SwaSan- Hidden Hate Open Love (Episode – 1)


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Episode -1
In a dark room a man is sitting on a chair. His hands were tied with rope and from his head blood is coming out. By seeing him u can say that someone beaten him very badly. He is hell scared. He is in semi-consicous state saying that plzz let me go I don’t know anything.. And by saying that sentence he becomes unconscious..

After sometime some goons holding gun in her hand comes in that room and pours bucket of water on the face of that men.. The man opens his eyes with a jerk and started shouting HELP!!!!HELP!!
The goons put gun in the mouth of that man and he stops shouting..

Then a man in full black clothes with a black hat on her head and holding a gun in his hand with a big attitude, arrogant and smirk on his face comes in the room.. Everyone bows their head down in the honour of that person..Then he comes to that person and points gun towards him and says
Man- Sp sahab!!! Why u r testing my patience I am giving u last chance just tell me the name of that place otherwise..(yes the man is sp who is kidnapped)
Sp- plzz let me go I don’t know anything.. only I am knowing that she is on some secret operation..plzz show some mercy on me plzz..

As sp says this word the next second he is dead becoz the man shot the bullet in the head of sp..
Man- king never shows mercy on anyone??Take his body to his home and show it as suicide!!! He order his men in a arrogant voice..

Then his mobile rings and he receives the call and goes from there..

A big mansion is shown.. The whole mansion is surrounded by the security guard holding a gun in their hands.

A black bmw car stops in front of that mansion and a handsome man comes out of the car and hurriedly enters in the mansion. A security guard informs through bluetooth that “he is coming”..

The man enters in the house and angrily shouts kaka!!!kaka!! Where are u??
A old man comes running from the kitchen and says malik what happen???
Man- how can u be so careless kaka?? I didn’t expect this from u..

Then a man near about in sixty comes wearing a long jacket type clothes..
Man- king u came.. oh god why r u so much taking stress.. its just a minor accident actually my leg slips and I fall from the stairs.. don’t worry.. kaka is not at fault.. kaka u go..
King- Dp uncle again u call me king. I am king for this world but for u I am ur sanskar whom u met five years before.(yes… he is sanskar Maheswari)
Dp laughs and says – I am sorry.. its my fault. Sanskar ok.. but what about king sanskar it suits u..
Sanskar fumes in anger and says uncle!!!
Dp – ok ok relax only sanskar. But the real truth is that I only made u king.. I am really sorry for that I just make ur life hell.
San- uncle. U again startred and plzz don’t blame ur self for anything . . U know na nothing is more important than u. I consider u as my father. And a father only thinks good for his son not bad ok so just take care of urself understand otherwise I will don’t talk to you..
Dp- ok I will take care of myself and u also take care of urself..
Sanskar yes uncle and he is going from there suddenly dp calls him.
Dp -beta!! did u got to know something about her..
San-(fake smile) no uncle.. This person also don’t know anything about her.. And he goes from there to his room..
Sanskar enter in his room his room is totally decorated with the pics of that girl whom he is finding. He takes one of the pic and says.
Sanskar with teary eyes- where are u??? U know how much I miss u. Plzz come back I know I did a mistake but plzz return ur sanskar is waiting and a tear drop fall on the photo.

Dp listen his talk and smirkingly says
Dp- I will never ever let you meet with that girl becoz I know if u will meet with that girl my plan,my dream will destroy. And u r my hukum ka ikka… I will not let u easily go…

In sanskar room his phone rings and he picks the call and he becomes very happy..

So this is the first episode tell me howzz this from ur lovely comments..

Credit to: pari

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