Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 34)


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Both were confuse what to do. As they dnt know the password.N if they type wrong password it can create problem for them.
Lak:Bhai Now what?
San:No idea Lucky.
Suddenly they saw someone coming.
San:Lucky I think some1 is coming let’s hide.
Both went n hude behind wall which was near the gate.
The person was a man in his late 50s along with a lady in her late 40s.
Both went inside by typing the password.
San:Lucky the door is open let’s go.
Both went behind them n hide behind the sofa.
The man along with the lady who is his wife came to meet doc.
Man:Arjun…where r u?
Doc:Bhaisa …u here at this time?
Man:Ya we r leaving today to London so came to meet u n Gunjan before leaving.
Wife:Where is she?
Doc:? wo… wo… actually she… ha… she went to her friends house for group studies… yes. .
Man:Arjun r u okay… I mean why r u sweating n u never allow Gunjan to stay in someone’s house naked then?
Doc:Wo…Bhaisa she was arguing with me so I allowed her.
Man:Okay we shall leave now. We r getting late. Take care.
Doc nodded n they left.
As soon as they left Doc broke down. ???
He took his daughter photo frame which was in the hall n cried.
Doc:I am sorry beta…. I am neither a good father nor a good doctor.
I am destroying that child life but I am helpless beta ur superman is helpless I am doing everything to save u. I am sorry please forgive me. ??
Sanlak heared everything n Now they r sure that doc is not at fault his is pressurise for doing so. they went near him n confront him.
San place his hand in his shoulder
Doc:?? wh… wh.at..r u doing here… how u entered my… house…. ? get out I said.
San:Dr.sarma…calm down We know everything.
Doc:?Wht u know… ?please ? go from here otherwise we both will be in problem please.
san:Dr.Sarma u r our family doc we trust u…. u r like our family so u can share ur problem please….. My wife need u.
Doc:? My daughter also need me I can’t take risk with her life… They. ..They will kill her
Lak:Whats the matter please say it.
Doc:No.u all go from here…
No sanskar’s anger is coming back.
San:?Dr. I said speak. up what’s the matter or else we r going to police right now.We have proof against u.
Doc:? No no please… I beg u dnt go to police.
San:Then say what happen to ur daughter.
Doc asked them to sit n he said everything.
Doc:That day when u bought ur wife for checkup. I told u that she is suffering from cancer… she is
San:We know she is not suffering from cancer but she was given slow poison by someone ???
Doc:*bow his head*I am sorry I was blackmailed.
Doc:Yes that day as soon as I received the reports I got a MMS n in that???
San:What was in that?
Doc:It was My… My daughter’s MMS… she was unconscious in bed n some goons were with her..
After that I get a call that man said that if I want to save my daughter’s dignity I have u do whatever he said.
San:Do u know who is that man?
Doc:No …after that he said to give wrong treatment to ur wife n said not to inform if I do anything against there wish they will…. ????
Sanlak console him.
San:U dnt worry we will save ur daughter. Do u have that MMS?
Doc:yes…But if they come to know?
San:U send us that… Dnt worry about that…. N Ya we have to postpone swara’s appointment.
Doc:But if we do so they will come to know as they r spying on us.
Lak:We know about that…. we will call u n inform that Ragini is not well so we postponed the appointment.
Both nodded. Sanlak leave from there.
After reaching MM Both straightly went to Raglak room after signing everyone to come there.
Swara was sleeping due to medicine effect.
sanlak inform about Doc daughter n show them the MMS.
San:What the hell there face r blur?
Ansh:Ya …by this we can’t do anything.
Ragini saw the MMS again n observe something.
Rag:I…saw this man*pointing to the screen*
Rag:That day when I n Bhai went to checkup for the transplant. I dashed with him.
San:But how can u be so sure his face is blur?
Rag:Ya but see..*she stop the play at the man n zoom it*He has a tattoo in neck which is different so I remember. n I am sure he is the one.
Lak:Ok then we can find tht man in hospital CCTV footage na?
San:Yes lucky u r right

Ansh call someone.
Ansh:? I want the CCTV footage of this month of sunshine hospital within an hour.
By saying this he cut the call.
Here sanskar make a call to someone which is muted.

after an hour Ansh PA come with the footage.
Pa:Sir here…. hand over a CD.
Ansh took the CD n attach it with. laptop.
They were searching the footage of that day but didn’t find it.
Ansh:? I said I want full footage of this month.
Pa:? sir I have brought the full footage of this month.
Ansh:Then why I am not getting the footage of that day when we wnt to hospital.
By now all where again dishearted as they dnt have any clue.
When sanskar enters with a CD.
San:This is the footage of the mall which is near hospital. I guess we can get some clue.
He attach it n started to search for the footage of that day.
Luckily they found it n were searching for clue when Ragini point to that man.
Rag:Here see… the same man
Lak:Note the bike number we can get info.
They zoom it n took the number.
After that all were a bit relieved.
Laksh call his friend n ask him to find get the info.
Lak:Bhai now it’s very late.we will get the address by tomorrow.
All nodded n went to there respective rooms.

Sanskar come n saw his life sleeping but not peacefully as she is bearing much pain.
San:Nothing will happen to u teddy… By saying this he. kiss? her forhead n went to change after changing come n sleep hugging her.
Our cute couple were sleeping hugging eachother.
Sanskar woke up first n saw her sleeping but this Time there is peace in her face.
He think something n smile ?
He went near her ears n ? he there.
Swara ??? blush by this.
He again did the same n it continues for sometime but still she didn’t get up.
San:Teddy Maheswari get up…
By hearing this her red blushing ??face turn into a volcano ???
She open her eyes n see him with a I will kill u look.
San:? oh u woke up good… My teddy..
Swa:?Sanskar stop calling me that I am warning u.
San:Warning o really… My cute teddy by saying this he pull her cheeks.
Swara took a pillow n started to hit him.
Swa:Now call me teddy…. u donkey Maheswari…. I will kill u….
San:Ahh…swara stop it… OK I will not call u… teddy okay my teddy… from today I will not call u teddy Maheswari Becz u r not teddy right teddy.
Swa:Ya…what… u stupid donkey again u r calling me teddy
Again she started to beat him. Sanskar hold her hand n pull her towards him n kiss her on her lips.
At first swara was shock by this but the she too respond back.
After sometime both parted themselves n swara blush????
After that both freshup.
Swara glar ? at him.
San:? sorry swara… okay *swara ☺ *i am going down u be here I will bring ur bf.
Swa:?No sanskar I wanna eat with everyone.
San:But u r not well
Swa:?U carry me na… I will not walk so what’s the problem.
San:Wah…sahi Hai…. Come
By saying this he took her in his arms.
San:? Swara u r soooo….
Swa:??? What….
San:No nothing I was saying that u r so light like a page…. ???
Swa:*hit his chest*Shut up n let’s go.
San: okay madam.
By saying this he took her down to dining table.All were present there n adore the cute couple.

Precape:cute family time. Doc daughter to be saved.

Sorry once again for late post….. I will try to post soon….. ?????

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