SwaSan: Hidden Beast – Part 3 by Duaa & Sanji



Part 3

* City Hospital *

Girl enters Shona’s Room and she saw a guy wearing black denim with Grey Shirt ..

Girl : You!? What are you doing here!?

Guy looks at her .. And then holds Shona’s hand ..

Guy: Shhhh! Don’t shout! My Shona is sleeping! She’ll get disturbed!

Girl move towards him and puts her hand on his shoulder.

Girl: Yash!

>> Yash Sighania (Role played by Vivian Dsena ❤) Managing Director Of Sighania Group Of Industries! And the biggest Rival of Sanskar Maheshwari!

Yash (to Shona) : Heyy Kumbhkaran! Wake up .. Now wake up okay .. Don’t irritate me! I’m here to meet you and see you are sleeping! That’s not fair okay!! Now get up .. (Shona doesn’t respond) Heyy you are testing my patience! (Tears were flowing from his eyes) Shona get up otherwise i won’t come to meet you .. Get up now!!

The Other Girl was crying!!! By putting her hand on her mouth ..

Yash (To the Girl) : Swaraa!! Tell her naa to wake up ..

>> Dhush Dhushh!!! Yeah guys Shona and Swara are two differnt girls .. 😛 And both are sisters!

Swara was crying .. Yash hugs her ..

Yash (While consoling) : Hey Swara! Don’t cry okay!! She will wake up .. Its just! She is tired and she is sleeping!

Swara: She will wake up naa!!??

Yash: Of course she’ll wake up .. Its just she is sleeping! And as soon she’ll wake up naa we’ll irritate her .. And will take our revenge! She irritate us by sleeping long so we’ll irritate her in our way! Okay Partner!?

Swara (wipes her tears and tries to smile) : Okay Partner! And see shona .. The more you’ll sleep the more we’ll irritate you .. So it’s better Miss Saanchi Gadodia aka Shona get up soon :))

>> Saanchi Gadodia role played by Sukiriti Kandpal 🙂

Yash: Heyy call her soon to be Mrs. Saanchi Yash Sighania!

Swara: Ohh hello .. You haven’t proposed her yet ..

Yash: So what!? I’ll propose her now ..

Saying this Yash turns towards Saanchi and as he saw her lying lifeless he trembled! And was about to fall, Swara holds her ..

Swara (while supporting) : Yash!!


* At Night *

* Maheshwari Mansion*

Sanskar entered and orders the servant!

Sanskar: Ramu!!! Ramu!!!

A Old man of mid fifties comes ..

Ramu: Yes Sahab!

Sanskar: Get me a black Coffe now in my room ..

Ramu nods and left and Sanskar move towards his room ..

He entered his room and changes his Formal Suit in to casuals ..
And then he called Kavita ..

* On Call *

Sanskar: Hey Kavita Darling!!

Kavita: Hey baby!!

Sanskar: Sweetheart! I think you are forgetting something!

Kavita: Umm .. What baby!!?

Sanskar (Rubs his vein) : Kavita i told you to send Sheetal .. She isn’t her yet .. Did you told her that i want her!?

Kavita: Umm Baby its justt …..

Sanskar Intruppted

Sanskar: Send her now! Otherwise you can’t even imagine what i can do .. Do you get that!!

Before Kavita could say anything her cut the call angrily!

After a while Ramu entered and give the black coffee to Sanskar!
Sanskar tastes it and it burns his tongue ..

Sanskar: Ahhhhhh!!

Ramu was hell afraid!
Sanskar took the cup and pour the hot coffe on Ramu’s Face ..

Ramu shouts in pain .. Sanskar holds his face ..

Sanskar: I hate it when something hurts me .. Do you get that!! Now leave ..

Ramu left ..

Sanskar (to himself) : Sheetal Sheetal!!! When will you come! The more she’ll be late the more the desire in me will rise .. She is waking the Hidden Beast in me ..


* City Hospital *

Yash: Swara! Look naa! How much she is troubling me!

Saying this Yash move towards Shona and holds her hand!

Yash: Wake Up Na Shonaa! Please!! I .. I .. Just can’t imagine my life without you .. Please just open your eyes! Please!

Swara: Yash! Don’t loose hope! My shona will definitely wake up!

Yash furiously: I won’t leave him! He will pay for his deeds ..

Swara angrily: Definitely Yash! This system was with him this law was with him .. So Now! There will be Our rules and our law .. We’ll be the judge and we’ll be the advocate!

