swara comes in red lehenga with heavy jwellery’s and red dark lipstick but her face is pale and somehow he manages to control her tears..She also sits in the mandap..

Pandit started reciting mantras and one by one both swasan performs the wedding rituals.They complete the seven rounds and then sanskar makes wear swara the mangalsutra and then fills his hairline with sindoor..
Pandit declares them as married..They take blessings from pandit and pandit leaves from there.Then swara says
Swa teary eyes- Now ur wish got completed plzz leave my bro..

San signs his men to leave the place in sometime the place is vacant..
San pulls swara close by his waist- Not so easily swara.Till now my wish is not completed and he stares swara..
Swa push sanskar and says- No sanskar I will never do this nor i let u win in ur bad intentions..
San walks towards swara and swara is placing her steps back and in this san says- Seriously swara.Just think once about ur sweet bro.He is still in my captivity..
Swara hits the wall and now swara is between the wall and sanskar..
San comes close to swara- Now give me a kiss my beautiful wife..
Swara is helpless and she remains silent becoz of her bro..
San- Don’t worry i will myself take it..

And he leans over her neck & wet her neck with the kiss swara holds her lehenga tightly and closes her eyes and a tear drop comes out.Then sanskar stares at her lips desirely and in a sec he puts his rough lips on her soft lips.His both hands are resting at her waist and he squeezes it and he pulls her more closer.Swara is not responding at the kiss.Sanskar bites his lips it statred bleeding Sanskar sucks the blood and swara moans and sanskar got the chance to enter in her mouth now sanskar is tasting every bit of his mouth and licking her tongue.It is a long and passionate kiss but suddenly sanskar phone rings..They both release it due to out of breath and becoz of the phone..
San angrily- damn it..now who is this bl**** who is stopping me doing romance with my wife??
He takes out the phone and says ok i am coming..
San- oh so sorry darling..we have to stop it here only becoz a imp work came but don’t worry my dear wifey the night is still there and today’s night is our first night na..I am just coming till then wait and he winks at swara and smiles and goes from there..
Swara touches her lips and feels disgusting and she just want to ran from there but she can’t becoz of her bro she is helpless and again cries..
Then the day passes like this and at night sanskar came and ask his men..
San- Did bunty eat something??
Men nods in no..
Sanskar goes to his room and the boy again started crying and got scared.Sanskar senses his fear and goes to him and gave him some chocolates but he can’t take it..
San- So u don’t like chocolates i will give it to someone else..
Bunty- why u r torturing my didi??
San is amused at his ques- Beta..it has a very big reason u can’t understand but i promise u ur didi will be safe..
Bunty- promise..u will not give any pain to my didi.
San- yess pakka wala promise i will not give any pain to ur didi.. now take this chocolate and eat some food ok.
Bunty happily- ok..

Then sanskar goes from there in deep thoughts.Then he enters in the room and sees swara standing at window..
Swa- Come my sweet hubby what can i do for u?Ok did u drink some milk or we can start haan..
Sanskar see at her amusedly and confused..
Swa- what happen?? Shocked u wanted me to do this only na then what happen why r u confused.U want my body na u want to fulfill ur revenge then ok i am giving full authority to u come and touch.Becoz now u will get my body only not my soul..By doing this i will be able to save my bro life then i will do..First u destroy my sister life then mine and now i don’t want u to ruin my bro life also..U r just a devil sanskar.a devil…

San angrily roars- Yess i am devil haan so what u can do i am devil.U know what I love u..Yess damn it u listen right i love u and i had done all this to show u truth.Yess truth that truth which u not seen 8 years before and send me to jail.If today i am a king its all becoz of u only..

When i am going on my bike i listen a girl shouts.I goes behind that voice and found that bl***** sourav singh chauhan is brutally raping a girl.I go to rescue her but they are in many no..They hit my head with a wooden stick and i faints.When i gains consciousness..I see that girl is kavita my college student.I hurriedly wraps her in the jacket and brings her to the hospital..After treatment when i met her he says..

Kavita crying- Sir. I will not leave that sourav i will file complaint against him.U are eye witness na sir plzz will u give statement in police station to arrest that bl***** men will u help me sir..plzz tell me will u help me…kavita cries badly..
San- relax kavita..relax i will help u.i will give statement against that sourav in police station u don’t worry..

