Hello guys ….I’m back with the next part of A hero’s love story…Though there is a decrease in the comments but I had promised that I will give u update and I hope everyone reading this will comment and a lots of thank u to those who commented…..

***In canteen***
Swabir entered the canteen and found Ayaaz,Shrushti and Avni having fun….
Kabir:(taking his seat with Swara)So whats going on guys????
Avni:(smiles)Shona we have a good news for u….
Swara:(excited)And whats that????
Ayaaz:We are having a inter college singing competition in our college next week…..
Kabir:Oh wow thats a great news…..So my dear Shonu all set to win it again….
Swara:If u all are with me then I’m ready…
Shrushti:Of course Shona…
Kabir:So lets go cutiepie….(pulls Swara’s cheeks)First we’ll register ur name and then lets start practising…
All:Yes captain….
All laugh and leave from there for registering Swara’s name…While this all was seen by Sanskar who was standing near the pillar…
Sanskar:(monolouge)I can’t wait for long …I need to work on my plan very fast… I have to complete this mission as soon as possible…

Days passed and Swara was changing day by day…she started attending Sanskar’s classes and had started admiring him a lot… This was noticed by Kabir and he was not liking it… Sanskar was becoming successful in gaining Swara’s attention….
As the competition was nearing Swara was busy practising when Kabir came to have a look at her…He thought to talk to her and went beside her …Sensing his presence she stopped singing and looked at him with a beautiful smile on her face…
Swara:Kabbu how was it????
Kabir:Awesome ….(thinks how to start the conversation)Hmm Shonu….
Swara:(sees him hesitating)Whats the matter Kabbu???? I know u want to talk something …Go ahead…
Kabir:(takes a deep breath)Shonu… Do u like Sanskar sir????
Swara:(shocked but then laughs)Hahahaaha…Kabbu..have u gone mad???? I and that Akdu teacher….Kabbu didn’t u get anyone else to joke on???
Kabir:(holds her shoulder and serious)Shonu I’m serious …because I have seen changes in u and I can see that u are getting attracted to him also…..(cups her face)Look Shona I don’t want u to face any problems ahead….
Kabir:I don’t know Shona but Sanskar sir is not what he shows he is….(sees her confused face)I mean there is something he is hiding from everyone….His eyes have something different … Specially the way he looks at u …I mean I can sense that there is some motive and I don’t know but I can’t afford any pain in ur life….(his eyes turn moist)u are very important to me…
Swara:(overwhelmed and hugs him)Don’t worry Kabbu…. I will be careful and if there is something like this ,u will be the first person to know about it…. (wipes his tears)Ok leave all this and give a sweet Kabbu famous smile….(He smiles)Okay now help me in the practise…

Swara resumes her practise and there Sanskar was sitting in a room and talking on phone…
Sanskar:Sir…Are we doing right???? I mean can’t we think of any other way….
Bajaj:I know Sanskar u r feeling that we are doing wrong but we don’t have any other way… Swara won’t understand if we directly tell her because she dislikes Army based people…
Sanskar:But sir if she gets to know the reality then will she help us…
Bajaj:Now that depends on u Sanskar…. U’ll have to win her trust…. She’ll be heart broken but we have to do this….U have to stay strong Sanskar….
Sanskar:(sighs)Ok Sir I’ll do my duty efficiently….
He cuts the call and looks at the wall where there was Swara’s phot hung and there were several lines drawn and so many things written like a plan was written….
Sanskar:I’m sorry Swara but I will have to do this…
Saying this he takes a marker and circles her face with it….

So Guys what do u think .??? What is Sanskar planning to do????
What will happen next????
To know the further story quickly give me ur feedback and tell me if u liked it or not….

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