Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 5)


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Recape:Sanskar’s marriage decision. Sanaya and sanskar’s friendship.
Sanskar and sanaya were smiling by looking at the face of Arun.
Sanskar:Arun dnt be shock wait let me tell u our story.
Sanskar and sanaya’s story………
Sanaya and sanskar were childhood friends.Sanaya was sanskar’s neighbour n they went to same school and same college there friendship were very deep they share everything from eachother but sanaya was send to Usa as her dream was to study at Oxford university both sanskar and sanaya were bright students.

And after 5 years they are meeting eachother.Sanskar by his sources get to know that Sanaya is married to Arun n he was very happy as Arun is very nice person n hard working too.
Sanaya is the only girl whom sanskar never hated.When they were togrther at the time of college n school all even there family members thought that they were couples but it was not the truth they were best friends.
Story end…….
Arun was surprise .

Sanskar:So now ur doubts are clear I think she is more than a sister to me.
Sanaya:Oye shutup I am not your sister ok. n btw now tell me why have u changed so drastically?
Sanskar lower his head:Time samy n peolpe too betray me no one believed me not even my parents do u know ma oh sorry mrs.maheswari too.I hate women’s they all are same first Kavya then kavita n then ragini all left me whh becz of money .Now I understood money is everything samy.Except one women I hate everyone
samy:That means u hate me too.??
Sanskar smile:As I said except one u…..baby……
Samy:But why u r spoiling other girls respect so it sanskar I cannot hear people badmouthing about u….pleasw for ur samy.

Sanskar:I have not spoiling anyone’s respect samy the girls with whom I slept are all greedy and they slept with me by there will for my money so I dnt have any problem.
Samy angry:But now u have to stop all this …….I am telling u now if u will nit then I will never see ur face again.she got hyper n was feeling dizzy. …..
Arun notice it and hold her:Sanaya holdon don’t be hyper doctor asked u not to take stress please.
sanskar panic:What doctor?? what happened to u samy?
He was at the verge of crying .
samy smile hold his hand and plaxe it at her belly and smile looking at his expression.
Sanskar surprise:Is it true?
Samy nodded.
Sanskar:OMG…..samy why didnt u inform me before stupid….idoit ……Agar tujhe kuch ho jata toh….pagal…..take care of urself now onwards. (to Arun) Take care of her I am warning u if something happen to her then I….
Samy interrupt:Oye ….how dare u warn my husbamd n that too infront of me….stupid…..
Sanskar:ok ok sorry now dnt shout n spoil ur health ……u go take care.
Arun and samy was about to go but samy ask arun:Why u called me here?
Arun:Sanskar sir asked me to call u so….

Samy went sanskar n asked: Sanky why u asked Arun to call me?
Sanskar: Actually I want to go for shopping with u both .As I dnt have anyone else.
Samy surprise:But u always buy ur dresses urself from childhood only na then why today?
Sanskar thought for sometime n then spoke:Actuall…y I want women’s dresses as I dnt know anything about it so I asjed him to call u…..
Samy:N why u want women’s dresses? For whom as much I get to know u have no connection with ur family then for whom…..n I told u to stop this womanizer game so if u want me to buy dresses for ur bedroom girls so I am sorry I will not do this all things.*with anger*
Arun saw sansakr trying to speak but samy is not gaving him any chance so he spoke:Sanaya atleast give him a chance to speak.
samy realize n stop her chatter box:Sorry say now.
Sanskar:Actually I wan…t dr..es..ses for my would be wife…..
Arun drop the file which was in his hand.A peon came to sanskar cabin to give him his coffee he also leave the tray by hearing this.

