SwaSan: Hidden Beast – Part 1 by Duaa & Sanji


Part 1

Its a beautiful cheerful morning for the whole world but its a dull and lifeless morning for a Person .. No No .. For two people!

A girl was lying on bed covering with white broadsheet .. She was wearing an oxygen mask .. Yes it was not her bedroom it was a cabin, a cabin of a hospital .. The girl was lying on the bed like a lifeless body ..

Someone was holding her right hand with her both hands .. yeah she was another girl .. She was holding her hand with so much care .. There was guilt in her eyes with tears .. She didn’t utter a word except Sorry .. She was continuously Crying and Whispering Sorry ..

She then takes out a dairy from her bag .. It may be that girl’s dairy who was lying on the bed .. She then starts reading it ..

– Dairy –
*Page 1*

Hii Dear Dairy,
You know what today is the best day of My Life .. I’ve got the permission to attend the Art Exhibition! Woah! Dad didn’t agreed easily cause he consider me as a Kid .. Ahh I’m not a Kid anymore! It was a hard task to convince Dad .. Mom is always on my side so i just asked her once and she agreed but Dad he took alot of time but the best part is he agreed! Hope that the day remains same .. Lucky lucky and lucky .. Afterall my lucky charm is also with me .. My Locket :))

* Page Ends *

Another girl was holding a locket and was crying! It was heart shaped locket which opens and there we can put two photos! There were two photos one of the girl lying on bed (Girl 1) and the other one of the girl sitting beside her (Girl 2) ..

Girl 2: I’m sorry .. Its all my fault .. I’m the reason of your condition! I’m sorry .. I’m really sorry .. Sorry .. Sorry is a small word but i can’t say anything else .. Please wake up and beat me scold me but don’t stay like this .. I’m really sorry ..

Doctor enters her cabin ..

Doctor: beta i think you should leave .. Its already late and we are here to take care of her ..

Girl 2: No uncle I’ll stay here .. Please!

Doctor: But betaa ..


Girl 2: please Uncle

Doctor: okay now just take care ..

Girl nods nd the doctor left .. She turn towards the dairy and start reading the next page ..

– Dairy –
* Page 2 *

Hii dear dairy, You know whatt today i met the most wanted Bachelor of town .. Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari! He is so handsome and dashing .. Ahh he is an angel .. I mean how can a person be so charming! He is so attractive! I was just admiring him .. And then he came towards me and asked ..


Sanskar: hello beautiful! Did you like the painting?

Girl 1: Umm Yeah its an amazing art the person who’ve made this is really talented i must say .. I just can’t stop myself from admiring this creation .. Its just perfect ..

Sanskar: Ahh well i’ve already bought this painting but seems like I’m not the correct person for this ..

Girl 1: huuhhh??

Sanskar: Well well well .. I think you can only understand the importance and value of this painting so i think you should take it .. As a gift from my side ..

Girl 1: i don’t think so Mr. Maheshwari! Its quite expensive! And ..

Sanskar: aahh come on beautiful! Its just a gift .. And i think a friend can give a gift to another!

Girl 1: and when we become friends?

Sanskar: Aahh .. Refusing Sanskar Maheshwari! Not bad haan .. I liked it .. Well beautiful! Can i have a pleasure to be your friend?

Girl 1: Mr. Maheshwari you are just too cheesy! Well I’ll be glad to accept your friendship! Now excuse me .. My parents must be waiting for me ..

Flashback ends

This short conversation with Sanskar was so admirable! He is a true gentleman and now i get the answer why he is the most wanted Bachelor ..

* Page Ends *

Girl 2: blo*dy hypocrite! He had ruined my family because of him my Sister is in this condition! You’ll pay for your deeds Sanskar Maheshwari! You will pay for itt .. And I’ll make sure of it ..


A Beautiful Mansion with Royal Interior .. The house was full of Royal Attire with a big Chandelier .. Either side is a staircase ..
As we go in we can go into a room which is of Grey and Black interior!
The floor .. Ahh the floor is messed with the clothes!
Clothes of Men and a Women were on the floor ..

“Hey you are getting wild today .. Please be gentle .. ” A girl said lying on the bed to the men who was kissing her wildly ..

Men: Sweetheart! If i would’ve been a gentle person then i wouldn’t be making out with you ..

Saying this he started kissing her more wildly .. The girl was mourning in pleasure!

* Next Morning *

Girl was lying and the guy was on her .. Girl woke up and caresses his hair ..

Men (in half sleep) : Maya just ask Ramu to get me a black coffe ..

