Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 6)


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Guys I am a bit scared as my writting skill is not that good so u may feel boring……
I willnot make sanskar heartless but he will be heartless sometime n specially for his family…….
Angel goldie I am a big fan of ur ff.u r awsome…….

Recape:Samy n swara talk.Sanky ke gal par thapar.

Samy was not look towards him in anger.Sanskar went near her n sit near her.
Sanskar:I am sorry for hurting ur trust samy but I cannt help myself samy.
Samy jerk his hand:Shutup sanskar….
did u saw her ? How can u change so badly I cannt believe….I am ashamed to call u my bst frnd sanskar.
Saying this she getup to go but sanskar hold her hand:Please samy atleast u dnt leave me I have noone ……..
Samy just sit without talking with him.
After sometime swara to come down.All look towards her n sanskar was shock looking at her.she was so beautiful.
Samy went near her make her sit beside her.
Samy:Swara do u want to marry sanskar ? in serious tone
Swara is confuse what to answer she look towards sanskar.
samy:dnt look at him say what ur heart says?
Swara nodded her head in yes.
Samy:N why uwant to marry him?

now swara has nothing to say….what will she say will she say that becoz she loves him from past 7 years or she will say that becz she has no house to stay or becz she slept with him……..she herself dnt know what to say……..
She look at samy with tearly eyes.
Samy understand:Leave it.if u want to marry him I dnt have any prblm but u have to promise me something?
Swara nodded.
Samy tells her something in her ears which is muted (I will tell u afterwards)
First expression of swara shocked.
Second expression smile.
Third expression blush…….
Both the man were confuse by this.
Arun:Atleast tell me what are u both talking?
Samy:Shut up its girls talk dnt interfere.

Soon samy n arun were about to go when samy again feel dizzy and was about to fall but swara saw n hold on time.
Swara concern:Sanaya r u allright?
Samy was not in a state to speak anything.Sanskar and arun help her n took her to nearby room.
Swara rush to kitchen and bring water for her.
She check her pulse n look towards samy with surprise.
Swara:Sanaya r u pregnant?
Sanaya nodded in yes:But how do u know?
Sanskar was also surprised.

Swara: Actually I am medical student.
sanaya:Oh doctor saying this she smile.
swara sad:No I passed out entrance exam but cannot study further.
Samy:Why marks were less.
Swara nodded in no:I cannot effort my medical studies I somehow studied till here by doing jobs n with scholarships. But after that there is no scolarship so….
Samy:What about ur parents ? they dnt give u money for studies?
Swara smile with pain:I am orpan.the people whom I call my ma and baba they bought me from somewhere when I was 3 years old I dnt know why they bought me up they just hated me.Nothing else.

They dnt give me food to eat n u r talking about money for studies?
Samy was tearly eyes:Swara how much u score at Ur entrance exam?
All are shock.
Swara:Ok sanaya u take rest I am going to prepare dinner.before that I am going to bring something for u to eat.U will fill nice.
samy:no need swara ……
swara interupt:I didnot asked u sanaya.
By saying this she went to the kitchen.
Sanskar:Samy u stay here today.U are not well.

Samy:No I am fine.I can go.
Sanskar:Arun u only convince her now.
Arun:Samy stay. …..samy gave him a deadly glar n asked him to keep quiet. (to sanskar ) Actually sir I have to make an important call so excuse me.
Sanskar saw the mute warning n smile inside.
Sanskar:ok…….n smile(He was smiling with all his teeth out)
Samy:Kamine daat kya nikal raha hai…….
Sanskar:Oh nothing baby I am just watching how u r dominating my poor employee.
Samy:Shut up.
Sanskar:Oh common samy …..I know u can be angry with me for long time…..so muh fulana band kar…..
Samy:No I hate u ……u have changed so much sanskar…..u are not my sanky……..u r an animal now……she was crying.
Sanskar angry:Yes I am an animal …..yes I am n I will be an animal only…..becz I never got that respect when I was a human…….sanaya…..yes I am an animal…..n I will not change.
He sat near a chair.
Samy:I know that what ever happened with u was cruel n ur family members didnt do good thinks by not trusting u…..but what is swara’s fault Sanskar? What is her fault that u r behaving so crueliy towards her…..
Sanskar:Becz all women’s are same samy……first kavya then kavita n after her ragini so now I dnt wanna get trap again so I have to be cruel……
Samy:But sanskar swara…..

At that time swara comw with food with a smile.
Samy also compose herself she dnt want swara to know about sanskar’s past by her.
Swara:Sanaya I hope u will like this food. Actually I dnt know what u like so….
samy interrupt:Oh swara first gave me the food then I can say if it is good or bad……
Swara:Oh yes sorry.
Samy took it and started to eat.Swara was looking at her.
Samy at first make a weird face….
Swara thought it was nt nice:Sorry sanaya I will make what u want….give it to me back…..
she was about to take the tray when samy slap her hand playfully:Oye….why u dnt want me to eat it . its so tasty yaar.I loved it.
Swara smile n went to make dinner.but sanskar stop her.

sanskar:Swara there are many servents why u are going to cook no need u go n take rest.they will manage
swara:Sir I love to cook I feel good whenever I cook for someone so I am fine.
By saying this she went away.
After sometime all had there dinner n arun n sanaya stayed at sanskar house.
Last night after 5 days swara slept peacefully without any fear n pain.
Swara wake up first n after freshup she went to prepare breakfast.
After sometime samy wake uo n help her.
Samy:Swara who are there at ur family?
Swara:Ma baba n Ananya my sister.
Samy:Oh…..r u happy with sanskar?

swara smile faintly:What will happen if I say If I am happy or not sanaya does it matters to anyone?
No na then……….
samy:No swara it matters alot if u are not happy with sanskar I will not let this marriage happen…..
Swara:No sanaya no need to do anything. ….I am always happy in whatever I got so I dnt have any regret .
Samy:Say it clearly do u wanna marry him?
Swara:Yes ……
Samy notice a different spark in her eyes when she said that she wanna marry him.
Samy just smile n continue her work.
After sometime arun and sanskar come all had there dinner n went to office before going .
sanskar:Samy if u dnt have any prblm stay till tomorrow.U both can go after our marriage. today u both can go for shopping….
Samy:Arun what u think?
Arun smile:As u wish baby…….
Samy smile and wink at him.

Samy:I will call u for paying…..Mr.Sanky be ready to beg …….I will make u bankrupt today……
Sanskar smile:Ok lets see…..
Swara smile by seeing his angelic smile…..

precape:Shopping masti……..n more.

Please bear it may be boring……

Credit to: Smiley

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