SwaSan: Hidden Beast – Part 6 by Duaa & Sanji



Part 6

* City Hospital *

Yash was sitting beside Saanchi and was holding her hand ..

Yash was telling something to Saanchi while he had a smirk on his face ..

Yash: Now the game had started Saanchi Gadodia soon everything will be back and the mission will be successful! I know ..

Yash was about to speak further but he was interrupted by the sudden knock on the door and then Swara entered the room!

Swara: What were you talking Yash!?

Yash (fumbles) : umm .. Woh .. Actually! Aray why should i tell you .. I’m talking to my would be wife na so let it be a secret among us!

Yash tries to sound normal .. While swara gives a smile but she doesn’t seems satisfied!

Swara: Okay okay! Well Yash i wanna tell something to you!

Yash: Han swara tell!?

Swara: Woh Sanskar had offered me a car .. As a bonus on that project!

Yash: So!?

Swara: And i rejected his offer and this news is reached to Kavita!

Yash: Kavita!! You have to be careful now Swara! Cause Kavita will definitely do something to harm you cause Kavita can’t tolerate anyone between her and Sanskar!

Swara: i Know Yash! And I’ll be careful! I’m just worried that what if she comes to knw about me! I mean she will definitely try to spy me and then if she comes to know that .. Our whole plan will flop!

Yash (angrily Shouts) : No one can come in between this mission!! No one!! Nothing on this earth can flop our plan!

Swara looks at Yash with a shocked expression cause she’d never seen this shade of Yash while Yash closed his eyes and composed himself!

Yash (tries to sound normal) : I mean that we are in this stage of our mission that we can’t take a chance! I just mean that .. That .. Yes that no one can snatch the chance from us of giving punishment to Shona’s criminals!

Swara smiles faintly ..

Yash : I’m sorry swara! I just get angry .. I know i shouldn’t had shouted on you .. Sorry!!

Swara looks at Yash and smiles .. Yash takes a sigh of relief!


* Maheshwari Office *

Sanskar was working on his laptop but his whole concentration was on Swara ..

Sanskar POV

I am Sanskar Maheshwari .. Girls die for my one look .. They crave for my touch .. Some girls are there who can make me loose myself! And i end up in forcing them .. Because What Sanskar wants he get by hook or hy crook .. But now .. Now i’m not doing what i always do .. Now i can’t even touch a women .. I can’t make out with any random girl .. I’m not getting the peace .. I even can’t force Swara to sleep with me .. I .. I just don’t know what it is but one thing is clear that i Sanskar Maheshwari is now attracted towards Swara .. The girl who makes me smile by her childish behavior cause Swara is different! 🙂

Sanskar’s POV ends

Sanskar looks outside his cabin through the glass wall he saw Swara talking to a guy and swara was laughing!
Sanskar’s blood boils seeing this sight he just wanted to punch that guy and to break all his teeth so that he don’t dare to open his mouth!

Sanskar wasn’t aware of the feeling he was going through and he had already named this feeling as the name of infatuation, Lust and attraction!

Sanskar calls on reception ask the receptionist to send Swara to his cabin asap ..

Sanskar calmed himself and waits for Swara! He was waiting when he heard the knock he ask the person to come in ..

Swara entered his cabin with a professional smile and greets Sanskar professionally!

Sanskar: Ms. Bose! I’m highly impressed with your talent which you’ve shown up on the project! But your unprofessional behavior in office is not tolerated! They way you were gossiping and talking around is highly prohibited! I hope you will take care of it from now on!

Swara was looking at Sanskar .. In her imagination she was strangling him for calling her unprofessional! The person who just flirts around .. Make out with any random girl .. For him his cabin is not more then a place where he can make out! A person with this behavior is calling her unprofessional!

Swara heard the whole lecture and simply nods her head ..

Swara nods : Okay Sir I’ll keep it in my mind! Now I’ll take your leave!

Sanskar: That’s better .. Now get me Gupta’s file ..

Swara nods and left to the reception ..


* At Reception *

Swara goes to reception where Rosy was looking at her with attitude!

Swara: Umm Rosy! Sir needs Gupta’s file .. Can you please give tht to me!?

Rosy (with attitude) : Oh Ms. Bose! Sir had asked the file from you so you give him why asking from me! Ms. Good for nothing!

Swara : Ms. Rosy! I don’t know about the file that’s why i asked from you .. If you don’t know then tell me directly no need to make excuses!

Rosy (angrily) : How dare you say like that .. I know everything okay!

Swara (smirks) : Then tell me where is the file!?

Rosy (angrily) : You blo*dy cheap!! You were trying to provoke me!? You blo*dy ..

Saying the Rosy was about to slap Swara her hand was stopped in the mid ..
Rosy turns and find Sanskar holding her hand and was looking at Rosy with blood shot eyes ..

Sanskar jerks her hand and looks at Swara who was looking at Sanskar with teary eyes .. Sanskar felt bad seeing tears in her eyes and a sudden urge of holding Swara in his embrace comes in his heart but he composed himself and looks at Rosy!

