SwaSan: Hidden Beast – Part 8 by Duaa & Sanji


Hidden Beast

Part 8

* City Hospital *

Yash was sitting beside Saanchi and was weeping ..

Yash: Sorry Shona!! I couldn’t save Swara!! I don’t know where that beast had taken her .. But don’t worry Shona .. I’ll bring Swara back .. I won’t let anything bad happen. with her .. I promise Shona .. I promise!

Saying this Yash left the hospital room ..

As Yash left the room Saanchi’s fingers moved ..


Yash left the Hospital to search Swara .. Yash was driving and was continuously trying Swara’s Number ..

Yash (monologue) : Ohh God! Where this girl is!?? Swara .. Please God! Save her .. Nothing should happen to her ..

Yash tried Joe’s Number .. Joe receives the call!

* On Call *

Yash: Joe! Any news of Swara!?

Joe: No Sir!! We are trying to locate Ma’am location!

Yash (in full of rage) : Why the hell you leave her!! I told you to take care of her .. To look at her .. I told you not to leave her .. But you .. Joe i want Swara Safe and sound!! Fix it in your brain .. And fire that James now .. I don’t want such irresponsible Security head who can’t even take care of a girl ..

Joe: Sir Relax Nothing will happen to Swara Ma’am!

Yash: Yes i will .. I will not let anything happen to Swara!! Now get back to work now! And fire that James! And yeah call the commissioner and update him with it! Are you getting what I’m saying!?

Joe: Yeah Sir! I will take care of it!

Saying the Yash cuts the call ..

Yash: (Monologue) i Will not let anything happen to you Swara! I will find you!!


* Warehouse *

Swara was tied on a chair and was crying .. She was feeling disgusting with the touch of that Goon ..

She was crying while the door of the room where Swara was tied opened ..
A person entered with a smirk on its face ..
Swara looks at the person with wide open eyes ..

Swara (Whispers) : KAVITA!

>> Tada. The person who kidnapped Swara is Kavita. 😛

Swara looks at her with wide open eyes .. While Kavita was smirking at her condition ..

Kavita: Tohh Ms. Swara Bose! Welcome to the Station of Death .. After 10 mins you will going to Die!

Saying this she started laughing like a Mad Person ..

Swara: Why you did this with Me Kavita!? What was my fault!?

Kavita angrily clutches Swara’s hair: Fault!!! Let me tell you .. Your fault is that Sanskar is being affected by you .. He is not touching me .. He isn’t making Love with me .. Its your fault .. Its your fault that you came in between Me and Sanskar!! I can’t tolerate anyone between us .. Do you get that!!.

She was shouting and was behaving like an insane .. She was clutching Swara’s hairs .. Kavita’s eyes were red due to anger ..
Swara was hissing in pain ..

Kavita started laughing: This this is what i want .. I want you to scream in pain .. I want to listen your scream ..

Saying this she slaps her hard .. Swara hisses in pain ..

Kavita makes a pout and starts talking innocently: You know .. I give my everything to Sanskar! My everything! My Body .. My Virginity .. I left my family also .. Just for Sanskar because i love him .. He is mine Only mine .. (She blinks her eyes) Now you tell .. How will i tolerate you .. Tell naa Swara .. So its right to punish you ..

Swara was hell afraid after seeing Kavita’s madness .. She wasn’t able to think of anything! Her mind wasn’t working ..

Kavita: You are so beautiful Swara! You big brown eyes .. Pink pouty lips .. Your cheeks .. Everything is so beautiful! These things had attracted Sanskar! So what if I ..

Saying this Kavita Smirks .. Swara was looking at Kavita at horror .. Few goons enter the room ..
The goon who harassed Swara was also among them and was looking at Swara with lust in his eyes .. Swara shivers in fear ..
Kavita looks at them and started clapping!

Kavita: Ohoo! Wow Swara .. Here also you have a Romeo .. Wow! (To the goon) Rajaa! Seems like you want to have some fun .. Haina!?

Raja smiles wickedly and Kavita laughs. Kavita signals Raja .. Raja moves towards Swara and un ties the ropes while touching her sensuously ..
Swara was crying and was feeling disgusting .. She start remembering that how Saanchi would’ve felt .. How much disgusting she would be feeling .. How much it would be hurting her .. Tears made their ways from her eyes ..
Raja holds Swara and pulls her towards himself .. He touched her face sensuously .. Kavita was smirking looking at them .. Swara’s eyes were closed .. Raja was leaning towards her ..

* Tring Tring *

Raja stopped and looks at Kavita .. Swara opened her eyes and finds that Kavita was looking at the caller ID with horror and Kavita is sweating ..

Kavita whispers: Sanskar!

Swara gets a hope but before she could do anything Kavita signals the goons to hold Swara ..

Raja puts his hand on Swara’s mouth so that she can’t shout ..

Kavita receives the call ..

* On Call *

Kavita : Hi Baby!

