It was not a blissfull morning it was fully dark and was raining it was looking like nature is shedding its tear the rain was not at all source of joy this rain only contain pain, grief and sorrow of thousand of people.

1st screen
A ground was shown which is fully covered with dead bodies, dead bodies of soldier who have died in the war which was fought tomorrow the screen freezes at a soldier boy who was trying to wake it looks like he doesn’t want to die he wanted to live but this cruel nature. a lone tear escapes from his eye it was last tear he was shedding and last breadth taking it is so painfull but it is and the truth he died but we can see a small smile also on his face what was that that was the smile that he has sacrifised his life for his country ya I accept he want to live but he was happy atlast he was dieing for his country atlast he is doing something for his country.The question that was coming im my mind was a about his family his mother,his father and his wife.

2nd screen
it was shown a beautifull mansion in which a girl was sitting getting ready there was a photo frame it contain photo of a boy and a girl wedding so u must be thinking what suprise is so let me tell u suprise was that it contain photo of the same soldier who has died this means she was the wife of soldier but one thing which was more painfull was the baby bump yess the girl was pregnat yes it was the reason for which soldier wants to live he wants to take his baby in his hand.looks like she is in 7th month but the question which was troubling me the most was is she knowing his husband death because it doesn’t look like because hapiness was clearly shown on her face. she probably doesn’t know about his husband death.her phone beams she lift it.

other side:………….
A lone tear escapes from her eye
she was informed about his husband death and she cry and screams
After 2 months
Swara comes to her room she was 9 month pregnant now she goes take the photo of the wedding and started to talk
Girl: hey mr sanki where are u. see na everybody is saying u are know more it was call from the military they are saying u died u have left but how could I bilieve u have promised me u will come u will never leave your SWARa what happened now tell me u were always telling with attitude that Sanskaar Maheswari never breaks his promise.. now come na I am waiting pls come atleast fo your child
by saying this she breaks down and was remebering thier old momment and thier was back ground music
Kuch pal toh tehar jao na
Ya phir laut ke aao na (plz read lyrics also)
She was remembering thier childhood momment when they first met Yes they were a childhood frnd they were 4yrs old when Swara family comes to live there and they met in garden where sanskaar was playing
Swara:hey would u pls let me play with I am new here
Sanskaar : no
Sanskaar frnd : let her play naw sanky
Sanskaar : no i know these girl are crying baby they will cry if they are out cryinv bbay go and play another game
Swara: you sanky the monkey If u will not let me play na than I will complain to
Sanky : hey cry baby it is not school that u will complain. first tell me sorry than I will let u play
Swara : ok ok sorry let me play now i am new here will u be my frnd
sanskaar : ok and ha frnds what is your name
Swara : my name is swara yours sankaar
sanskaar : yes I am sanskaar my frnd calls me sanky
Swara : sanki?
Sanskaar : heyy its not sanki its sanky
and they shake thier hands.
Swara: sanki your cry baby is callin u come na pls )
Yoon kehte nahi alvida
Mudd jao idhar aao na
when they goes to thier new school How happy they were when they know that they study in same school
Sanskaar : shona what r u doing here
Swara:sanki ovio I came here for study only na
Sanskaar: means we study in same school yiepee we will talk every time and ha how many time I will correct u its sanky sanki means half minded stop callin me that
Swara : ok sanki
While saying this she ran Away and sanky follows her.

