SwaSan: Hidden Beast – Part 2 by Duaa & Sanji


Part 2

* Maheshwari Group Of Industry’s Head Office *

Sanskar wearing Black Armani Suits enters the office .. Girls were drooling over him and he was looking at them With a Smirk on his Face .. A girl was looking at him with her wide open eyes Sanskar winks at her and enters his Cabin ..

Sanskar relaxes himself and then he called on Reception and ask the receptionist to send some file ..

* knock knock *

Sanskar (with a smirk) : Come in Rosy ..

Rosy: Sir here is the file you asked for ..
Sanskar move towards her and holds the file in such a way that as he pulls the file towards him Rosy also comes closer to Sanskar! Sanskar looks at her with a smirk and then rubs his thumb on her lips ..
Sanskar holds her face and Joint her lips and suck harder .. Grabs the bottom lip with his teeth and bites down ..

And then he left Rosy with the feeling of wanting more .. Sanskar was looking at her with a smirk whereas Rosy was breathing heavily!

Sanskar (with an evil smirk) : You taste so Good Rosy Darling!

Rosy blushes and left the cabin ..

Sanskar: Silly Girl!


* City Hospital *

Girl 2 was sitting beside the other girl ..

Girl 2: Shona .. My Sister .. You know what today is Monday .. And you are still sleeping! Don’t you remember that we need to go to the orphanage! Chintu must be waiting for his Shona Di .. (Tears were flowing from her eyes) If you won’t come then i also won’t go and if Chintu ask the reason so you have to answer him .. I won’t say anything! (wipes her tears) And then you will give him chocolates from your pocket i won’t be giving anything! Understand?

Girl 2 was crying and was trying to motivate her sister .. To bring her to life but she was lying lifeless!

The girl was holding her hand .. And she notice some marks on her hand .. She caresses the marks .. And starts applying the ointment .. After applying ointment on the marks she opens the dairy ..

– Dairy –
* Page 4 *

Dear Dairy!
You know today i woke up at 6:00 am .. Yes you heard it Right! I woke up at 6:00 just because of Kavita .. Yeah she wants me to join her for Jogging! Aahh weight conscious she is .. Well it was so difficult to wake at 6 but still i woke up and went towards the park .. As soon we reached! Kavita went towards the track side whereas I was admiring the beautiful creation of God! How beautifully he created the Birds and the Flowers .. I was busy in admiring when I saw a Divine Angel or Greek God infront of me sweating! I saw HIM .. For whom I’ve prayed to destiny that i wanna meet HIM .. Yeah i saw Sanskar! He was exercising! His hair were wet due to sweat but still he was looking breathtaking! Aahhhh! What the hell I’m thinking!!!! Arayy i should control myself! These were the lines i was repeating so that My Brainy and Hearty listen .. But no they both are just out of control now adays .. And you knw the limit crossed when my brainy ask my legs to move in his direction! And my hearty was dancing! My legs were controlled by my brainy! And then i just went near him .. And then My Heart controls my mouth!

~ Flashback ~

Shona: Hii Mr. Maheshwari!

Sanskar: Ohh Hi .. Well i really forgot to ask your name that day ..

Shona: Ahh well my friends and Family calls me Shona .. You can also call me shona ..

Sanskar: Nice name haan .. Shona .. Well Shona .. I haven’t seen you here .. (With a playful smile) are you following me??

Shona (startled) : Ahh no no .. I came here with my friend!

Sanskar (laughs) : Haha shona! I was just joking! Well you know you should come here .. See you’ve witness the beautiful creation! The Birds and these flowers! If you’ll come here regularly then you’ll find your friends in these things ..

Shona: You admire these things alot right??

Sanskar: Of course i do admire all the beautiful creations ..

~FlashBack Ends ~

You know Dairy, Nature is our Best Friend and this is the lesson I’ve learned from Sanskar! Well now I’m thinking to wake at 6 in the morning so that i can admire the creation of God .. Or i should say ‘SANSKAR’ :))

* Page Ends *

The Girl started crying while hugging the dairy .. She looked towards the Machine which were supporting Shona .. And then she found a Vase in which there were fresh Flowers She throws the Flowers!