Sanskar (confusingly): Kavita!

>> He looks at the ID and find that he had mistakenly called Kavita instead of Swara .. Sanskar was looking for Swara and when he didn’t find her he dialed her number and mistakenly the call connects with Kavita <<

Sanskar: Listen Kavita! It was a mistake that i called you .. I was trying Swara's number and it connects with you ..

Kavita angrily looks at Swara ..

Kavita (gritted her teeth) : Ohh So you were calling Swara!!

Swara looks at them she finds a hope .. She bites Raja's hand .. As soon Raja removed his hand .. Swara shouted for help ..

Sanskar gets a doubt after hearing Swara's Voice ..

Sanskar: Kavita! Are you there!

Kavita: Han Sanskar! Say!!

Sanskar turns on the tracker and started driving the car ..

Sanskar: Haan so tell why you called me at that time ..

Kavita takes a sigh of relief tht Sanskar haven't listened the voice and winks at Swara wickedly .. Swara was losing her hopes ..

Sanskar was driving the car while tracking Kavita's Location .. He was sure that Swara is with Kavita and swara is in a big problem!

Kavita: Woh Sanskar i thought to apologize for –


Sanskar: listen Kavita! Don't fake around with me .. I know you .. And now don't call me .. Understand!!

Saying this Sanskar cuts the call .. And increase the speed of his car ..
Kavita angrily throws her phone!

Kavita shouts: NO NO!! SANSKAR YOU ARE MINE!! (She move towards swara and slaps her hard) You [email protected] .. Because of you Sanskar is behaving like this with me!!

Swara falls on floor and blood started oozing from the corner of her lips ..
Kavita clutches her hairs and throws her towards the goons .. The goons holds ger Kavita get out from the room and comes with a white bottle ..

She was behaving like an insane she comes towards Swara and picks the bottle .. And pour few drops on the wooden chair ..
Which results holes in the chair ..
Kavita smirks while Swara was shivering in fear ..

Kavita: HCl .. Hydrogen Chloride .. One of the strongest acid ..

Swara was looking at Kavita in fear .. Her body was shivering ..

Kavita: Your this face had grab Sanskar's attention naa so now i will ruin your face .. I will ruin it .. Sanskar will look at you with disgust! I will ruin your face ..

Swara closed her eyes due to fear .. She knew that no one will come to help her now .. Kavita opens the cap of Acid bottle she was about to throw the acid ..

** Thhhuuddd **

The door of the room was opened and Sanskar entered the room with eyes full of Anger ..
Kavita gulps in fear .. Swara opens her eyes and find Sanskar!

Sanskar looks at Swara who was looking pale .. Blood was coming out from her head .. Her lips were bleeding and there were slap marks on her face .. Her arms were having the mark of rope .. Goons were holding Swara which increases the amount of Rage in Sanskar!

Sanskar shouts in anger: KAVITA!!

Goons loosens the grip of Swara .. Taking it as a chance .. Swara ran towards Sanskar and hugged him tightly like her whole life depends on him ..
Sanskar wraps his one hand around her waist ..
Kavita gets mad seeing them so close ..

Kavita: Sanskar move from my way!! I will kill her today! She snatched you from me .. I will kill her .. I will spoil her face with this acid ..

Swara was shivering she hides herself more in Sanskar .. Sanskar looked at Kavita who was moving towards Swara with Acid in her hand .. Sanskar quickly holds the bottle and throws it on the floor .. And slaps kavita hard which cause her to fall on floor ..

Kavita shouts: you slapped me! Just because of this mere girl ..

Kavita signals the goons they attacks Sanskar .. Sanskar hides Swara behind him ..
Sanskar beats the goons black and blue .. They all were lying on the floor and kavita was looking at Sanskar with fear in her eyes ..

Sanskar move towards Kavita and holds her face in his hand ..

Sanskar: What you thought haan!? That i will never come to know where you are .. I already told you kavita that i hate the one who double cross me .. Now get ready to face the consequences.

Sanskar holds kavita and tied her on the chair ..

Kavita: Please Sanskar don't do this .. Please Sanskar! I promise i will never do like this again .. Please Sanskar!

Sanskar smirks and holds Swara's hand and takes her out from the warehouse .. He made Swara sit in the car ..

Sanskar move towards the warehouse and throws the petrol all over the area ..
Kavita was shouting and was begging for her life .. But he is a BEAST!
He move inside and reach near Kavita!

Sanskar: Kavi Darling! You've dared to touch My girl .. So you have to pay for it ..

Saying this Sanskar lits the match stick ..

Kavita shouts: No Sanskar Please No!

Sanskar smirks and moves out from the warehouse and throws the match stick ..

** BOOOMM **

The whole warehouse was burning .. The whole dark area was lighten just because of the light of fire ..

Swara looks at Sanskar who was looking at her casually and sits in the car and starts driving it .. Swara was looking at him .. That how can he be so normal ..

