Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 8)

Hi guys sorry for not uploading……
My health was not so nice but I have comment in some ff but still not so fine to write my own ff so pardon me……..

Recape:Swara n samy shopping.Swara guiter dhundo andolan by samy sanskar n Arun.
(Main bohot andolan karti hoon so sorry)

All rush to the instrument store.
Samy:Excuse me….

Shopkeeper(SK):Yes….how can I help u?
Sanky:Today a man has sold a guiter her can u give us that guiter?
SK:Oh yes sanjay has sold that guiter.
Sanky:Yes yes sanjay….so please gave us the guiter.
Sk: Sorry sir but few minute ago a customer came n took it.
Samy:What but so soon?
SK:Yes…actually the guiter was branded n also very beautiful so it was very easy to sell it in a high prize.[Guys the guiter which swar has played in serial]
All the three were disappointed now specially samy.
Sanskar:Can u give us the customer detail?
SK:Yes I have the home address.

Samy:Ok give us the address.
The shopkeeper gave the address.
Sanskar took it n was shock n angry too.
Samy was confuse by his behaviour.
Samy:Sanky what happen why r u angry????
Sanky throw the paper n leave from there.
Samy took paper n then she get to know why he get angry.
Arun:Lets go samy. Do u know why sanskar sir get angry suddenly? ??
Samy:Yes becz the address was of Maheswari mansion.
Arun:Oh but why he is angry.
Samy:U dnt know about his past Aru .

Arun:Ya thats true.
Samy:Lets go to MM.
Arun:Why sanskar sir will be angry?
Samy:He will not.Lets go I want that guiter for my sis.I dnt care how but I want it…..
Arun:I never saw u attach to anyone like this except sanskar sir Samy.
Samy tearly eyes:Yes aru becz swara is special.
Arun hug her n samy cried hugging him.

Samy n Arun enter MM n was shock by the scene going on there.

All the maheswari family was present there.Sanskar n Laksh were shouting at each other.
Arun:Samy what is going on here.I thought sanskar sir will not come here bt he is here.
Samy:I also dnt have ny idea aru.

Lak:Shut uo sanskar.How dare u talk to my wife like this.Behave urself she is ur Bhabhi.
San:Oh plz….dnt give me this lectures.she started to shout on me.
Rag:yes I did becz u were misbehaving with me.
San:I m misbehaving that too with u …….have u gone mad …..
Lak:Shut up sanskar.
San:Ok twll me how I misbehave wid u? Did I RA*ped u or …..
Sanskar was hell angry now.

Dp:Behave urself sanskar .Woh hamare ghar ki bahu hain.
San:Yes. I know n I dnt care who is she …….
Lak:Then why u r here?
San:I just came here to ask the guiter from her nothing else.
Lak:What guiter?
Rag:Actually today morning I saw a guiter n I bought it….
Lak:So …she bought it what u want now.
San:Becz I want that guiter.
Dp:Whatever u want u will not get it sanskar.

San:I just want that guiter not ur property Mr.DURGAPRASAD MAHESWARI.
San:No….I am not here to be emotional. I just want that guiter …. (to rag) N if u want I can buy a guiter store for u….is that ok wid u….becz for u money n status is everything na.
Lak:Why r u so desperate to take that guiter only.
Becz he wanna surprise his would be wife by gifting her guiter…..samy spoke from the entrance.
Lak ap:What his wife?
samy:Yes the guiter which ragini bought is of swara. Her parents sold it n sanskar want to gifr her that.
Ap came near her :U r going to marry.n u didnot inform us.
San:We should inform our family not stranger.
Ap cried……

samy:we just want that guiter Laksh .
Lak:Why if he want he can buy na ..
San:it was her guiter n she is attach to it.U will not understand it.
Rag come with the guiter.
Rag:Here take this n please leave dnt create a scene any more.
Sanskar snatch the guiter n give it to Arun.
San:I dnt take anyone’s favoure.
Sanskar went a lill far n call someone.

After 30 min 3 men come running.
All the three were carrying 2 guiters in each hands.
San:Mrs.Ragini laksh maheswari choose anyone u want.
Rag:I dnt wnt anything u please leave.
San irritate:Oh stop ur drama….I said n I dnt keep nyone’s favour.
Samy:Ragini pleasw choose one n let it go.
Ragini choose a red n white guiter [Same as swara’s but color was different].
Lak:Happy now leave.
San:I m nt dying to stay wid u all.
saying this he went away.
Ap goes near samy.
Ap:beta how r u?
Samy:I m fine anty.
Ap:take care of my sanskar please.
Samy:Yes I will…..
Ap took two bangles n gave it to samy.
Samy:What is this aunty?

Ap:kangan for my bahu beta….plz gice it to her.
Samy:But aunty..u know n. san..
Ap interrupt:Yes I know n that iw why I gave it to u.becz only u can fight with him.
Samy smile n hug her:Dnt worry aunty I will give it to ur bahu.
Ap:Thank u beta…but what is her name? Is she a nice girl? Sanskar will be happy na ? I mean. …
Samy interrupt:Anty calm down….atleast breath once.Her name is swara n she is very nice girl.No one can be best except her for sanskar.
Ap smile….n samy Arun leave the place.

No one notice that after hearing the name Ragini become sad?
[why guys do u have ny idea?]

Sanskar come home with fire in his eyes.

Swara was making dinner.He saw her.
Sanskar shout:SWARA IN MY ROOM NOW…..
Swara become numb by his scream n was hell scared.
Swara thought:Oh god….now what happen to him.he was so happy today morning now what happened suddenly……please save me kanhaji……
She went to his room.
As soon as she step inside her room Sanskar drag her n pin her to the wall n start kissing her wildly.

Swara was shock by his act.She was not responding him.Sanskar was busy kissing her or showing his frustration to her.
Her lips were bleeding.After sometime when he was out of breath he leave her.
But again lean towards her n start kissing her neck n bitting her.
Swara mourn in pain but she dnt have the guts to go against him.She was helpless.
He was doing his work .that time samy call him from hall.so he leave her.
Swara was crying but compose herself n both went down.

Samy went near swara n hug her.
Samy:Swara a gift for u….
Swara:What gift today morning only we shop so much sanaya whats the need.
Samy:Arree yaar atleast see first then speak.
Aru baby give me the gift.
It was a big box wrap.
Swara:What is inside it so big.??
Samy:See urself.
Swara open the gift n was surprised n tears were flowing from her eyez.
she hug samy tightly.
Samy:Aao…swara baby hug slowly …Baby is here na so…
Swara:Oh sorry…did u get hurt..

Samy:No …..ok tell me how was the surprise.
Swara:Best thank u sooo much ….do u know this guiter is so much close to me.
Samy: Yes I know n that why I asked sanskar to sbring it.
Samy:Yes sanskar bought this for u from ….
Sanskar signal her not to say.

Swara:From the store where ur so called father sold it.
Swara to sanskar:Thqnkbu sanskar sir.
Sanskar:Only sanskar.I am no more ur boss so no need to call me sir.
Swara nodded n was very happy.
Somewhere sanskar was also happy but why he also dnt know.


Guys I am sorry for this small episode.As I said alresdy I am not well.
N thanks for comments.
Ok so marriage will be simple only marriage no pre-marriage function except for mehendi.
But reception will be grand Afterall its our SWASAN MARRIAGE RECEPTION.
N here sanskar’s parents will also be present.

My results will be out on 31 may so plz pray for me becz if I fail I will commit suicide n after that no ff for u all……
Bye bye love u all

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