Sanskar (shouts): What kind of the behavior is this Ms. Rosy Steve!?

Rosy (fumble) : actually .. Sir .. Woh ..

Sanskar (shouts) : Speak out Rosy! I’m asking something! What the hell you were doing!? Are you an illiterate person .. Don’t you know how to behave!?

Rosy (looks down) : I’m sorry Sir!

Saying this Rosy puts her hand on Sanskar chest and starts moving her hand to and fro ..
Swara felt disgusted with this .. He facial expressions were telling how much irritated and disgusting she was feeling! Sanskar looks at Swara and immediately pushed Rosy lightly!

Sanskar: Stay in your limits girl .. And now i won’t tolerate your behavior here .. Just send your resignation letter to me now!

Saying this Sanskar storms out of there .. Swara smirks in her mind and gives a sympathetic look to Rosy ..

Rosy fumes in anger ..

Rosy thinks of a plan and smirks and move towards Sanskar’s cabin ..

* Knock Knock *

Sanskar: Come in!

Rosy entered the cabin and looks at Sanskar with guilt ..

Rosy: I’m sorry sir! I was just ..

Sanskar doesn’t looks at Rosy ..

Sanskar: Put your resignation letter here and leave!

Rosy looks frustrated with this act if Sanskar but she composed herself and puts a seductive smile on her face and move towards Sanskar ..

Sanskar was very well aware of her acts .. Rosy traced her fingers ..

Sanskar holds her hand and made her sit on his lap!

Sanskar (low dangerous voice with a smirk) : Rosy Steve! I’ve asked for the resignation letter .. So kindly give me the resignation letter and leave!

Saying this he bites her ear lobe ..
Rosy was about to say something Sanskar gives her a stern look and she left!


* Police Station *

A car stops in front of Police station .. Yash comes out from the car with a smirk on his face ..

He enters the police station and move towards the cabin of the senior inspector!

Yash enters the cabin the inspector stands ..

Sr. Inspector: Yash Sahab! Why you take a problem coming here you should’ve called me ..

Yash (bossy style) : Listen! I’m here for an important work!

Sr. Inspector: Ji Ji Sir! Just tell me what you will take!? Coffee or tea!?

Yash gives a stern look and said in a bossy voice: I’m here for a work!

Inspector gets afraid and nods his head ..

Yash: Where is he!? I want to meet him!

Sr. Inspector calls a constable: Listen! Bring him here and tell him Yash Sir wants to meet him!

Yash: No need! I’ll go ..

Constable take Yash to a room where visitors used to come and meet the prisoners!

Yash was sitting and waiting while constable brings a guy with him who was having a band aid on his head .. And bruises on his face .. He was not able to walk properly ..

Yash looks at him with teary eyes and move forward and hugs him tightly!

Yash: How are you!?

The guy nods his head that he is fine!

Yash caressed his face and hairs and then angrily looks at the Sr. Inspector who was standing ..

Yash (shouts) : What the hell is this!? Is this a way to treat some one!! How can you beat him so brutally!?

Sr. Inspector: Sir woh actually ..


Yash: Shut up!! I don’t wanna hear any damn excuse! And i’m taking him with me! My lawyer will be here any moment he’ll complete the formalities!

Saying this Yash holds that guy and bring him near his car and drove from there ..


* Maheshwari Mansion *

Sanskar was drinking and was thinking about Swara ..

He remembered how she was looking at her file again and again on the day of interview! How she was laughing .. How she rejects his gift ..

Their was a curve on Sanskar’s lips! He was smiling while thinking about Swara ..

Then he remembered how Swara was talking to the guy and was laughing!

His blood boils remembering that and the smile was replaced by a possessive looks ..

Sanskar was thinking about Swara while Kavita comes wearing a Pink Satin Nightie and sits on Sanskar’s lap and puts her head on his chest ..

Kavita: Sanskar darling!? What are you thinking about!?

Sanskar (unintentionally) : Swara!

Kavita looks at Sanskar with disbelief cause Sanskar never think about any girl not even Kavita!

Kavita (shouts) : What!?

Sanskar comes back in his sense and looks at Kavita!

Sanskar: why the hell are you shouting!? Hunh!

Kavita: Woh you said you were thinking about Swara! I was shocked!

Sanskar smirks and patts her cheeks: Sweetheart! Are you jealous!?

Kavita: Umm naah! (Sanskar raised her eye brows) well yeah! Cause Sanskar Maheshwari never think about others!

Sanskar: Not bad! I’m impressed Kavi!

Kavita smiles while she was burning in jealousy from inside ..

Kavita: Come naa Baby i have a surprise for you ..

Saying this Kavita drags Sanskar to the room which was decorated with scent candles and their was dim light ..
Slow seductive music was been played!

Kavita smirks and removes her gown she move towards Sanskar and opens his shirt button!

Sanskar smirks and pulls her closer he was about to kiss her when he remembered the time when Swara was talking to the guy and laughing ..

Sanskar immediately moves back making Kavita frustrated!

Kavita: what happened Sanskar!? Why are you behaving like that!?

