Okay I know that u guys are ready to eat me alive but plzzzzzzzzz maaf kardo apni pyaari si sister kobut guys I had to go to my native that too an unplanned trip so was unable to give any updates and I know knw all my readers are eagerly waiting for my both ff’s but plz forgive me and I’ll try to give u next update asap…. For nw enjoy A HERO’s LOVE STORY and for my BANDHAN readers I’ll update the next part tomorrow……
Well here is the link of the previous part: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-heros-love-story-part-3/
Lets begin the next part——————————
Swara and her friends entered the class and took their respective seats…. Swabir (Swara+Kabir)were seated together and Swara was resting her head on his shoulder and Kabir was busy playing games on his mobile and the others were busy chatting and teasing each other ….Just then they saw a person standing at the door and everyone stood up but Swabir were in their own world…. Kabir was brought out from his game world by Ayaaz and he immediately got up forgetting Swara who was leaning on him and due to his sudden action she fell on the bench and winced in pain….While the whole class was looking at her….

Swara:(winces in pain)Owww….Kabbu….What was that u dumbo????? Couldn’t u just inform me before gett…..(looks around and finds everyone staring her and then at Kabir who was signalling her something through eyes and then she followed his gaze and found a similar face standing at the door and looking at everyone….)
Swara:(whispers to Kabir)Kabbu what is this akdu doing here and why are we all standing like this????
Kabir:(whispers back)Shonu even I’m confused …. This is political class and ….(something strikes his mind)Oh god Shonu…Is he the new political teacher?????
Swara:(looks at him with wide eyes)Kabbu…..
[So Sri ur guess was right that Sanskar is only their new political teacher]
Sanskar:(while getting in and constantly gazing Swara)Good Morning Class… Okay don’t get confused ….I’m ur new political teacher ….and myself Sanskar Rajvanshi….[Guys he has just changed his surname to avoid any problems in hs mission but for his convinience he has not changed his first name] Everyone plz be seated….

Everyone sat down and all the girls were just admiring him and whispering….This all was heard by Swara and she was unknowingly getting irritated by their talks….
Swara:(irritated)Oh god why are these girls ……urrgghh…
Kabir:Whats the matter Shonu????Wanna bunk again????
Swara:(looking at Sanskar)No Kabbu….Yesterday Di got very angry and she has warned me not to bunk ….
Kabir:(smiles)Okay ….Come lets play …..
Swara:(excited)Ok come…..
Both along with Avni ,Ayaaz and Shrushti starts playing games on their mobiles hich was noticed by Sanskar….
Sanskar:(pointing to all five)U …. All five of u ….stand up….(All fiev look at eo and then at Sanskar while Swara was giving an irritated look to him) Whats going on there????
Kabir:Sorry Sir….actually….
Sanskar:Give me ur introductions….(pointing to Ayaaz)Start from there…
Ayaaz:Ayaaz Khan…
Shrushti:Shrushti Verma….
Avni:Avni Shergill….
Kabir:(with an uninterested look)Kabir Suryavanshi……
Sanskar:(sternly)Full name Miss. Swara…..
Swara:(with an angry glare)Swara….Swara Rajput sir…….
Sanskar:This is the last warning given to u people and be seated and concentrate on the class…

Everyone sits down while Swara makes faces seeing him and then unwantedly starts listening to the class and slowly starts developing interest and then listens to him with attention…..
The class gets over while Swara was having a small smile on her lips ….As she was going with others Sanskar calls her….
Swara:Yes sir…Guys I’ll meet u in the canteen….
Kabir:(staring Sanskar)Shonu….I’m waiting for u outside the class…(to others)Guys u go….
Kabir:(sees Sanskar and stares Swara)I said I’m waiting out……
Swara:(agrees)Okay now stop giving those looks….
All go out and now only Swasan were left ….
Sanskar:Look Miss.Rajput ur previous teacher has told me a lot about u and I want u to show some interest in this subject just ike u do in other subjects… I know u score well in the subject but i want u to learn the subject for ur future…. Hope u understand….
Swara:(confused as why is he so concerned about her future)Hhhmmm….
Sanskar:Okay u may leave (sees Kabir who is peeping in)I think ur friend s getting impatient…
Swara:(smiles seeing Kabir)Oaky Sir…
She goes out and looks at Kabir who is looking at her with questionable eyes…
Kabir:What was that Akdu telling????
Swara:Nothing just a surprise councelling….
Swara:(drags him)Leave all that come I’m hungry….(puupy face)Plzzz…..
Kabir:Ok lets go (pinches her nose)My super dramaqueen……
Both go from there giggling while Sanskar comes out from the class and watches them…
Sanskar:(monolouge)First of all I need to bring out that patriotic feelings that u have buried deep inside u…Swara… Then only I start ur training ,and thats the main maotive of me being here……
So guys tell me if u liked it and really very sorry if u found it boring but guys let me tell first only that don’t expect very romantic scenes of Swasan though there will be cute and lovely moments as the story proceeds but at least the mission gets completed I can’t promise to give u very romantic scenes of Swasan …. So tell me if u still want me to continue…. And next part on Friday…….Till then bye…. See u tomorrow with BANDHAN…..

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