Yash: Tick tock tick tock! Your bad time starts from now Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari ..

Swara move towards the side table where the dairy was present! She picks the dairy and opens the page which she left ..

– Dairy –
* Page 5 *
(Dairy continued)

That guy was such a sweet and humble person! Umm! Yes! Yash Sighania! He was sweet .. He dropped me to Maheshwari Office! I went and told the receptionist that i am here for the donation! She told me the way towards Sanskar’s Cabin ..

~ Flash Back ~

Saanchi entered Sanskar’s Cabin ..

Sanskar: Shona! What are you doing here!

Saanchi: Umm Sanskar! I was here for the donation for the orphanage! Mother Jasmine told me that you are interested in the donation!

Sanskar: Yes i am interested! In the donation! So tell me how much amount!?

Saanchi: Aray first ask us na that for what we want donation and why!?

Sanskar: Why should i ask!? Haan! When i know for what i am giving donation!

Saanchi: Ohh you knw! That we want donation for the operation of a girl in our orphanage! Thanks Sanskar!

Sanskar: No problem! Well if anything else needed just give me a call! Okay!

Saanchi: Okay! Thanks once again!

Sanskar: Heyy Shona! Can i ask for a favour!?

Saanchi: Of course Sanskar! Say naa!

Sanskar: Well as you know that i am the most eligible bachelor in town .. Inshort i am a bachelor! So will you be my date for the couple party on the coming Saturday!?

Saanchi: Hahaha! Sanskar! You can ask anyone! Why me!?

Sanskar: Because you are not anyone! You are special .. Umm special friend of mine .. So please please please come!!

Saanchi: Okay! Mr. Sanskar! I’ll come!

Sanskar: Thank You Shona 🙂

~ Flashback ends ~

So I need to prepare myself for the party! Well as you know dear dairy that i don’t know much about these high class parties! So i called Kavita! My Bestii .. And she helped me! She suggested me some one piece! Aahhh!! Don’t worry I’m not gonna wear those one piece dresses! I’m gonna wear a modern Saree! Isn’t it nice! Kavita told me that i will look like a BEHAN JI! Seriously!? Wearing saree make you feel like a behan ji then i would love to be a behan ji cause atleast those road side cheapsters won’t pass comments!
So dairy darling dress – Check!
Makeup well I’m a natural beauty so i don’t need any makeup! And and! Yess!! Permission from Mom and Dad! Ahhh it’s a difficult task!
But don’t worry dairy I’ll find a solution! And for the solution i need to sleep so Good Night Dairy!!

* Page Ends *

Swara hugged the dairy and cries! Yash was holding swara!

Swara: What was her mistake Yash!! Why did he do this with her!? Why!!!

Yash was consoling Swara!!


– Morning –

* Maheshwari Mansion *

Sanskar was sleeping on the couch! In a position as if he was waiting for someone!
Sun Rays were disturbing his sleep! He opens his eyes! And look around the room!
As soon he realized that he slept on couch! He gritted his teeth!

Sanskar (angrily) : Kavitaa!!

Saying this he pick the car keys and left the mansion ..

He drove to Kavita’s House .. He rang the bell ..

Kavita opened the door she was wearing black Satin Night Gown! She was rubbing her eyes! And as soon she saw Sanskar standing at the door all her sleep fly away! Cause Sanskar was looking at her with bloodshot eyes!

Kavita Stammers: Sanskar!

Sanskar angrily holds her and drags her to the room!

He aggressively pulls her lower lips in his mouth biting, sucking it vigorously!

After kissing, Biting and sucking her aimlessly he pushed kavita on bed! And came on top of her!

Sanskar (angrily) : I told you to send Sheetal!

Kavita (Afraid) : Sanskar! Its just …

He shush her by pressing his lips on her!

Sanskar (with an evil angry smirk) : I told you not to double cross me! You want to have fun! Then lets have fun!!

Saying this Sanskar pressed himself on her! Kavita was hell afraid!

She shared the bed with Sanskar but always with her wish but now the HIDDEN BEAST in Sanskar is awake and there is no way out!

Sanskar remove her gown and kissed her fiercely!!
Kavita was afraid! She was trying hard to behave normal but she can’t cause she was not with Sanskar now! She is with a BEAST! Who just want to taste the flesh and he was tasting it by biting and sucking her skin!

Kavita (pleading) : Sanskar! I’m sorry! I just forgot to inform!! I’m ..