Sanskar noticed her and then smiles: Swara! You okay!?

Swara: Yeah Sir ..

Sanskar: I don't think so .. You need a first aid .. There is the first aid ..

Swara takes the first aid box and started doing her first aid by herself but she wasn't able to do that .. Sanskar looks at her and stops the car with a jerk ..

And takes the first aid and started doing her band aid ..

Sanskar: If you feel any pain then do tell me okay! Don't keep it to yourself only!!

Swara nods with a smile ..
Sanskar was done with her first aid .. He started the car but the car wasn't starting ..
Sanskar bangs his hand on.the stirring wheel ..

Sanskar: Damn it!! Now what should i do!!

Swara looks at Sanskar .. She was having strange feelings .. She used to hate him .. She should feel afraid because its an isolated place anything could have happen! But she .. She is feeling secured .. She is feeling happy!

May be he'd helped her that's why she is feeling like that! MAY BE! 😛


Sanskar and Swara started looking for the shelter for night!
They were moving here and there when they find a cow barn ..

Swara: Sir .. See there .. We can stay there for tonight!

Sanskar: Yuckkhh! Are you serious Swara!! Its stinking! I can't stand its smell .. I can't stay here!

Swara: Sir we have no place we have to adjust here!!

Sanskar unwillingly agrees and they move towards the barn ..

Sanskar: Listen we need a place to stay at Night!

Barn watchmen: Why!? Don't you have any place!!

Sanskar (angrily) : Listen –

Swara signals Sanskar to keep quite! Sanskar silently followed her signals ..

Strange naa! Such a beast is obeying a mere girl .. But you never know what happen next ..

Swara: Bhaiya woh actually our car is having a problem we need a place to stay .. Thats why we asked.

Barn Watchmen: Ohh don't worry beta! You can stay there .. There is my hut .. You both can stay there ..

Swara and Sanskar smiles and left towards the hut .. Barn watchmen had lit the fire so that they don't feel cold ..

Sanskar: where will i sleep!? There is no bed here ..

Swara arranges the grass : Sir here is the bed ..

Sanskar: This! From which angle you find this as a bed ..

Swara: From every angle sir .. Cause sir we are in a jungle not in any five star hotel ..

Sanskar: Yeah fine but i won't sleep here ..

Swara shakes her head and move towards the fire to give warmth to her hand .. She was shivering badly because of the cold ..
Sanskar removes his coat and made her wear that .. Swara looks at Sanskar with an unknown affection .. Sanskar sits beside Swara .. Swara and Sanskar were sitting close ..

Swara puts her head on Sanskar's chest .. Sanskar wraps his hand around her waist .. Swara looks at him with sparkling eyes .. He was just lost in those big brown eyes .. They were unaware of it and soon their lips meets ..
He was sucking her lips and she was holding the collor of his shirt .. He sucked her upper lip and she was doing the same with his lower lip! They were busy in tasting each others mouth ..
They stopped when they were out of breath .. He was looking at her with a desire to mark her as his ..
Sanskar holds her from her waist and make her back facing him .. Swara was blushing hard .. He caressed her back with his lips .. And move his hand towards the zip of her dress .. She was blushing hard she turn towards him and hugged him tightly! He holds her by waist and soon their lips meets again creating a magic around his hands were busy in removing her dress and ger hands were removing the the barrier which was blocking the view to his well built body .. When the broke the kiss the find their clothes lying on the ground and they both were there in front of each other without any barrier ..
He pressed his body on hers .. And she moan his name .. He holds her hand and entangled them ..

"Ahhhh!!! " Swara screams ..

Sanskar who was standing outside the hut comes inside ..

Sanskar: What happened!? Wht you scream!? Is there any problem!? Or you are having any pain ..

Swara looks at him and realized that it was just her dream ..


—————- THE END —————-

Hey Guyz… Done with another part… We know you have got a little surprize… Surprize nahi 440 volt ka Jhatka kahungi ise… its a shock to you… To Jhatka pasand aya??? Pasand aya to bolo na aya to bhi bolo… As most of you like this type of romance … so on public demand its there but an heartly apology to them who doesn't like this type of elemets… So sorry… Maaf kardon ji… Sanskari hum bhi hai but pata nahi tha Swara itni Asanskari banjayegi…???

Bohat ho gayi maskabaazi… Now You guyz come to the point… How was todays's part??? Comment to karna hoga with rosses or rotten tomatoes, Choice is yours… We know from last 2 Parts we didn't give you dhamki so you are taking us lightly na??? Na ji na yeh maat samajh na ki hum badal gaye.. "SaDu" nahi bhulte… This is not gonna happen any more, Agar iss baar comments nahi aye to Sanskar ki kasam chorongi nahi… ??? If this time you don't overflow the comment box with your comments so we are not gonna leave you… Sapno me aake itna daraungi ki Sona bhul jayoge sab… Samjhe ye Samjhau??????

#Duaa & #Sanji

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