Girl: I hate this creation! I hate this .. Because if these stupid things he entered in my Shona’s Life .. I hate itt .. I hate it ..

Saying this she started crying while holding Shona’s hand :'(


* Maheshwari Office *

Sanskar was reading a file and then he call on Reception!

~ On Call ~

Sanskar (evil smirk) : Rosy! Send Purvi in my cabin Now ..

Rosy: okay sir ..

~ Call ends ~

* Knock knock *

Sanskar: Come In Purvi ..

Purvi: Yes Sir .. You’ve called me ..

Sanskar: Yes Purvi .. I just come to know that you’ve applied for Loan for some medical Reasons!

Saying this Sanskar move towards Purvi! Purvi was hell afraid!

Purvi : Yess Sir .. Actually my mom is hospitalized and i need money for her Heart Operation ..

Sanskar: Ohh I see .. Well how many days will it take to return the loan?

Purvi: Umm Sir it will take 3 years to return the company loan and i promise I’ll return it ..

Sanskar (with a smirk) : Correction it will just take 3 hours to return the loan ..

Purvi: I didn’t get you Sir ..

Sanskar (with an evil smirk) : 3 Hours in my bed and 50 Lakhs will be transferred in your account!

Purvi (shivered in fear) : Sir .. How .. How can .. Can you??

Sanskar (holds her hand and pulls ger towards him forcefully) : Your fiancee is working in MJ Group of Industries ..

Purvi looked at him with wide open eyes .. While she was struggling!

Sanskar: Ahaan don’t move .. I hate it when I’m loving someone and tht person moves unnecessarily! (Caresses her face with his index finger) You’ll get the money .. But first satisfy me ..

Purvi : Sir please! (Cries) i can’t!

Sanskar (smirks) : Aahaan don’t cry Love .. I hate these kind of tears .. You wana cry then allow me to give you the pleasure of crying!

Saying this he drags her to the couch ..

Sanskar: If You stops me .. Then your mom will die in hospital and your Finance will be found in Jail the very next moment! So choice is yours!

Purvi nods her head while crying! Sanskar smirks and looses his tie and holds her tightly! Sanskar pressed his body and kissed her fiercely while purvi cries .. Sanskar clutches her hair tightly and kissed her lips roughly! Sanskar pulls purvi towards him while holding her shirts making all the buttons go here and there .. Purvi was lying on the couch and was half naked! Sanskar smirks while Purvi was crying!

Sanskar: Purvi Darling! Don’t cry .. Just enjoy!

Purvi (while crying) : please sir ..

Sanskar: Ahaan .. Don’t cry love .. Otherwise your mother will die .. So shhhh and enjoy!!!!

Saying this he started kissing her more wildly .. And his hands were moving around her body .. He kissed her everywhere! He rubs her back .. Purvi wants to scream but she was helpless .. Soon he was making out with her ..

* After 2 hours *

Sanskar smirks and give Purvi a dress ..

Sanskar: Aahh i hope you enjoyed Purvi??

Purvi was crying!

Purvi: Why sir?? Why did you do this with me??

Sanskar: Aaray Purvi .. You should thank me for saving you from the later pain .. Now you’ll be trained girl right? So my Dear Darling the money is transferred! Check your messages and yess .. Meet me on Saturday night .. ( Goes closer and holds her shoulder) cause you are So damn tempting ..

Purvi: Sorry Sir .. But i did this just because my mom need money but now i can’t please sir ..

Sanskar: Aww sweetheart! You did this time for your mom so next time you have to do for yourself! Cause if you won’t come your S*xy and Making Love pictures will be in market .. And then .. Ummm maybe your mom will attempt suicide! And your fiancee!????

Purvi: You can’t do that Sir ..

Sanskar (smirks bites her earlobe) : I can do anything sweetheart!

Purvi (Cries) : Sir please don’t do this ..

Sanskar : Then at my Farmhouse!

Purvi nodss .. And changes her dress and left the cabin ..

Sanskar: Ahhh! I enjoyed! Finally something good happen today .. 50 Lacs for a Virgin Girl .. Not a bad deal Sanskar!


The girl was cutting apple and was talking with Shona ..

