Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 4)


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After sanskar slept swara was thinking about him.
You dnt know sir even If u r a beast I can never hate u because person the person whom I love the most is only u.I dnt know why I love u but when I saw had seen u for the first time 7 years back my heart unknowingly staryed to beat for u.

I dnt know what happened in these years that u have changed so much.The person who once saved a woman’s respect is playing with there respect.But I am helpless what can I do? My own parents selled me to you now I have to be ur slave as I was slave of them for years.Difference is that at that house I ahve to do household works like maids and her I hve to sleep with u like a prost**ude.*she cried*Why god what sin I have made that I have to lead this type of life.I never asked him from u becz I knw that I am nothing compare to him but u gave me sanskar sir but like this no ……I never asked him…..I asked his love not this…..please kill me …..please.
While crying she dossed off…….

Sanskar wake up and went to washroom to freshup while going he saw swara lying on the floor wrapping herself in a bedsheet.
It was clearly seen by her face that she had cried for long last night.

Am i doing wrong with her??? What was her fault??? Just that she tried to save her dignity but I have snatched her soul from her.
*He soon jerk the thought n think* no all women’s are same cheaters and betrayers.I hate woman’s.They only love money nothing else.
*Again his human speak*But she is not that bad if its so she could have left u long back.
U were behind her from last 2 years n as much u know she never greed for money n the only reason she is wid is for her family her family hates her but she never hated them.

He went to freshup.
By hearing the shower voice swara wake up n after sometime sanskar come back with a towel wrap around him.
Swara look towards him n scream:Ahhhhh…..sorry sir…
Sanskar was shock:What happened to u?Why are u shouting?
Swara closed her eyes with her hands:Actually I saw u in towel so..
Sanskar surprise:So what every night u see me without clothes baby so chill n more than that I can say in very filmy way that”Swara pati ho main tumhara tumhe haaq hai”
While saying this all he was moving towards swara and she was already near the wall wrapping herself properly.
Swara nervous:But sir when did u marry me?

Sanskar was taken aback n he thought:Yes I dnt marry her I just filled her maang with sindoor infront of her so called parents n took her from there.
Sanskar:Ok do u want e to marry u?
Swara shock:But why u want to marry me?
Sanskar was shock n thought:Ya why I want to marry her.She is nothing then my target.
Swara:I know u only brought me here to sleep with me then why u wanna marry me I have nothing to give u…..
I myself dnt have anything.Now even my parents will not allow me to enter that house which was ofcourse not my home.I was just a maid there.
She was unknowingly sharing her pain with him n he was also listening to her with full concentration. Unknowingly he feels a sudden pain in his heart looking her sad n tears.
Sanskar compose himself :U dnt have to go anywhere from today u will live with me
Swara:But with which relation?
As an esc**t?

Sanskar himself dnt know why but he was burning with anger by her words he hold her hairs and scream:AS MY WIFE …..DID U HEARED THAT …..AS MY WIFE ……I WILL MARRY U WITH ALL RITUALS N U WILL BE MY OFFICIAL WIFE.
By saying this he went dress.
While going swara hold his hand and asked:BUt my question is still the same why u wanna marry me? I have nothing to give u …..not even my body as I have heared that u only want women’s body n u have took my body already then why u wanna marry me now?
SAnskar himself was confuse but compose himself and speak:I am fadup with all this.I wanna comit now so I wanna marry u.Now u are ok then leave me I have to go ofc.
Swara was shock n was standing still .
soon sanskar also went to office.

He was sitting in his cabin and was thinking about swara when suddenly he remembered that she doesnot have anything to wear.
He called his PA Arun. (For the first time sanskar has kept his pa a man )
Sanskar:Mr.Arun r u married?
Arun scared as he knows sanskar’s nature:Ye..ss sir… but why?
Sanskar:Call ur wife and ask her to come here?

Arun with tearly eyes:N..o sir please dnt do this with me….Please sir.
Sanskar get to know what he was thinking n smile but soon compose himself n with face anger:I said call ur wife and ask her to come here within 15 min or u will be fired n I will make sure u dnt get job anywhere……
Arun’s family was not so rich they were middle class people so arun cannot effort to loss this job . He with heavy heart called his wife and asked her to come to his office quick.
Sanskar:Good as soon as she come bring her to me.
Arun give a disgusting look to sanskar n went away.
After arun went away he laugh out loud as much he can …….
Sanskar after laughing as he was trying to control his laughter he speak to himself:Oh…my…god…..why people’s mind cant think anything good sometime….Oh yes when it comes to me no one can think good after all I am bad ….
After sometime Arun come with his wife to sanskar’s cabin.
His wife Shanaya n he enters his room.

Arun dishearted:Sir she is my wife.
Sanskar turn back and saw both of them n smile.
Sanaya smile him back .
She was wearing a saree .she was hot with long hairs n cute eyes (imagine krystle dsuza n arun as karan tacker)
Sanskar:U r still that much hot samy.
Sanaya:Ya but u r not the same sanky anymore.how are u sanky .
By saying this she went near him.He too went towards her n hug her (Friendly hug guys)
sanskar:Time n experience change us samy.
He was loooking at his foot.

Samy:I trust u ……but I am angry with you do u know how bad ur reputation is ?
Sanskar smirk:Ye…..I myself made this reputation…….
Samy:N why so…as much as I know u …..u may have slept with many girl for others but in reality u have done nothing to them.
Sanskar :N why do u think so……
Samy:Because I know u from the time we were 5 years old sanskar u were the one who always save me from the ragging n bullies n u thought that I will believe this bullshits……..
Sanskar:Dont trust me so much sanaya…….
Both hug n cried not much just a lil.

Arun was just shock by there convo.
Sanskar smile:close ur mouth arun.I know sanaya before u know her.N dnt worry I will never harm her
Arun shock:But how u both know eachother n sanaya how u know sanskar sir so well.

Precape:Story of sanskar and sanaya ….

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