I’m so sorry guys ….I know I’m very very late but it was really difficult to write amidst the busy schedule and studies…..So plz forgive me and I’m here to inform that I won’t be regular from now onwards as I have my exams nearing so I was thinking to discontinue this ff and end my other ff as well…. Because I don’t want u people to wait for weeks for the update …..And will post Bandhan soon….
And now a lots of thanks to all those who commented ….
Plz let me know ur views….

Days passed and Sanskar got to know that Swara doen’t like police and Army ….Now he was on one more mission….that is to remove the hatred for police from Swara’s heart….But one thing had changed for sure that was Swara’s feeling for Sanskar…. She had developed a soft corner for him and she used to behave like a typical teenage girl….Kabir was noticing all these changes and was feeling scared for her as he knows how innocent she is…. Being over protective towards her he asked her many times about it but she just denied ….(she herself was unaware….)

As usual Sanskar was teaching his subject or we can say keeping an eye on Swara….While Swara was trying hard to concentrate but was failing miserably…..
Sanskar:(sees Swara disturbed)Miss.Rajput….
Sanskar:Miss.Rajput…where r u lost?????
Swara:Umm…nowhere ….
Sanskar:So tell me what do u think about our police force and Indian army?????
Swara:(her face fell listening this)Nothing…..
Sanskar:But there must be something…. And as u have chosen this stream u ought to have some thought about it…..
Swara:(trying to keep calm)I’m here just for my sister’s sake….So I don’t have any thought about it….(Kabir keeps his hand on her hand and assures through eyes)
Sanskar:(trying to make her speak)But as far as I know ur sister is also a police officer….So u must be knowing a lot about it…So why don’t u tell ur friends …..
Swara:(closes her eyes and shouts with teary eyes)Because I hate police and Army….I just hate them…..

Saying this she runs out of the class followed by Kabir while all others are totally shocked specially Sanskar …He was feeling restless seeing her….
Sanskar:I think we should end this class here….
Saying this he went from there to see Swara and Ayaz,Avni and Shrushti also went there…..
Here Swara went to the garden and sat on the bench nd was silently crying when Kabir came there and hugged her to calm her down…
Swara:(sobbing)Kabbu …I hate them …. I hate them …. Because of them I lost everyone ….
Kabir:Shonu ….bas na bachha….[enough baby]I know ….
Kabir:Shonu….ur my brave girl na so plz keep quite…..(parts the hug and wiping her tears)And I don’t like this cry cry baby ….with this tomato nose(pinches her nose)
Swara:(smiles a little)I hate u….(hugs him again)
Kabir:Thats like my sherni….And I hate u too….
Both laugh when the other three come there and are relieved to see Swara normal…
All:Hug without us…Not fair…. (all share a group hug)
Sanskar was seeing all this and now was more curious to know what has caused so much hatred in her heart….
Sanskar:(monolouge)I think I have to ask kabir about this…. And I have to start Swara’s training asap….I can’t waste more time…

I know this was not upto ur expectations and I’m sorry for that and even sorry fot the short update but I’m having lots of assignments …..
Hope u understand and just wish that u guys are not bored….

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