Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 7)

Hello everyone……..sorry sorry sorry……I know u all were waiting for my ff but I was not well yesterday I got discharge from hospital n today I am back home after 3 days…..so please forgive me…..thank u all for your love……

Recape:sanskar n samy’s bond….sanskar’s indirect care for swara…

Sanskar smirk:We will see…..
Samy:Ya be ready…..Mr.S.K……
Sanskar n Arun went to office…..
Samy and swara sat at hallroom.
Samy:Swara r u fine now?
Swara smile:yes sanaya . thank u for the care.u r the first person who has cared for me that much.she said all this withtearly eyes.
Samy notice the tears n side hug her:Dnt say like this u r my sis from now so nything u wanna share be free…..okay?
Swara nodded.
Samy:Ok then lets go n get ready we haveto go for shopping na….
Samy getup n was going when she slip at the mat n was about to fall…
Swara saw her n rush to her n bold her at the Nick of time.
Swara scared:sanaya r u alright? Come sit here……
Samy compow herself n saw swara sacred.
Samy:Swara calm down. …I am fine….
Swara angry:What is wrong with u be careful u are not along sanaya a life is living inside u…….
Samy was happy by her concern n hug her.
Samy:I am fine swara.
Swara realise what she did:I am sorry sanaya……
Samy:For what?
Swara:For scolding ……
Samy:Stupid I feel nice when u scold me……I feel like I have someone.like my family.
By saying this she cried.
Swara:What happen why r u crying?
Samy:Nothing swara missing my family…..
Swara:Then go and meet them……
Samy:I cannot swara ……
Swara:Why….r they angry with u or u fought with them.If its the reason then u should go and talk with them.
Samy hug her:They r nomore swara. I have noone in this world.
Swaraa was shock:I am sorry sanaya calm down dont cry….they will be sad if the saw u crying…..so now stop crying.
She rub her tears n smile.
Samy:U r so nice swara.ur heart is very pure.Please never leave sanskar.I know he is rude but u dnt know the real sanskar.
Swara whisper:I know him sanaya.
Samy:Did u say something?
Swara:No nothing….come lets freshup we hve to go for shopping na….
Samy nodded n went to her room n swara to sanskar’s room.
Soon both went for shopping.

Swara and sanaya enter the mall.Swara was shock as she never enter such a big place n she was a bit scared so she hold saamy’s hand.
Samy notice her:Swara what happen?
Swara:Nothing….I dnt have habit to shop in such big malls so a bit uncomfortable.
Samy:Now u have to make it a habit as u r going to be wife of sanskar mah….kumar….n my sister too.
Swara smile n both went to ladies section first.

