SwaSan: Hidden Beast – Part 9 by Duaa & Sanji


Hidden Beast

Part 9

Barn watchmen had brought the mechanic who had repaired Sanskar’s car ..
Swara and Sanskar left the hut and move towards the car ..

Swara was thinking about her dream .. That how she was dreaming about making Love with Sanskar!
She was still getting the flashes of her dream .. She shuts her eyes tightly because she don’t want the flashes to come in her mind ..

Sanskar who was noticing Swara noticed her eyes which were closed tightly .. She was looking cute though but he thought that she might be afraid of the incidents took place last night .. The madness of Kavita for Sanskar leads her in the trouble!

Sanskar puts his hand on hers .. Swara opens her eyes with a jerk and looks at him with a shock ..

Sanskar: You can take a leave for today Swara! And join the office after some days when you started feeling better! Till then you take rest cause you had enough for now! If you want anything then don’t hesitate and do inform me! Im just a call away!

Swara was just looking at him .. Her heart was jumping with excitement while her Mind was warning her that he is not the right guy to trust on ..
Swara just gives a simple nod while Sanskar gives a smile and drove to Swara’s flat ..

He dropped her at the gate and asked her to take care .. He left from there and Swara rushed towards her flat and open the door and rushed towards the washroom ..
She stands beneath the shower and let the water flow on her .. She was thinking about the dream of hers ..

She clutches her head and shouts: No Swara No!!!! You can’t do like this .. You can’t betray your sister you just can’t let him destroy your plans .. You just can’t!!! SWARA HATES SANSKAR!! I HATE YOU SANSKAR!! AND I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR YOUR DEEDS!

After venting out her frustration she move towards the wardrobe dresses herself in a jeans and tank top .. She was drying her hairw when she heard a bell at the door .. She rushed towards the door and find Yash there .. Yash looks at Swara and immediately took her in a bone crushing hug ..

Yash: Swara!! My bacha! Where were you last night! I was so afraid .. I asked my mens to look for you and then i find that Sanskar is also missing .. I was just so scared!

Swara: I’m okay Yash! Don’t worry!! And now relax and have something! I knw you wouldn’t had anything because of me .. Now come and eat something!!

She pulls a chair for Yash and serves him toast and juice .. Yash was drinking the juice and Swara was just playing with the food in her plate .. Yash looks at her and holds ber hand!

Yash: Swara! I’m a brother for you .. Don’t you consider me the one!?

Swara nods ..

Yash: Then why you are not sharing your worries with me .. What is the thing making you worried .. Tell me bacha! I’ll help you out ..

Swara: Yash .. Yesterday when i and Sanskar left from there naa .. Sanskar got a call .. I was standing waiting for Sanskar when some people came and puts a hanky on my mouth .. After that i fainted and when i open my eyes i found myself in a warehouse!

Yash: You were kidnapped!? Sanskar must have done all this ..

Swara: No Yash! It was all done by Kavita! She kidnapped me because she thinks that i was coming in between her and Sanskar! She was so obsessed with Sanskar that she was ready to kill me ..

Yash: What!!?? Did she tried to harm you!! Are you okay!?

Swara: Yash i’m fine .. At the end moment Sanskar came and saved me .. And then he burned the warehouse .. With Kavita! He killed Kavita!

Yash was just looking at Swara and Swara was just staring the floor without any emotion!

Swara: I hated Kavita! But never thought to kill her like this i wanted to punish her but to Kill her is something .. I never wanted to do .. I hate doing that ..

Yash: But Kavita deserves more then that ..

Swara: But killing her was different! I want her to pay for her deeds a life long punishment!

Yash: when you reached here!? I came here last night at 3 am to check .. But you were not here!

Swara: I and Sanskar were stuck in a jungle .. His car was having some mechanical problem! So we had to stay in a hut ..

Yash: Did he tried to take your advantage!

Swara: Noo! He was not doing anything like that .. Yash i’m feeling sleepy. Can we talk later .. I’ll go to hospital at evening to meet shona! Till then I’ll take a nap! I’m tired!

Yash smiles: Okay Bacha! You sleep! If anything you need then do inform me!

Yash left from there while Swara sighs a relief and move towards her room and buried herself in the pillow.

Yash moves towards his car and looks back at the direction of Swara’s flat ..
Yash was confused because of her behavior and he wasn’t getting any clue about her behavior! The way swara was talking it seems that she is hiding something cause throughout the conversation she wasn’t looking at him .. All she was doing was to stare the floor with an emotionless face ..


Laksh was standing in the balcony of his house and was looking outside .. His phone rings .. He checks the caller ID and smirks and receives the call ..

Laksh: Oh My My! Someone is so eager to talk!

Other Side: —–

Laksh: Okay! I’ll reach there .. You don’t worry about that ..