Sanskar looks at her!

Sanskar: Ohh really! (holds her face tightly) Don’t ever try to double cross me! (Kavita nods and was about to leave Sanskar holds her and pins her to bed) No Darling! Just stay here! (Bites her neck) And let me enjoy!

Saying this he started kissing her again wildly! Kavita was a mistress! But this torcher was something different something terrible!

And she have to face it! Cause she tried to double cross Sanskar, by not informing Sheetal! She don’t want anyone else to take her place in Sanskar’s life .. And now she was paying for her Over Smartness!!


* City Hospital *

Swara was sitting on the couch resting her head at the back and was sleeping!
Yash was holding Saanchi’s hand and was resting his head on her hand!
Sun rays disturbed Swara’s Sleep she woke up and look around and found Yash holding Saanchi’s Hand!

A curve appears on her face! 🙂

She went near yash and puts her hand on Yash’s Shoulder!

Swara: Yash! Wakeup!

Yash wake up and rubs his eyes and looks towards Saanchi and smiles and gives a peck on her forehead

Yash (To Saanchi) : Good Morning Kumbhkaran! 😛

Swara: Yash I’ve ordered coffee for you! I know you love to drink it after sleep!

Yash looked at Swara as if how come she know! Swara understands his confusion and points towards the dairy! Yash smiles 🙂

Coffee arrived and Swara opens the dairy to read!

– Dairy –
* Page 6 *

Hii Dear Dairy!! Today was the hectic day of my life!! Today was Bubli’s operation and guess what operation successfull!!
All thanks to Sanskar and Yash! Umm i know you must be thinking that how come Yash helped us! So he took Bubli to hospital when she felt unconscious! I told na such a humble person he is! And he asked me to return money back to Sanskar! Cause he is paying for the operation! Strange naa! But i rejected his offer and paid it! If he is stubborn then I’m double of it!
You know dairy Bubli called Yash as her Angel! *-* You know he smiled at it!
And then Bubli demanded tht she want Yash to stay with us! And he agreed! :))
He stayed with her but he has a strange habit whenever he wake from a sleep or a nap he wants coffee!
You know Dairy! I called Sanskar but he didn’t pick my call!! Maybe he was busy! So i tried Kavita’s number and informed her that Bubli’s operation was successful .. Afterall she is my best friend!

* Page Ends *

Swara looked at Saanchi and then Towards Yash who was caressing Saanchi’s hairs!


* Maheshwari Office *

Sanskar entered the office with a smirk on his face!

Sanskar entered his cabin and sits on his chair! He had a smirk on his face!

* Phone Rings *

Sanskar: What happen Rosy!??

Receptionist: Sir! Police had arrived! And are asking for you!

Sanskar: Call My lawyer! And I’m coming!

* Call Ends *

Sanskar comes out and looks at the officer!

Sanskar: Ohh Hi officer! I haven’t seen you here before!

Officer: Mr. Maheshwari you are under arrest!

Sanskar: And may i have a pleasure to know the reason!?

Officer: We are not here to give you reasons! And we have your arrest warrant!

Sanskar: Wait officer! Let my lawyer come!

Officer: Mr. Maheshwari call your lawyer and tell him to reach police station ..

“No need Inspector! ”
A voice came from behind .. Everyone turns towards the source a guy was wearing a Formal dress of a lawyer! With a file in his hand and a smirk on his face!

Sanskar: Here is my lawyer! Mr. Laksh Taneja!

Laksh: So Officer!! Tell us what’s the reason of this arrest! And what’s the crime My client had committed!

Officer: He had raped a girl! And that girl had committed suicide! Miss Purvi Raheja! She worked here right!

Laksh: and what’s the proof that my client is involved in it!?

“Here is the proof! Mr. Laksh Taneja!”
A guy wearing casuals with Red eyes which are because of anger and continuously crying!

Laksh: Who are you!? And wht proof is this!?

Arjun: I’m Arjun, Purvi’s Fiancee .. And this is the suicide note of My Purvi! This bastard had ruined her respect!

Saying this Arjun angrily attacked Sanskar but on the correct time police holds him!!

Laksh: What the hell!!! Give me the note!

~ Suicide Note ~

Aai (maa) & Arjun!