Then i go to my home and what i saw at my home i just got shocked.
That sourav&his frnds is already present at my home and molesting my family..
Sourav- Areee sir…come come we r waiting for u only..By the way sir ur sister is too good..
San angrily held his collar and says- Souravvvvvv…how dare u to say like this??
Sourav jerks his hand- Till now i am saying only if u give statement against me in police station then on the place of kavita ur sister will be there.So just think about it behan ki ijjat ya phir uss kavita ki madad…
Then they leave from there..When kavita goes to file complaint against sourav then sanskar called for giving statement..There sourav is also present and he signals sanskar..
Police- So sanskar what u saw on 24th of november??
San- Sir i don’t saw anything..i am in my college..
Kavita crying- Sir what r u saying u r there sir in that jungle u r the eye witness sir plzz don’t say like this i will die sir..i will die..
San- Kavita why u r trapping me i don’t know anything..
police- sorry miss kavita ur complaint will be not filed..
Sanskar goes from there..And kavita goes from there and does suicide..

San eyes were filled with guilt..
San- I know swara.i do very wrong with kavita but i am helpless becoz of my sis as today u r helpless becoz of ur bro.To save ur bro life u marry me and now u r going to give urself also to me..From 8 years i am in this guilt that when u come and forgive me u come but in ur heart there is only hate not love..I left with no option rather than this…And i am really sorry… I don’t love u for ur outer beauty swara but i love ur inner beauty….Good bye swara now no one will disturb u i am going very far away from u…

And he leaves from the room..Swara is shattered now she realises that she is wrong and do many mistakes and most imp hurt sanskar..Swara is just got numb..

Then at the morning swara doesn’t sleep whole night.She is continuosly crying and her face become dull and pale.The room door opens and bunty comes running and hugs swara.Swara cries hugging bunty..Mr.desai comes there and says Swara..
Mr.D- I know u don’t know me but i know everything about u sanskar everyday comes to me and tell me how u r so childish and chirpy in nature..He loves u swara more than anyone.And see becoz of u he killed dp amd adarsh..
Swa- Dp and adarsh..

Mr.d- yess swara dp is the same man who destro ur company reputation and blame sanskar..
Swara is in utter shock..
Mr.d- And adarsh is the real king..Not sanskar.He do all bad things on the name of sanskar..
Swa- Did sanskar knows everything?
Mr.d- Yess..he know everything about adarsh..And when last night he gets to know that ur destruction cause is dp.He just got shattered and he goes to ask dp.And his real face comes out and he kills both of them..U consider him very wrong swara..And now he is going away from everyone..

Tears rolls down from swara’s eyes and he cries and ask
Swa- plzz tell me where he is?
Mr.d- Airport..He is going to new york..
Swara hurriedly goes away from there Mr.d gave her car keys and she fastly drove to airport..

@ airport
Raglak are present there for saying good bye to sanskar..
Rag cryingly- I am sorry bhai i misunderstand u..plzz don’t go..
San hugs her- Ragini u r my brave sister na.U will not cry hmm.And let me go from here plzz don’t cry..
Lak consoles ragini- Ragini let him go..
Sanskar says to laksh take care of my cute sis..And waves bye to them..

Swara is driving crazly on on the road and crying and reminscing every moment spend with sanskar.A song plays in bg..

Ishq mein jab dil ghabraya
Dooriyaan dil seh nhi paya
Ishq mein jab dil ghabraya
Dooriyaan dil seh nhi paya

Saajan Sajaan…Sajaan sajan..

Swara reaches at airport and hurriedly enters and ask counter..
Swa- Flight which is going to new york is take off or not?
Recep- Mam that flight is going to take off its..
Swara hurriedly runs there and search sanskar here and there but not find him.Then she shouts sanskarrrrrr..And falls down on her knees.Then a men comes in front of her and she looks up and becomes happy and hurriedly tight hugs him..
San- ssshhh..swara relax why r u crying??

Swara releases the hug and hits him playfully and says
Swa angrily- u r very bad person..U r going to left me.First u give long lectures that u love me and then u r going to leave me..U said that u love me and when my chance come to say sorry to u..to confess my feelings then u r going..

San in confusion- what r u saying??
Swa shouts- I love u damn it…I love u..
Sanskar is super duper happy and he hugs her tightly and says- I love u too swara..
Sanskar holds her cheeks and says- U will never leave me na..
Swa tearly eyes- Never..

And he again hugs her they have a cute eyelock and in a sec their lips meet eachother.This one is the soft kiss and not so long becoz they r standing in public place hehehe….Then they release the kiss and stand there by meeting their forehead.Both are breathing heavily and swara says..
Swa smiling- Sanskar i want to hate u for my whole life.
San smiles- And i want to love u for my whole life..
Both burst in laugh….

*****THE END*******

Husssh!!! Guyzz at last i completed the last episode hope u enjoyed and tysm for ur support till now.I am very much thankful that u all supported me and commented..As today this is the last episode i want all my silent readers to comment..plzz plzz comment…Ok bye bye…

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