Other side: —–

Laksh: Ohh Sanskar! He will never come to knw about you and me!

Other side: —–

Laksh: Don’t worry we’ll achieve our goals and then you and me together forever!

Other side: —–

Laksh: I’m coming! See you in 30 mins! Bye!

Saying this Laksh disconnects the call and smirks ..

Laksh: So Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari think himself as a player!! But you are not aware that you are also a part of a game whose master mind is Me! The Game is already started Sanskar 3 Years ago! Now its the time to end this!

Saying this Laksh grabs his car keys and left ..


Yash was sitting in his office and was going through some files when all of a sudden Joe enters the cabin without knocking!

Yash (Bossy tone) : What is this joe!! Is this a way to enter the cabin of your boss!?

Joe: Sorry Sir! But it was urgent!

Yash: What was so urgent!??

Joe: Sir thay Laksh Taneja .. He is meeting someone .. He is hiding something .. He daily use to go at brothel ..

Yash: A Guy like him do visit such places what’s new in it!?

Joe: Sir he is meeting only one girl named as Ishika .. And he didn’t allowed anyone to touch her except him ..

Yash: Joe! Im confused about all this about some where i’m feeling that all this is connected to Sanskar! Keep a check on Laksh and that girl Ishika .. May be we get any clue .. Or maybe we can use that Ishika as Laksh’s weakness!

Joe: Okay Sir! I’ll keep you updated with all the information!

Saying this Joe left the cabin leaving a Yash in thoughts!

Yash: Ishika .. A new girl .. What is the role of hers in this story .. Is she connected with Sanskar! Or may be she is Laksh’s weakness! But as far as i know about Laksh he is a guy with no weakness .. He had killed his Mother just because she was turning in to his weakness! So what’s the role Ishika is playing!

Yash was busy in his thoughts when he received a call from Swara .. Swara told him that she is leaving to hospital and asks him to also come to hospital to discuss about the further strategy!


* City Hospital *

Swara was sitting beside Saanchi holding her hand ..

~ Flashback ~

Swara was just 7 years old and Saanchi was of 11 years .. Swara was sick and didn’t attended the school and when she woke uo she didn’t find saanchi beside her ..
She didn’t eat anything ! Shekhar and Mishti had tried every possible way to make her eat but she was adamant not to eat ..
Saanchi was in school when she returned .. Swara rushed towards her and hugged her tightly!

Swara: Shona!! Why you didn’t inform me before going to school!?

Saanchi: Swaru! I was just in a rush ..

Before Swara could say further her head start spinning and she faints ..

Shekhar rushed towards her and holds swara made her lie on bed and called the doctor ..
Doctor informed them that Swara fainted because of weakness.

Saanchi cried whole time until swara gained her conscious!

Saanchi: Swaru!! Why didn’t you eat anything!! Its all my fault!! Wait I’ll bring something for you to eat ..

Saying this Saanchi rushed towards the kitchen and cooked instant pasta for swara and feed her by her hand ..

~ Flashback ends ~

Swara: Shona! I need to eat the pasta you made .. I need to eat by your hand! Won’t you feed your swaru!! Won’t you come and hug your swaru!

Swara was crying while speaking her heart out .. When she noticed the movement in Saanchi’s finger ..

Swara immediately called the doctor ..
Doctor examines Saanchi and told Swara that these are the positive signs .. Saanchi is coming out from the Coma but it will take some time ..

Yash was standing at the door he listened the conversation of Doctor and Swara and instantly move towards Saanchi and hugged her ..

Yash: Shona!! My Shona is coming back ..

Saying this Yash started kissing her all over her face .. While Swara was just admiring the way Yash was showering his love on Saanchi!

————– THE END ————–

Hey Guyz done with part 9… Oh my God 9th part is finished also… How much hardwork we do for you all guyz… Kitna Mehnaat karwate hoo yaar… Agar itna mehnaat apni studies pe de na hum toh Einstein ke baad Duniya humhe hi jaanti… Hmmm… Bad luck of ours… Akhir hum karbhi kya sakte hai???Aab aate hai mudde ki baat pe… As you all know aaj ek special de tha… Aaj Tha Hamare hero The great Varun Kapoor ka Birthday… So unke taraf se as a gift Aaj ka HB wala this part…Aab jab Birthday treat enjoy karhi liya toh gift kon dega??? So pull up you socks and give us baarish of comments as gift…. Agar kanjoosi ki na toh dekh lena??? Kanjoosi maat karo yaar… Its his birthday…Aab uske liye itna bhi nahi karsakte kya???Agar Birthday gift nahi mile hume thik se then bhul jau next part of #HB…Kyun ki hum jo kehte wo karte hai and jo hum nahi kehte wo hum definitely karte hai…Samjhe yea dubara bolo??? Yaar dubara nahi bol sakti khud hi phirse parhlo… Tada… bye bye all…

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