Swara was all confuse while samy was showing her lots of dresses.
Swara:Sanaya please u select something will be ok with it as I know u will select the best for me.
Samy smile:Ya i will but still u have yo select ur dress na…its ur wedding swara.
Swara:But its so confusing I am not used to all this please u decide.
Samy:Ok atleast tell me ur favourite colour?
Swara:Royal blue n baby pink.
Samy:Ok……(to shopkeeper) Show me lehega’s in blue n pink.
After for sometime samy found a royal blue lehenga [u can imagine the one which ragini wore at her marriage.]
N one baby pink [The one swara wore at karbachaut]
Swara like both n samy took both the lehenga n she too choose a Green lehenga….
Samy:Swara our lehenga shopping is over now ur formal clothes.
Swara:But sanaya u bought dresses for me that day na…..
Samy:Ya but only 5 dresses
Swara:Its ok no need
Samy:Shutup n come with me.
she drag her n shop for her.
Simple beautiful sarees, Salwars n many more.
After sometime both were tired .
swara:Sanaya lets go n sit for sometime I am tired n its not good for u to walk for so long.
Samy agreed n both went to cafeteria.
Samy:(to waiter) Two coke n cheese sandwich. (to swara) sorry yaar I ordered ur too if u want somethibg else u can tell.
Swara:No problem n dnt be sorry.U have right.
Samy gave a what right look.
Swara smile:U only told me that I am ur sister so…..
Samy smile:Ya dn ok…..
Hey swara lets call Arun n sanskar.
By saying this she call arun.
Arun:Hey baby shopping done???
Samy:No….only half …..we both are tired so sitting at cafeteria.R u busy.
Arun:Yes kind of….why?
samy:No if u can come to mall lets shop together.
Arun:Baby sanskar sir is busy.So as soon as he will be free I will aak him.
Samy:Ok. samy cut the call
Samy:Hello….sanskar where r u yaar?
Sanskar:I was in a meeting will be there in 10 min.
Samy:Ok come to cafeteria area we are sitting here.
Samy:Swara what is ur hobby?
Swara:I dnt have any hobby….I never got time for any extra things.
Samy:oh…..but still something u like to do when u r free or ur dream to do.
sWara:Ya I like singing…..n I know to play guiter too.
Samy:From where u learn that.
Swara:Actually I was a caretaker of a old lady n her granddaughter.The lady’s son n DIL were working people so they dnt get time n for taking care of them they appoint me n I took care of them when I was 17…..sometime I used to sing to make the baby sleep so the old lady liked my voice she love me .N helped me to complete my studiew also.But after some days her son n Dil got transfer so they went away but before going they gave me a beautiful guiter .
There was a music school near our home n the guruji once hear me singing so from that time he teach me without any fees.
Samy:Wow…….that means u r a singer.
Swara:Not really but whenever I am angry sad n fell lonely I play the guiter but unfortunately that guiter was left back at my parents housr n I think they have sold it till now.
that was the only thing I am very much attach.
She was very sad.Samy saw her n think to do something.
Just then sanskar and arun come to them.
Samy:swara see they came.
Sanskar:Shopping done.?
samy:Not really but nearly just ur serwani is left.
Sanskar:I have many clothes why to buy again….
Samy:shutup u both r same……its ur marriwge sanky
Sanskar:Ok fine.
All went to mens section.

Samy:(to shopkeeper) Show serwani in Blue.
After searching a beautiful royal blue serwani was selected for the groom. [the one which laksh wore blue]
Sanskar also liked it as it is his favourite color.
All the shopping is over n all went home after sometime.

swara was a bit sad after talking about her guiter samy n sanskar both notice that.
After reaching home she rush to her room.
Sanskar:Samy What happen to her?
Samy narrate him everything about the guiter n said
Samy:Sanky I want to go to her parents house.
Sanku:Why? U dnt worry I will bring the guiter.
samy:No iwanna meet those heartless people.How can they hate such a nice girl.
Sanky:Ok we will go after sometime.u now take rest. (to arun) U too go and take rest.
Samy sanky n arun went to swara’s parents house.
It was not a big house small enough for 4 people to stay.
They enter swara’s so called father n mother were sitting .They saw sanskar.
sanjay (swara’s father):Sir u here….any problem. that girl did something?
Samy get angry by the way he was talking about swara.
Samy:Shut up …..how cheap u can be how can u be so Heartless. u let her go with someone u dnt even know n that too for money…..chii
Sanjay:He came to me n ask that he wanna marry her n why will I say no that burden will be out of our life.
Sanky interupt:samy calm down n u how dare u rise ur voice infront of me
sanjay:Sorry sir.
sanky:Nyways give me swara’s guiter….
Sanjay :What guiter sir?
Samy:Dnt act give me that guiter or u will see the hell.
sanjay:Woo….act…ually….woo…wo.Sanky:Speak clearly.
Sanjay:Actually sir we sold the guiter.
Samy:Yes …..I knew it swara already told me that……nothing can expect from cheap peolpe like u.
Sanky:Where have u sold that guiter.
Sanjay:There is a shop near that music school today only we sold it.
All went there to find the guiter.


Guys do u want swasan marriage to be grand or just simple?
do u wamt sanky’s family to be present?
Do u want rude n heartless sanky back? For sometime ?

Thank you

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