SwaSan: Hidden Beast – Part 5 by Duaa & Sanji


Hidden Beast

Part 5

* City Hospital *

Swara was sitting beside Saanchi and was caressing her hair ..

Swara: Shona! You know today i’m going for an interview! This is the first step of my Revenge!

Swara was talking while Yash entered the cabin with a file in his hand ..
Swara turns towards Yash .. Yash came forward and handover the file to Swara ..

Yash: Swara here is your CV ..

Swara opens the file and find that her name was written as SWARA BOSE ..
Swara look at the name and smirks!

Swara: Thanks Yash!

Yash: Swara i didn’t understand one thing .. I can understand that Sanskar doesn’t know about you .. Tht you are Shona’s sister but Kavita how come she is unaware about this ..


Swara: Yash no one knows that i’m the younger daughter of Gadodia’s because i used to stay with my Dida and then i went to US for higher studies! And Kavita was never interested in listening Shona’s heart .. She was always busy in her own world .. So don’t worry no one knows about me!

Yash: Okay then be careful .. Sanskar is dangerous! He can go to any extent to satisfy his lust ..

Swara: I Know Yash! You don’t worry I’ll take care of myself!

Swara was about to leave Yash holds her hand .. Swara turns towards him .. Yash came forward and puts his hand on her shoulder!

Yash: Swara i have no one .. My parents died when i was just 18 .. Shona came in my life and give me a hope .. And now she is also lying lifeless! Now i have only you Swara! You are like a sister to me! So please take care of yourself! I can’t afford to loose you .. Please Swara take care!

Swara smiles: I will Yash! Now don’t worry and relax .. I’ll keep on updating you .. Okay .. So just relax ..

Yash: Yeah u better should!!

Swara nods and left ..


* Maheshwari Office *

Sanskar was sitting on his chair and had a signature smirk on his face!

His eyes were full of lust .. He was checking out the girls ..
And girls were drooling over him ..

Sanskar was taking an interview of a girl who was wearing a knee length and a back less dress ..
Sanskar move towards the girl ..

Sanskar: So what’s your name!?

Girl: Isha .. My friends call me Ish!

Sanskar smirks and touches ber back sensuously: Ohh So Ish darling! Tell me which kind of a job you want!?

Isha with a smirk: Well i can do anything for you Sir! Anything which make you feel satisfied!

Sanskar: Ahaan! Not bad i like it .. Well now i want something!

Isha smirka and gets up from her chair and snakes her hand around Sanskar’s neck and placed her lips on his .. Sanskar holds her from her waist and kissed her passionately .. Sanskar was busy in kissing Isha when his eyes falls on a girl sitting on a sofa and checking her file again and again ..
Sanskar looks at her and smirks .. Sanskar asked Isha to leave the cabin and he asked the receptionist to send the girl in side!

The girl was wearing a blue and white jumpsuit she entered the cabin with a smile on his face!
She handover her file to Sanskar .. Sanskar opens the file and looks at the name and the passport size image her moves his fingers at the picture!

Sanskar: So Miss Swara Bose! You had completed your degree from US! And your grades shows that you could had get the job in US itself why you are back to India!

Swara: Sir everything happens for a reason and i’m also here for a reason (Sanskar looks confused) i mean i wanna work in my country only that’s why ..

Sanskar smirks and asks some professional questions Swara answered all the questions in a confident voice ..

Sanskar smirks: Ms. Bose you may collect your appointment letter from the reception!

Swara gives a professional smile and took her file and left the cabin ..

Sanskar move towards the chair with his signature smirk and traces his hands on the chair where Swara was sitting and inhales the air ..

Sanskar: Ahaan!! I must Ms. Bose you are just irresistible! And your smell is making me crazy .. Swara Bose! I just want you .. Cause you’d made me loose my control and now i want you in my bed ..

Sanskar smirked and screen freezed on his smirking face.


* Next day in the Morning *

* City Hospital *

Swara and Yash were talking while Joe comes ..

Joe: Sir! I have a news for you ..

Yash: tell Joe!

Joe: Sir Sinha industries had launched a contract for a cancer research centre .. And Sanskar Maheshwari is also taking part in it ..

Yash: Good Work Joe! I’m impressed .. (To Swara) Swara you know what you need to do .. Right!

Swara: Yes Yash ..

Yash smirks .. Swara turns towards Yash!
Swara : Yash thank You So Much for helping me!

Yash: Swara! To get something big .. We need to sacrifice small things ..

Swara looks at Yash confusingly. Yash composed himself and looks at Swara with a smile ..

Yash: We need to give Saanchi Justice Right!! So it’s necessary to do this ..

