Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 36)

Hello everyone…. Thank u all for ur comments…. N sorry for being late again… U all will scold me I know but I can’t help guys I have become very lazy n my classes are also going to start from 1 August so now I can’t promise to be regular(which I am not already?)
Recape:Swasan cute fight n Sanlak save doc daughter
doc was restlessly waiting for Sanlak when he saw his daughter come running to him.
He was so relieved now after seeing his daughter save n sound.
Doc:?thank u do much I ll never forget wat u did 4 my daughter
Lak:No need to thanks us. Now just help us in swara’s treatment
Doc:?yes I ll I will do anything 4 her. Thank u again so much
In all this Sanskar was just standing n was in deep thought ?? n rush from there in anger
Lak was shock n follow him
Lak:?Bhai wait what happen bhai
But no answer sanskar was about to start the car but lak enter n both wnt home.
Sanskar STOp the car wid a jerk n rush inside
All the members were sitting in hall when they saw Sanlak
Ansh:Sanskar laksh what happen did u find the girl
Lak nodded but Sanksar went direct To his room.
All were shock by his attitude.
Swa:?what happen to him jiju?
Lak:Dnt know swara Suddenly his mood changed n he is behaving weird.
Soon they heared a breaking sound from swasan room. They were about to go when sanskar come out from the room n went out in anger widout paying heed to anyone.
Swa:?what happened to him?
Lak:Swara u dnt worry I will take care of him.
By saying this he went behind sanskar.
All family members are tense m swara is crying ??
Ansh can’t take it anymore n hug her.
Ansh:?Plz don’t cry Doll plZ
Swara unknowingly respond to his hug.
Swa:?Bhaiyo why he is behaving so weird.what happened to him.
Ansh:Shhh ….nothing happened to him.He may be tense regarding some issue.
Swara was still not convinced by this but was In deep thought.

Here laksh was following Sanskar.sanskar went to a medical store first n was shouting at the man for something which laksh didn’t understand after a while he took someting n went from there.
Laksh too follow him but get stuck by a truck n he miss sanskar’s car.
Sanskar park his car in a isolated place outside the city.
He comeout of his car n stand in deep thought.
Sanskar remember the tattoo man forcing himself on the girl n thw girl’s scream were haunting him.
He can’t take it anymore n let his anger out by banging his hand in the car shade.
By then laksh also come n was shock to see the scene.Sanskar hand was bleeding n he was continuous banging his hand.
Laksh run to him n stop him.
Lak:Bhai ….bhai what the hell r u doing stop it?
San:?Leave me laksh. I am a b**ta*d .I am same like that man.
Lak:Bhai what’s wrong wid u what r u talking about.
By the time sanskar break down n sat on the ground Wid a thud.
San:?I hurt her alot lucky. She…she was a pure soul but I broke her.
Lak:Bhai about whom r u taking?
San:She is so nice but I am a heartless person. She returned me my life again for which I was curving so many years. ? She is just tolerating me. I am not fit for her. ??
Lak:Bhai about whom r u talking?
San:???Swara….. Lucky u know she did so much for me but I just hurt her.
He said everything whatever he did Wid swara n cried heart out. ??????
Laksh was hell shock n also angry after hearing what he did Wid that innocent girl.?But after looking at his condition he keep mum.
San:She is just tolerating me. I will leave her.
Yes I will leave her so that she can live her life.
Lak:?Bhai let’s go home all must be tense.
n took him home after calling the driver to take sanskar’s car. As he was not in a state to drive now.
swara was feeling restless thinking about him. All are tense n waiting for Sanlak to come.
Swa:?Why they r so late. Di plz call jiju I…
Just then Sanlak enter into the hall.
Swara get happy to see sanskar fine but soon she got shock by seeing his hand bleeding
She run to him without thinking about her own wound.
Ansh:Doll dnt run ur.. Leg
But she was running to him. Ansh too run behind her to support her from falling
She reach to Sanskar n hold his hand.
Swa:?Sanskar what happened?she ur hand is bleeding. Jiju what happen to him.
Laksh hold sanskar n Ansh hold swara n make both of them sit on sofa.
In all this sanskar was just standing like a statue.
Ragini bought First aid n give to swara.
Swa:?Cant u take care of urself. ?She it’s bleeding so much.???
All were tense by seeing swara as she was crying like anything n stressing herself.
Ansh tries to calm her down.
Ansh:?Doll plz calm down….
Swa:??Bhaiyo punish this Donkey…… See no he is so careless.??He is so bad.
Sanskar was getting flash how he r**e her n force himself on her. N how he torture her those days.How she slept on floor just by wearing his shirt.
Tears of guilt n anger where flowing from his eyes?? n when he saw love n care in swara’s face for him it stab him more n he see her wid painful eyes n adore her.
Swara was crying n scolding him for not taking care of himself.
Swa:??U IDOIT…. Donkey why can’t u take care of urself.Why u r so careless…. ??Can’t u understand that it hurts me when something happens to u. ?u… U fool… ??
As soon as he hear the word ‘Hurt’ he remember the r*pe incident.
He sit on his knees in front of swara by holding her hand.
San:???I am sorry….. I am sorry swara…. *He was looking down in guilt*
Swara was confuse by his apology.
Others all were confuse by hearing sanskar’s apology except for laksh.

Precape:Leap ….. Swasan separation…… ????

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    I know its your ff But plzzz sanskar family member I mean Everyone should sufferd because of them sanskar start to Drink because of them He became a womanzier I dont no how to Spell his family is the reason behind his this condition that why I think They should suffer because he is suffring from long back
    I dont like just asking a sorry everything will be alright They must have do to gain someone trust its a request to make her family member relise because them their son brother is destrod

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