Swara : sanskaar pls come I wil never call u sanki)
Tume dhundhe meri aakhe
Tume khoje meri baahe
(Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin) – 2
Once sanky and swara were playing hide and seek and the sanky hides a place where swara was not able to find and by chance sanky sleeps there and here swara got worried about him and staeted crying and when he came swara immediately hugs him
Kitane the waade kiye…
Ek pal me tod diye…
When they were 10 yrs old sanky have promised her he will not leave her
Sanskaar : swara I promise we will be frnds forever
Swara : pinky promise Sanki
Sanskaar : ya crybaby
( Present
Swara : u were saying u wil never leave ma com na pls)
Jhutha nahi tu
Mujhako pata hai
Bas thoda rutha sa hai
On Swara 12th b’day
Swara : sanki u have promised u will give me a gift that I will never forget
Sanskaar : Swara i forgot
Swara give snkii iknow u have bought
sanskaar : here take it now happy
he gives her. a ss pendänt
sanskar : see there are two s written like that it look like one like us and nobody can seperate them

Swara sees tĥe penant and cry : u have said we will never be seperate now u leave me here alone)
Tu ruthe me manau
Par tum bin kahan jaau
once when they played prank to the teacher. and teacher was scolding swara and was about to beat her on palm and teacher beats him for that Swara got angry so for her Sanskaar do 100 times up and down and when he got tired he was about to faint Swara rush to him and hugged him
Swara : u sanky the monkey what have u done why all time doing this
Sanskaar: becäuse u were not talking to me am i forgiven now
Swara :yes u r but never do it again
Swara:i have not talked u for one day u were like thatand now u r not talking t m from 2months think about me)
Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin – 2
when they became 18 yrs a boy try to molest Swara but sanskaar sees this before Swara could say sanskaar beats him black and blue
Swara : sanky leave him
sanskaar :no I will kill him how dare him to touch u
Swara :leave him sanskaar
Sanky : no if anybody tries to touch u I will kill him
Swara : now who will save me sanky tell me I Am alone ps come)
Ye aasmaa aur zami
Bin tere kuch bhi nahi
How sanskaar propose Swara he takes her to a place where it look like sky and land meets
Sanskaar.: Swara I don’t know any cheesy lines I just want to tell u I will not able to live without u I just wanna ask u will u be my crybaby for yrs
suddenly all family member came and wish them and they do thier wedding there only
Swara :Sanskaar see my hairline is not filled come and fill it na )
Saanso se mohalat
Zara maang lena
Yu uth ke jate nahi
when he was going for war and when Swara informs him about baby he was on cloud 9 how they have dreamt about thier future
Sanskaar : u will see my daughter or son will be military officcer and will do something for our country
Swara :yea sanskaar
Swara :whom they will call papa and who will train them sanskaar to be in the military )
(Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin) – 2
by remembering these Swara cries due to crying and stress labour pain starts and she was screaming soon she was taken to hospial and here many people were waiting
Doctor comes
laksh (swara brother loves his Swara more than anything after sanskaar death he was taking care of Swara ):do ctor what happens
Doctor :congrats they are twins babis are perfectly fine but sorry mr maheswari but Ms swara has no hopes of living we can’t save her u can meet her shë have less time
Laksh and Ragini(vary kind hearted sanskaar ow sis and laksh wife loves swara immensly but she can never be a mother)
they comes to Swara
Laksh : Swara pls don’t do this we will die without u not for your bhai atleast for your children
Swara : no bhai he is waiting for me I can’t live without him its better to die and about children I am sure u will take care of them Ragini u were asking me for gift for your bday na see I gave u two
Ragini:Swara pls don’t say like that nothing will happen to u
Swara :shhh let me speak today I am going but promise u will take care of them and ha make them a military officer and tell them about us also but after 18 yrs as they will grow they will undestand ahah bye sanskaar is waiting byeee
By saying this she dies and Raglak cries
And at somewhere Two. boys and girls were hugging eac other they reveal to be our Swasa
Swara i miss u
sanskaar i missed u too and guyz u are also welcome to our heaven


******************************************************************************completed it over how was it I was thinking to write it but didn’t write as i think u will find it boring.so it was anstory based on soldier life this Idea came in my mind by a poem named Small pain in my chest now bye Its 2 o clock i will suerly became an owl if i will awke whole night by going to take my beauty sleep
and ha sarika di sorry I am using ur pic widout informing u sorry

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