Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 33)


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All were shocked by swara’s scream n rush to her room.

Swara was screaming n crying In pain. she was throwing things here n there.

All rush near her room n were shock to know that the room was lock.
San:?Swara…. swara open the door…
Here swara was continuously scream n breaking things.
Ansh:?Doll…. open the door…. doll… please I am sorry.. ….Doll.
All the males were trying to open the door.
Suddenly swara stoped screaming.
San:??I think something is wrong…. Laksh Ansh…. let’s break the door.
Both nodded n after some attempt they broke the door.
As soon as they enter the room they were horrified by looking at the scene.

Swara was lying on the floor between broken thing n her hands legs were bleeding due to the broken things.

San n Ansh run to her n San make her lie on the bed.
San:?Swara…. swara… open ur eyes…. ?
Ansh:?Doll please open ur eyes….
Sak:?What is happening to my daughter. why she has to bear so much….
Rag n samy were also crying but they somehow console her.
Ansh:?Sanskar we have to call doc… my friend n his wife is here ….They r from New York…i will call them. we cannot trust anyone outsiders now.
San nodded. But his full concentration was on swara.
Ansh was about to call when San stop him.
San:Ansh stop….
Ansh ???
San near the sofa n bought a cell phone from his bag.
San:Call from this cell…. it is my private number nO one knows about it.we cannot take risk.
Ansh:Ya u r right.
He took the cell n call his friend.

Ansh:Hello Am I speaking to Mr. Neil Khanna
Neil:Yes…i am Neil….
Ansh:Hello Neil it’s me Ansh Singhania.Remember.
Neil:Ansh….From London?
Neil:Oh Ya… how can I forget u….
Ansh:Mr.Neil heared that u n ur wife is in India that too kolkata…..
Neil:Yes….u heared right….
Ansh:I need ur help can u please come to Maheswari mansion xyz colony?
Neil:Now ….
Ansh:Yes actually my sister’s health is very bad n she was given some kind of slow poison now she is unconscious so please it’s a request.
Neil:Okay we r nearby only we will be there in 20 min.
Ansh:Thanku….so much…
Neil: ur welcome…..
After cutting the call he come back to swara n sit beside her.

Sanskar was trying to remove the pieces of glass from her hands and legs.with much difficulty. ???
He was feeling the pain Which was Swara going through.
Soon Dr. Neil(Ronit ROY) n his wife Dr. Avantika(Pallavi Kulkarni) reach MM.

Avail(Neil+avantika) check her n dress swara’s wound. Give her a painkiller injection.

Neil:Whats the matter.?Did she tried to commit suicide?
Ava:Her wounds r quite deep
San:She was a bit depress but …
Neil:Only Neil…
Ansh:okay…Neil… she will never do such things….
Neil:Okay…n Ya… u r talking about some poison what was that.?
San:Ya….lets go to Laksh room the reports are there itself…. (to ladies ) please be swara….
All ladies nodded(Ap Sakshi sujju) . N others went to Raglak room.

Avail were checking the files n were shock by studing the reports.
Neil:Please excuse is.
Bus saying this both went lil far from others n make some calls.
After sometime they come back.
Neil:Its a slow poison. Which is very rare. N if our guess is right it has stated to show its effects on her body.
San:?what do u mean?
Ava:Slow poisons are very dangerous n it gives painful death to the person whom it’s given. Headache body ache are the symptoms n at a time it will increase to such extant that the person will try to harm himself in pain.

San:Now what shall we do to cure her doc.?
Neil:This poison is very rare we talk with our seniors they will inform us were we can find it.
Ansh:?please Neil… save my sis…..
Neil:U dnt have to say please Ansh…. we will do our best dog worry….
Ava:Now she is sleeping after she will be awake she will suffer from immense pain… n weakness…. Be with her n dnt make her upset or depress…. It will be dangerous for her.
Lak:If u dnt have any problem why dnt u both stay her only….??? It will be a great help?
Neil:No how can.. we… dnt worry we will come if there is any problem….
Ansh:No Laksh is right… Why u have to stay in hotel stay here only…u can check doll also..
Dp:Yes Please stay here it’s a request.
Avail accept at last.
San:N Ya.. please act normal in Hall we cannot take any risk… N Dr. Neil if u want to discuss anything about swara’s health please come to this room.
Neil:Okay but what’s the matter?
Lak:Actually someone has kept microphone in hall n our activities are recorded so…
Ava:Do u have any idea who must have done this?
Rag:?Actually some days ago I saw a shadow in hall I went behind it but didn’t find anyone so I thought it is my hallucination so I dnt think much…
samy:I guess all this incident has some connection…
Ava:I also think the same.
All nodded n after discussion all went to hall while San wnt to his room.

As San come all the ladies went down.
San saw beside her n cares her hairs.
San:Nothing will happen to u swara…
He was crying ?? when swara gain conscious.
Swara open her eyes with much difficulty. Her whole body was aching.
San:Swara…r u fine….
Swa:???Sanskar… it’s paining like hell…. I am not able to bear it….. Ahhhh…
San was dishearted after seeing her condition.
He hug her.
San:Sh….hh… Dnt worry it will be okay….. nothing will happen to u…
Swa:???Ahhhh…… sanskar ??
she was trying to move her legs but Becz of the deep cut it ws paining.
San kiss her forehead.
San:Nothing will happen….
He went near her f
legs n kiss her feet….. ??
San: Now also paining.
SwAra nodded like a baby.
San again ? there.
Swara nodded nO n give a painful ☺.
San come to her n gave her a peck In her lips n take her in his embrace.
San:Sleep swara… everything will be okay….
swara place her head in his chest n sleep.
San was weeping silently.
San:(to sleeping swara) I will not let anything happen to u…. I can’t loose u…. I will die if u will not be with me…. any saying thishe again ? her forehead n make her sleep in the bed properly.
All this were notice by the ladies.
After he make he’d sleep properly he went down to talk with other.

San come down. others were siting silently.
He signal Lak Ansh to come in laksh room.

Ansh:How is she now?
San:Not Fine…. she was crying in pain.
Ansh ??? I will kill that bas***d… what problem he has with Doll.
Lak:This ans can only be given by Doc.
San:What do u mean?
Lak:We have to confront him why he did this with swara….
San:You r right tomorrow we have an appointment with that doc n If we don’t go it will create doubt on the people who r doing all this.
Ansh:Right so….
San:We have to talk with him first itself….
Lak:But now?
San:yes we will go now. N u will come with me. Ansh u take care here.
Ansh nodded n Sanlak went to the doc sarma’s house.

They reach near the house when they saw many guards there along with dogs.
San:?why there are so many guards?
Lak:?dnt know Bhai… but I think something is wrong?
San:?ya I also think so.
Lak:Sanakar I think we should go by some other ways.
San:U mean to. say back gate….
Lak?:Why did u forget to climb walls?
San:?R u serious….
Lak:As always….
Both park there car. at a distance n climb the wall of the doc. house.
As soon as. they land on ground they show 5-6 dogs roaming near the main gate.
San:Laksh I really think something is fishy…. let’s go…..
Laksh no nodded n both went.
As they reach the main gate that saw a security device which ask password to enter the house.

Precape:Sanlak confront doc. how will they enter the house??? Any idea?????? ?

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