Swara smiles while Joe left the hospital and Yash went behind Joe to discuss something important!


* Outside the Hospital *

Yash was looking at Joe with rage full eyes ..

Yash: Are you insane Joe!! Wht the hell was that ..

Joe: Sir ..


Yash: Joe! Just get one thing straight! Yash Sighania can do anything to achieve his goal .. I’d asked you for a work .. What’s the progress!?

Joe: Sir today your work will be done!

Yash: Yeah that’s better .. Leave now!!

Joe left and Yash smirks ..


* Maheshwari Office *

Sanskar was sitting on his chair while Kavita was sitting on his lap ..

Kavita: Baby! What are u thinking!??

Sanskar was thinking about Swara and her gesture ..

Kavita was irked by Sanskar’s ignorance she opens Sanskar’s top two buttons of his shirt and kissed his neck ..

Sanskar smirks looking at Kavita .. He holds her from her waist and pulls her closer ..

Sanskar whispers near her ear .. Releasing his hot breath: Kavi Darling! You’ve turned me on .. Now get ready to bear the consequences!

Kavita smirks ..

He pulled her towards him and opens the zip of her dress and started giving wet kisses on her neck and then on her shoulder and then on her cleavage which was visible after zip opens ..
Kavita’s hand went in to his hair and she started digging his face into her ..
After sometimes he captured her lips .. Slowly sucking and then biting her Lower lip which makes Kavita mourned in pain taking it as an opportunity Sanskar entered his tongue into her mouth ..
After sometime they pulled apart .. Sanskar was about to remove her dress .. Sanskar heard a knock at the door ..
Sanskar and Kavita was so much irritated ..

Sanskar (angrily) : Come in Damn it ..

Swara enters the cabin wearing blue top with blue half jacket with blue faded jeans .. Sanskar was completely mesmerized seeing Swara ..

Kavita was waiting for Sanskar to scold her but Sanskar was lost in her .. And it was making Kavita angry ..

Kavita (angrily shouts at Swara) : Listen don’t you knw that when i came here no one enters in this cabin .. And by the way who the hell are you and how dare you enter in the cabin ..

Swara was hell angry by seeing Kavita .. All the past moment and Kavita’s betrayal flashed in her mind ..
How this Kavita betrayed Saanchi .. She was hell angry she closed her hands and make a fist ..

Swara: Ma’am i knocked the door and then i entered the cabin ..

Kavita was hell angry cause swara answered her back she angrily move towards Swara and raised her hand and was about to slap her


But her hand was stopped in between ..

She turned and found Sanskar holding her hand ..

Sanskar (calmly) : Kavita it’s my office! We are here to work .. You better leave now!

Kavita was hell angry she stare at Swara angrily while Swara smirked in her mind ..

Sanskar turns towards Swara ..

Sanskar: Ms. Bose what was so urgent!

Swara: Sir actually Mr. Sinha is launching a Cancer Research Centre and for the partnership he’d conducted a meeting!

Sanskar was just looking at Swara .. Swara was feeling disgusting with his Gaze! She was trying hard to control her anger ..

Sanskar: Ms. Bose seems like you are interested in this contract!

Swara: Yes Sir!everything which brings me closer to my target .. I’m interested in it ..

Sanskar smirks ..

Sanskar: okay then handle this project .. (He move near her and whisperss near her earlobe) and if you loose get ready for a punishment!

Swara was feeling disgusting with his closeness! She move away and look at Sanskar with confident in her eyes!!

Swara: Okay Sir!!

Saying this she left the cabin ..
While Sanskar was smirking ..


* Maheshwari Office *

Rosy entered the cabin .. While Sanskar was busy in Swara’s thoughts!

Rosy : Sir!

Sanskar: Yeah Rosy darling say!!

Rosy: Sir Ms. Bose had left for Sinha’s contract!

Sanskar smirks : Okay Rosy .. I’m leaving!

Saying this Sanskar left for his home ..
On his way he was only thinking about swara .. That how she behaved with him .. How was she talking with him .. Swara’s confidence level everything was attracting him towards her ..

Sanskar: Swara Bose!! This contract is nearly impossible!! And you get ready for a punishment cause i just can’t wait to make you mine .. Ahh soon you’ll be in my bed .. And then below me and then your tears and then .. Aaahh!! Can’t wait .. Get ready Swara for punishment!

Sanskar reached his house and goes to his room and found Kavita waiting for him ..
As soon she saw Sanskar she move towards him and removes his blazer ..

Kavita: Sanskar won’t you complete your incomplete work ..

Sanskar smirks .. He pulled kavita towards him ..

