Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 35)

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Sanskar come to dinning table by carrying swara.
All were present there n adore the cute couple.
Rag:☺awe…. So cute… Sanskar love her so much na.
Lak:*innocent tone*? Ragu dnt I love u
All laugh at his question ???? rag blush?.
Rag:?Shut up laksh

Sanskar place swara in the chair slowly n sat beside her.
All were happy as they thought after last incident she will not talk Wid any1
Sakshi was struggling to ask her something So sense it.
Ap:swara beta how r u feeling now?
Swa:☺Much better Badi Ma.

Ap ☺ n look towards sakshi n she thanks her by eyes.
Everyone start there bf.swara was about to touch the plate when she got a slap on her hand.
Swa:?Ahhh…. ?sanskar what?
San:?What were u doing?
Swa:Having my bf
San:no need to touch the plate ur hand is injured.
Swa:?Then how will I eat without touching the plate
San:?I am there na teddy.i will feed u.
Swa:No need I W…
San:???Shut up

San:?I heared that
Swa:I said u only to hear
San start to feed her n all were smiling looking at them.
After a while swara was full n she was denying him.
Swa:Sanskar I am full stop now
San:No no u have not yet ate anything eat
Swa:No plz sanskar

San:Aree if u will eat so lil then how u will be my chubby n cute teddy bear
Swa:No I…. *Remind what he said*???Sanskar I asked u not to call me that…. U..
San:?U r teddy only so I call u that na
Swa:???U stupid idiot
She start searching something to beat him.
Lak saw her n pass a plate to her.
Lak:Here take this.?
San:?? U traitor
Lak:?what Bhai I just help my Bhabi na.

San:?u ldiot ..
Swa:? dnt u dare to scold me devarji+jiju Mr. Donkey Maheswari
Lak:*wep his fake tears*itna pyar ??Bhabi u continue
Swara was about to beat him when sanskar shout
San:??? jaaaaan baby cutieeeeeeeeee darlinggggg Nooooooooo
Swara blush????
All others laugh by seeing the scene.
Suddenly Ansh cough.
Swa:?Bhaiyooo r u fine have water
She gave him glass n calm him down.
After he calm down she look at her surroundings where all were happy by seeing it.
She compose herself n look down.

Lak sense the situation n try to cheer up so he continue his work???
Lak:Swara dnt u think u r forgetting something ???
Swara look angrily at sanskar n sanskar look towards laksh Wid same look.
Before she could complete her sentence he carry her in his arms n went from there.
While others keep laughing at there cute scenes. ????
After giving medicines to swara n make her sleep sanskar come to meet laksh for the further work.
Sanskar Raglak Ansh was there.[samy went to her house as Arun coem back]
Lak:Bhai this is the address of that bike owner

San:Great let’s go then we can delay anymore.
(to RagAnsh)Ansh u discuss Wid Dr.Neil regarding the medicine n take care here.
Both nodded n all went to there destination.

Sanlak reach the address.It was a small house.They search for someone to enquire about the house but there was noone.
They wnt near the house n found the bike park near the house. They wnt n peep from the window n found the tattoo man pic Wid a old lady(probably his mother).They click photo of the pic.
They went near the bike n fit a GPS in it. N went from there.
They park there car lil for as only they can see who come out of the house.
They wait for nearly two hours but still there was noone came out of the house.
San:?What the hell….its been so late n none has come out of the house.
Lak:Bhai relax.

That time they saw a man (tattoo man) went with that bike.
laksh call someone n ask him to follow the device(GPS).
After a few min they too follow the bike.
They bike stop at a isolated place lil far from the city.

The tattoo man park his car n went inside a house which is more like a godown.
Sanlak along with some of there men follow him.
There were few more goons who there. San n few men follow the man n lak went to the other side along Wid the rest men.
After following him he reach a room where the man enter he ask his men to wait n went silently inside.
As soon as he entered he was shock to see the scene.That man is forcing himself on a small girl. N the girl was screaming to leave her.
By looking it he started to get some flashes n his head started to pain. But he come back to sense when he heared the girl’s scream.
He. Become hell angry??? n rush to the girl resuse.
He started to beat the man by hearing the voice his men come n hold that tattoo man.
Sanskar went to the girl n saw that her dress was tore n she was crying. He remove his blazer n cover her.
San:?Dnt worry u r save now.

Girl:???I wanna go home.
San:Inspector u please take care here.
Ins:U dnt worry Mr. Maheswari n thank u alot for ur help
San:Never mind
After that he took her from there n went to his car n call laksh.
San:Lucky come we found her n leave them on the police.
After laksh came both went to Doc house.

Precape:Sanskar strange behaviour

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N this part credit goes to Me n seeba di….. ???????

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