All trio look towards the peon n peon asked sorry n went started to clean it.
Samy:R u serious?
Sanskar:Yea….Actually I am too fadup of this all so thinking to settle down.
Arun gain some courage:Please dnt mind sir but can u tell us who is that girl?
Sanskar look towards him n smile:Swara gadodiya.
Arun was horrified:But sir she has slapped u.
Samy shocked.
Sanskar:Yeah….n I have took revenge of it too but she is the only girl who is not behind my money so I am going to marry her.
Samy jump with excitement:Wow…sanky I am so happy for u ……
Sanskar n arun:Sanaya/Samy calm down n sit.
She pout n sit as an obedient child.
Arun:I am happy that u have changed sir or I can say my friend has changed.
Sanskar smile n hug him.
samy:Wait a min do u know each other .
Sanskar:Ya we were friends since 2 years but he dnt like me for my rustlessness……but heloed me alot.
Soon trio went for shopping .

Trio went to ladies section first.
samy:Sanky how can I buy her dresses as I dnt know her I have never seen her.
Sanskar:He search here n there n notice a girl with same height same body color n same figure (but still swara is the best :-p )
Sanskar saw samy that girl m said:She is same like that girl.
Samy:Ok let me see…she was looking dresses when sanskar speak
Sanskar:Samy can u buy 2 or 3 dress fast as….(he was hesitant to say)
Samy:Whats the matter sanky?
Sanskar lower his head and voice:She has nothing to wear at home.
Samy shock:WHAT?
Sanskar was not looking at her.
samy with anger:From when she is with u?
Sanskar:Last 4days.
Samy:N in this days what she is wearing?

Sanskar:My one shirt or bedsheet.
Samy was out of control she gave a tight slap to him.
samy:What the hell is wrong with u sanskar how can u be so cheap? Don’t u have male servents at home?
Sansakr just nodded.
Samy:N u have left ur wife without clothes at home where there are male servents? Do u have any sense how can u play with a women’s dignity sanskar I never expected this from u….chiii….
Sanskar was tearly eyes n he was just bowing down.
Samy went back took 3 dresses n went with arun sanskar just follow them.
Soon trio reach sanskar’s house n sanskar took her towards his room.

Samy and sanskar went inside n saw swara sleeping at floor.She was wearing the dress which she was wearing the day sanskar brought her to his house.It was tore but as she has nothing to wear so she has no other choice. she was sleeping like a baby .
Samy and sanskar saw her.
Samy gave a deadly look to sanskar and asked him to get lost before she kill him.
Sanskar went away.
Samy went near her n call her name.
Samy cares her hair : Swara get up.
As she touch her forehead she was shock.Swara was buring in fever.
Samy scream:Sanskar come quickly.
Listening to her voice sanskar rush to her.
Sanskar:what happen samy?
Samy:shut up n place her on the bed. n call doc fast.
Sanskar does as she said.
Samy was rubbing her hands and trying to wake her up.

Sanskar:Samy doc is coming.
Samy:Get out.
Soon doc come n check her.
Doc:She has high fever.I guess due to stress or pain.
Samy look towards sanskar.
Doc:I have given her injection.take care of her.
Doc went samy sat near her.

Soon swara gain conscious n look around.
samy was sleeping holding her hand.
She get up n so does samy as she get tobknow that swara gain conscious.
Samy:Swara how r u feeling now?
Swara confuse:I am fine.But who r u?
Samy: I am sanaya.Sanskar’s friend.
Swara shock:Oh.sorry when u came I was sleeping u wait I will call sanskar sir .She try to get up but samy hold her
samy:Swara shutup n sit. sanskar knows that I am here n u r sick so take rest.

Swara was looking down n was uncomfortable as her dress is tore samy notice it.
samy: Swara we have bought some dresses for u if u like them go nd change.
She hand over the packets to her and smile.
Swara also smile back n thanks her.
She choose a pink n violet anarkali
Samy smile and went down to meet arun and sanskar.

Sanskar and Arun were taking about some office work.
Samy come n sit beside Arun.
She was very angry with sanskar so she was not looking towards him.

precape:Samy swara bond.Sanskar samy ko manao andolan.Swasan scenes.

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