Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 38) Part 1


Hello everyone….. Thank u all for ur valuable comments….. Or can say warnings too…. ??
Seriously I feel so nice after reading ur comments….. Glad that u all r so involve in the story…. u all must be shock to see my ff na……. ???
This is small part for ur restlessness….. Enjoy it……
Next part will be it’s continuation Wid full raksha Bandhan dhamal ?????

Sanskar suddenly fall from the couch where he was sleeping with sweaty face. He examine the surroundings n found love of his life sleeping peacefully.
Then he get to know that it was a dream??(it’s feels so nice to increase ur bp na)
He went near her n sat beside her n waited for her to wake up as doc said she will gain her conscious probably today.
He stand n sat on his knees n hold her legs n weep??
San:??I know swara I did a crime by hurting a pious soul like u. I am sorry for that. ?please forgive me……i will go away from u after u will be okay.. So after that u can live ur life the way u deserve teddy…. Not wid a womaniser like me?
This all were seen by a pair of eyes. It was laksh. He came to talk Wid him regarding his behaviour but he was shock to see him like this n feel bad for him n went silently from THERE.

After 6 painful Years sanskar touch the boundary of temple. Yes he came to temple to pray for his love for his life.

Swara gain conscious n wake u?. She was not able to adjust Wid the environment for sometime as after 22days she wakeup. She tried to get up n in this process she broke the glass jar.
By this sound all family member rush to her.
Ansh:?Doll….r u okay
He sakshi n rag wnt n hug her.
Swara too hug them back.
Like this all came to her n bless her to be healthy. But her eyes were searching for someone special.
Laksh saw her restlessness n was happy for his brother as he can see swara also love him madly.
Lak:?Bhai went to Mandir. He will be Back

That time sanskar come there Wid Prasad IN his hand.
Seeing him swara stand up but was about to fall when San run to her n hold her in his embrace.
San:?Swara u okay
Swara nodded n he hug her n kiss on her forehead
Swara hugging him Even more tightly.
Sw:Where u went leaving me alone?I was afraid not seeing u near me
By saing this hit him on his chest playfully.
All adore this beautiful couple n Happy to see them like this.

Rag:?this time we can celebrate Raksha Bandhan grandly. As our family is complete now. This time my bhai n my princess both r wid me ? by saying this she cried ?
Laksh consol her n all went to prepare for the program.
Now swasan r alone. N swara was still hugging sanskar as if he will go away from her.
She kiss him on his cheek….. San was surprised by her action but next moment he was shock as she bit his earlobe.
San:?ahhh….. Swara
Swara laugh ?at this n show ?
San adore her bubblyness but soon reality hit him n he remember his promise n depart from her.
San:swara u go n. Freshup.
By saying this he drop her in washroom n gave her dress.

To be continued

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    I trust u u will reunion them even if they separate and plz update soon ?

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