Sanskar : Very good Kavi Darling now come let’s get started!!

Saying this Sanskar lifted her and made her lie on bed ..

He removed her dress .. And he un buttoned her shirt .. He came on top of her .. And was about to kiss her his phone rang!

Kavita was hell frustrated! She looked towards Sanskar .. Sanskar looks at the caller ID!

~ Office Calling ~

Sanskar: Wht the hell .. Can’t you see the time ..

On the other side: Sir! It’s Swara here!

Sanskar was completely lost in Swara’s voice!

Swara: Sir are you there!!

Sanskar: Yeah!! Say ..

Swara: Sorry for disturbing you sir! But i wanna inform you that .. Sinha’s contract is winned by Maheshwari! Sir we got the contract!

Sanskar was amused with her talent cause her knew that this contract is a difficult one ..
Sanskar was going through the mixed feelings!

Sanskar: Good Ms. Bose I’m impressed!! Will meet you in the office tomorrow!

Swara: Okay sir!! Thank You!

~ Call Ends ~

Kavita looked at Sanskar and traced her fingers on Sanskar’s face ..
But Sanskar was lost in Swara’s voice he smiled and asked Kavita to sleep ..
Kavita was hell angry with this ..


* City Hospital *

Yash and Swara were talking about the tender!

Yash: Swara i hope this woRks ..

Swara: Ofcourse Yash!! It will work .. And thank You Yash only because of you i won the contract!

Yash: No need Swara! Well how’s the experience!?

Swara: HA HA HA! Don’t ask Yash!! He’s just so lost .. I can’t even tell .. And That Kavita is just so jelly!!!

Yash and Swara laughs ..

Yash: Now get ready forr the next step ..

Swara: I’m ready Yash!!

Screen freezes on Swara’s determined face!


* Maheshwari Office *

Sanskar and Laksh were sitting in Sanskar’s cabin ..

Sanskar was continuously praising Swara .. He was not praising Swara’s beauty he was praising her talent tht how she got Sinha’s contract!

Sanskar: You can’t believe lucky she easily won that contract!! She is so talented!

Laksh was amused because it is the first time he is praising someone’s talent rather then the beauty!

Laksh: Sanskar are you serious! You are praising Swara’s talent .. I mean its so unusual that Sanskar Maheshwari praise someone’s talent ..

Sanskar: I praise wht i found worth for it ..

Laksh: Yeah i know .. So tell me when are you gonna get her to bed .. Haan this time i will also enjoy ..

Sanskar didn’t knew but he felt sudden Rage ..

Sanskar (angrily) : Don’t you dare Laksh!! Forget about swara!! Do you understand that ..

Laksh was confused he was about to say something Sanskar asked him to leave ..

Laksh left the cabin with a confused face ..

Swara was listening the whole conversation and was smirking ..

Swara (to herself) : Sanskar Maheshwari now you are in a big mess .. With a no way out .. You always played your games now it’s my turn .. Now I’ll play and you will pay ..

Swara entered Sanskar’s cabin cause she was been called she entered the cabin ..

Sanskar: Come in Ms. Bose!

Swara : Yes sir is there anything important!

Sanskar: Yes Ms. Bose! I’m highly impressed with your work .. So Ms.Bose now you will handle this Sinha’s project and yes here are your car keys ..

Swara : No sir its ..


Sanskar: Ms. Bose you deserve this .. Take it ..

Swara : No sir! I don’t like such things .. But I’m glad that you considered me .. Thank You Sir and now I’ll take your leave I’ll update you with the further proceedings!

Sanskar nods and Swara left the cabin ..

Kavita comes to office to meet Sanskar there she heard some employees talking ..

Employee 1 : Did you knw that the new employee Swara Bose .. She rejected Sanskar Sir’s offer ..

Employee 2: are you serious!!!

Employee 1 : yeah yaar !! Sir had offered her a car .. She rejected it and Sanskar sir is behaving so good with her ..

Employee 2: May be she is attracting sir towards herself with these tricks .

Employee 3 : i don’t think so .. Cause she is so much focused towards her work .. So i don’t think she did this to gain.attention!

Employee 1: whatever the reason is one thing is clear Sanskar sir is attracted towards her ..

Employee 2: yeah i too feel the same!!

Kavita was hearing their conversation she was so much angry and pissed after hearing it .. She remembered the flashes of the time when she and Sanskar were in office cabin and how Sanskar defended Swara and then at night Sanskar didn’t shout at her ..
Kavita was highly insecure with swara ..

Kavita: Ms. Bose whoever you are .. Sanskar is only mine .. And now you have to pay .. Sanskar is only mine ..

——————–The End——————–

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