Girl (crying but tries to sound normal) : Shona you know Prices are so high each and everything is so expensive! I can’t tell you .. And these apples 120 rupee per Kg .. Ahhh and you know i can’t even do bargaining! If you were there naa you would have teach that Food seller a good lesson .. So now get up soon .. Your sister is incomplete without you .. (Wipes her tears ) See I’m not even crying! Now get up Shona ..

Saying this she started crying while putting her hand on her mouth .. And then she touches a bracelet! On which ‘S’ was written ..

A platinum bracelet with an initial ‘S’ ..

She touches the bracelet and make the girl wear the Bracelet!

Girl: Wow Shona .. This bracelet looks superb! You look so good in it .. See ..

And then she noticed Marks on her hand .. She turned her face and picks the dairy and opens the next page ..

– Dairy –
* Page 5 *

Dear Dairy!
Today i was about to die .. Hehehee .. You must be thinking how i was about to die? Right then let me tell you .. Today was monday 😛 Hahaha i know you know thaat today was monday! But listen naa .. Like every monday i went to orphanage. And there i found that Bubli the new girl in the orphanage is surviving from the 2nd stage of Cancer .. And doctors! They asked for 10 lacs for the operation! And if we don’t deposit the money they won’t treat her .. Seriously?? They took vow that they will never leave a patient like this but seems like they took a vow that they will leave the whole world for money! blo*dy Money Minded .. Mother Jasmine told me that a company wants to give us donation!

But we didn’t took any donation .. But Mother thinks that we need it now .. So she told me to visit Maheshwari Office .. Yeah i went there and you won’t believe that i didn’t even look where i am going! And as soon as i realized that I’m going to MAHESHWARI OFFICE! Sanskar’s Office! My hearty and brainy starts dancing and just because if there dance i was just about to meet accident! But THANK God that guys he was so good in car control! He stopped the car at the correct time .. 😛
And then That guy was apologizing! Seriously! It was my mistake and poor he was apologizing! He was wearing Blue shirt with White blazer and Blue denim .. And he asked me that he’ll drop me where i want to go .. I told him that i wana go to Maheshwari Office for the donation for Orphanage! I can see restlessness on his face .. And then he drop me to the office!

* Dairy Interrupted *

Nurse: ma’am we want to change her dress ..

Girl: Give this dress to me I’ll change it ..

Nurse gives her the dress ..
The girl Pick the dress and starts changing it .. While changing she found many marks on Shona’s Body! On her waist, On her back and many more .. The girl was crying while looking at the marks ..

She changed the dress and left the Room and went to the washroom!

* Im Washroom *

Girl: Why God Why?? What she’d done to you?? Why are you giving her punishment!? She believed in you .. But you .. You left her when she needed you the most .. I’m glad that i don’t believe you .. My Sister .. My Shona :'(
She is in this condition! Where she can’t live neither she can die .. I hate you God! I hate you ..

Saying this she started crying ..

After an Hour she went towards Shona’s Room ..

As she entered she saw a Guy holding Shona’s hand and was weeping!

Girl: You?? What are you doing here??

Guy looked towards her ..

————– The End —————

Lo likh liya 2nd part… Jaan hi khalo hamari… Post karke soch ti hoon ki accha accha comment karoge aur jake dekhti hoon itni bari bari dhamkiyaan ready hai humare liye… Next part post karo… Yeh karo wo karo… Arey bhai hum bhi insaan hai kitna kaam karwayoge??? Bacchiyoon ki jaan hi le lo tum loog… Ff dete hai toh kehte SS do… phir kehte ho ki next part do… Kaha se de… din me 48 hours thodi hote hai… Thank god din me 48 hours nahi hai warna tum log kehte ki 4,5 ff de do… Arey bhai hum type writer thodi hai??? Hum teasers dete hai toh usme bhi kehte ho yeh sotli bomb nahi chahiye??? Bhae RDX ki dukaan nahi hai humari… RDX kaha se laye??? Dhamki pe dhamki dete hoon… Aaccha huya hum CVS nahi hai warna tumlog to humhe sarak pe leke ate aur gooli se urah dete… Itna kuch keh diya pata nahi aab humare naam ka supari hi na de dalo tum log… Accha agar galati hogayi hai humse toh bhi hum maafi nahi mangenge..
Hum kyun maafi mange???????

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