Sanskar doesn’t answer because he really don’t know why he did that ..

Kavita shakes him and asked a bit loudly with an authorized voice: Tell Me Sanskar!

Sanskar holds ber from her waist and pinned her to near by wall ..

Sanskar (dangerous voice) : Never dare to question me! Otherwise you will see the worst of me .. Now go and sleep in the other room!

Kavita: But ..


Sanskar: I said L.E.A.V.E!

Kavita angrily left the room ..
Sanskar was busy in his thoughts that why he was not able to touch anyother girl .. Why he always think about Swara!

He slept while thinking about all this ..


* Maheshwari Office *

Sanskar was busy in his thoughts and was staring outside the window aimlessly! He himself wasn’t aware of the happening around him ..

His chain of thoughts was broken by a knock on the door ..
He asked the person to come in without turning!

“Sir here is the file!”
A sweet melodious voice was heard which made Sanskar turn immediately!

A curve was on his lips cause the girl about whom he was thinking is just in front of him!

Sanskar: ohh okay Ms. Bose! You may leave now!

Swara: Okay Sir!

Swara was about to leave the cabin Sanskar stops him ..

Sanskar: Ms. Bose .. Their is a file of Raichand Industries get that file from the store room!

Swara nods and left the cabin .. Sanskar was looking towards Swara with a smile on his lips ..

Sanskar comes out from the cabin for some work when he heard that two employees were talking ..

Employee 1 : Yaar where is the fashion house file!? I need that ..

Employee 2: its in the store room ..

Employee 1: then go and bring the file for me!

Employee 2: No way! Don’t you know that the furniture of store room is so old and creepy yesterday the shelf falls .. Thank God no one was in the store room ..

Sanskar heart started beating fast he immediately run towards the store room while praying for Swara’s safety!

Sanskar reached the store room and find Swara struggling to bring out the file from the bundle!

Swara pulls out the file with a force due to which she imbalanced and was about to hit the sharp edge ..

In few seconds Sanskar puts his hand on the sharp edge and the other hand on Swara’s waist ..
Sanskar’s hand started bleeding .. Swara looks at his wound ..

Swara: Sir are you okay!?

Sanskar: yeah Ms. Bose i’m fine!

Swara: No sir you are not .. See how much you are hurt .. Come let me do the band aid ..

Sanskar nods like a kid .. Swara take him to his cabin and starts aiding his wound!

Sanskar was admiring Swara .! While Swara band aid his hand ..

Sanskar: Thank You Swara!

Swara smiles: Most Welcome Sir!

Saying this Swara left the cabin while Sanskar was admiring Swara and kissed the bandage and smiles ..


>> Swara was staying at a Flat near the hospital 🙂

Swara reached her flat and rushed towards the washroom ..

She opened the shower and start rubbing her body furiously!!

Swara while rubbing her body: I hate that blo*dy rapist .. How dare he touch me .. I hate him! I hate his touch .. It was a treat to see him injured! Don’t worry Sanskar Maheshwari I’ll give you many wounds .. But unfortunately there will be on one to band aid them ..

After taking the shower swara dressed in a simple dress and left to the hospital to meet Saanchi ..


* City Hospital *

Yash is standing in the corridor and was talking to someone on call ..

Yash: Don’t worry Swara is doing your work .. Sanskar Maheshwari will be ruined!

Unknown person: (muted)

Yash: aray don’t worry Swara won’t come to know about that .. You relax and yes .. Don’t worry i’m there for you .. Sanskar will be ruined!

Unknown person: (muted)

Yash: Swara will do everything we just need to enjoy! Grab your popcorns! It will be fun to watch Sanskar Maheshwari ruining!

Saying this Yash smirks and cuts the call and move towards Shona’s cabin ..


A dark room is shown .. A person was sitting on the rocking chair ..
The chair was moving to and fro ..
Their is a dim light in the room ..

The light falls on the face of the person and its revealed Kavita!

Kavita was highly drunk and was sipping the drink ..

Kavita: I can’t tolerate anyone between me and Sanskar! Swara Bose you have to die!

————– The End


Hey Guyz… Here is the 6th part of Hidden Beast… Ready for you… Isse pehle aap log kuch kahe mein keh deti hoon daant ne ki soch na bhi maat.. Galati hamari nahi apki thi isiliye late huya… Kya kaha tha hume achay bare wale comments na huye to next part bhul jana… Diye comments aap sabne??? oh toh Hamara sukar manau ki hum itne acche bhole bhale sabka khayal rakhnewale masoom ladkiyoon se pala para tha isiliye bach gaye… Jau is baak ke liye maaf kardiya but agli baar soch lo.. Pari se dhayen banne ki zaroorat na par jaye humhe.. Phir Hidden beast ke jagah hum khud hidden ban jayenge… So aab roj roj ek baat nahi bol sakte hum mu mein dard hota hai… Oops sorry mein bolti kaha hoon, mein to likhti hoon koyi nahi… haat mein dard hota hai so jaldi se comment start kardo… Samjhe sab????

#Duaa & #Sanji 🙂

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