Girl (angrily) : Sanskar! I’m not Maya .. I’m Kavita .. By the way who is Maya? And why were you taking her name?

Sanskar woke up and looks at her furiously and said in a low dangerous voice : Who ever you are girl .. I’m paying you for your damn body not for your damn questions! And nobody dare to ask questions from Sanskar Maheshwari! Do you get that .. And now leave who ever you are ..

Kavita: But ..


Sanskar (Holds her face tightly) : Sweetheart! I know about your wishes .. I’ll fulfill them but till then you need to satisfy me .. And yes ask Sheetal to be at my farm house (with a smirk) And ask her to wear something s*xy ..

Kavita gulped looking at him and just nods ..

She took her clothes and move towards the washroom to change .. While Sanskar holds her and drags her ..

Kavita : Umm what are you doing??

Sanskar: punishing you .. (He bites her neck) you’ve asked so many questions in the morning (Bites on her coller bone) so the punishment is necessary! (Said with a smirk)

Kavita (with a slight smirk) : Then I’m all set for your punishment! Or i say sweet punishment!

Sanskar smirks: Ahaaan .. Not bad ..

Saying this Sanskar holds her and move towards the Jacuzzi and started kissing her wildly .. Kavita was mourning in pleasure!

Sanskar’s mouth was on the side of her neck sucking and nibbling the skin with intense favor!

Soon they were making out with each other ..


* City Hospital *

A girl was sitting beside the girl who was lying lifeless on the bed holding her hands .. Tears were flowing from her eyes .. She wipes them and starts talking with the girl who just can hear her neither she can reply nor she can react ..

Girl 2 : (with a painful smile) Good Morning! Well my dear sister I’ve read your dairy haan .. And look you can’t even do anything! (With a broken Voice) Why can’t you do anything haan?? Don’t you wanna scold me for reading your dairy .. For touching it without your permission?

Doctor enters the cabin ..

Doctor: Beta! I suggest you to take some rest its been a week you are staying here .. Just go and take rest I’ll take care of her you just go and take rest ..

Girl 2: No uncle! I can’t leave her .. I did a mistake by leaving her now i don’t want to repeat it .. Please just let me stay here ..

Doctor: I Can understand! Now you go and freshen up! Your aunty had sent some food for you .. Its in my Cabin ..

Girl 2: Uncle ask someone to bring it here .. I’ll eat here with my sister!

Doctor puts his hand on her head and blessed her ..

Doctor: Now you go and freshen up till I’ll check her ..

Girl 2 nods and left ..

Doctor examines her while the girl 2 enters the Cabin

Girl 2: Uncle what’s the report?

Doctor (helplessly) : No Change beta .. Seems like she had lost the charm and she don’t want to live .. I suggest you to keep on motivating her .. To live her life .. To have faith in God ..


Girl 2 (furiously) : Have Faith in God?? Hell with the faith .. I don’t believe in God uncle so better you don’t take his name in front of me .. You believe tht he is everywhere then tell me where was he when my sister was calling for help .. When my family was being treated ill for the crime they don’t even commit .. When my Parents attempt suicide! Leaving us alone .. Haann ?? Where was he?? He just don’t care about us .. He is powerful then uss right? So he is showing his power on the people like us ..

Doctor: Calm down beta .. Now just take care of her and forget about it ..

Girl 2 nods and the doctor left ..

She move towards the table on which there were few things!

She touches them with care and Love and then opens the dairy ..

– Dairy –
* Page 3 *

Dear Dairy,
Do you believe in destiny? Well to be honest, i do believe in destiny! Destiny which made you meet the same person again and again .. Well many call it a coincidence! But for me it’s destiny .. Destiny that i met Mr. Maheshwari again .. Yess i met him again .. He is a true gentleman! Or i should say an Angry young man .. Today some goons were harassing some College girls .. I was about to scold them but before i could react the goons were been beaten black and blue by Sanskar! He truly respect women. And now his respect has increased in my heart .. I pray to destiny to let me meet him again 🙂
Dairy! You must be thinking why i am only talking about Sanskar! Right? So the answer is that i can’t think about anything after watching him fighting with the goons like a Hero .. Aahh what i said a Hero .. Well he is indeed a hero ..
Okay dairy not i need to sleep otherwise Mom will scold me for writing at midnight without light 🙂

* Page Ends *

Girl 2 wipes her tears and touches the dairy .. Then hugged the dairy ..


So dear readers share your views regarding this part .. Criticism is most welcome :))

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