I know you both are angry with me but please forgive me Aai .. Aai you know na how much i wanted to live… How much i love the life… I had so many dreams which i wanted to fulfil with you, with my Arjun .. Aai please tell Arjun that i love him so much .. He is my everything .. But now i am not worthy of him .. That Sanskar Maheshwari had spoiled everything .. He had spoiled my life, my world and My Dignity .. Aai trust me i didn’t want to do this .. I am not a coward but now i am not able to face you, to face Arjun .. Now i have nothing Aai .. He had snatched everything from me .. Now i can’t even face myself .. Aai, Arjun trust me whatever i had done was only for saving you both .. i didn’t have any alternatives at that time .. I had to do this cheap things but now i have alternatives .. Aai, you know your daughter na??? You know na i don’t want to do this but now i am compelled to do this .. If i didn’t die he will kill my soul everyday .. I can’t bear that pain again… Its better i leave you, i leave Arjun, i leave the world .. Arjun trust me i wanted to spend my whole life with you .. I wanted to grow old with you but see now i can’t even spend a day with you .. I have nothing to give you Arjun .. He had finished me .. He had killed my soul .. I am not worthy of you please forgive me ..
Aai Arjun! You both are my everything .. And I’m leaving you both! Because if i live he will kill my soul everyday! He will feed himself on my body .. He is an animal Aai .. He had taken my everything! Now i can’t face anyone of you .. So I’m leaving the world! I’m leaving you both!

I Love You Aai :*
I Love you Arjun :*


~ Suicide Note Ends ~

Arjun: This bastard had ruined her!! He raped her .. Sanskar Maheshwari you will payy!!

Laksh: Enough! You know Mr. Arjun your darling fiancee had taken loan for her mother’s operation! And now all this cheap tricks so that she can’t pay back!

Sanskar smirks!

Laksh: You know she tried to seduce my client! And when my client refused and warned her that he’ll fire her so she attempt suicide! So cheap of yours!!

Arjun : Don’t you dare to speak a word against my purvi! She can never do such thing! And i know her!!

Laksh: Aahh!! Well tell me Mr. Arjun what you do!? You are only an employee of MJ industries! And being a girl Miss Purvi wasn’t satisfied with you so she tried to be with my client! And when my client refused and ask her to return the loan so to safe herself she killed herself! Ohh wait wait!! Maybe she was murdered! And you guys had murdered her to free yourself from the loan and can blame my client and take more money from my client!!!

Sanskar was looking at Arjun and then Laksh!

Laksh: Officer! I think you should investigate the whole case again cause according to my experience this guy may have killed her fiancee to get money!!

Arjun: I won’t leave u ..

Saying tthis arjun angrily attack Laksh but police officer stopped him!

Officer: Enough! Mr. Arjun you come with us! And Mr. Sanskar we can’t leave you! You need to come with us for an interrogation!

Sanskar looks towards Laksh! Laksh smirks and give the file to the officer!

Laksh: Officer these are the bail papers of my client!

Officer checks the papers.

Officer: I’m sorry Mr. Maheshwari!

Sanskar smirks: Look Inspector! I’m a decent guy! You can see that in my office there are female staff and they have no problem! Because i really respect women! Next time be careful!

Officer: Sure Mr. Maheshwari!

Sanskar: Officer i request you not to leak the cheap trick of Ms. Purvi cause it will effect a girl’s dignity and i can’t tolerate a single word against a women!

Arjun was looking at Sanskar angrily whereas Sanskar was smirking!

Officer nods and left the office with Arjun!

As soon the officer left Sanskar Evily Smirks and Laksh looked at the Exit!

Sanskar: Good Job!

Laksh smiles!!

Here is the 3rd Part .. Aab khush??? Khush honge kyun nahi humari jaan khake bohat khushi milti hogi .. Aaj kal to raat ko bhi tum logoka bhayanak se sapne aate hai ..

“Next part de warna tere khoon pijayenge” ???
Chain nahi hai! Accha jo bhi hoon.. Aab jab itni mehnaat humse karwahi li hai toh kuch mehnaat tum bhi karlo .. Ziada Ziada comment karo ..
Agar bohat acchay acchay aur ziada ziada comment nahi kiya toh next part next year milega .. Soch lo kya karoge tum log ..???
And special warning for our silent readers… Agar abhi bhi silent se active reader nahi bane na toh tum logo ke ghar me Sanskar ko bhej dongi .. Soch lo kya asaan hai??? Comment karna yeah iss Sanskar ke sath time spend karna…???

Bohat hogaya bak bak…. Aab itna parhi liya hai tu kripya karke thorasa sabd ka prayog kijiye humari tareef mein…

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