Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 32)

Hello everyone. Sorry for late update….. Hope u are liking this story like if not please let me know…..

Swara:?Who r u???
All r shocked by her question???
Rag:?shona wat question is this??
He is arnav bhai..
Swa:i want ans from him..
Ansh was remain silent….
Swa:?speak up bhaiyo…?sorry Mr.Ansh singhaniya..

Now all r worried ?and ansh has tears in his eyes?..

Swa:y did u fool me??y do u hide ur identity??
Rag:?swa..relax..bhai don’t want u take stress..so tat we hide it… Our Bhai loves u so much…u r his life..
Swa:??first of all he is ur bro..not mine…
Sans:?swa pls..don’t say this…he loves very much..only he believes u r alive…
SWA:?is it??
Turns to ansh…???
If u think i am alive y didn’t u search me???
Y u ran away from here??
Leaving me in hell..
Ansh:..He was numb dnt know what to say…. ???
Swa:??Let me tell u why… u..u too forgot me like mr and mrs singhania..
I always get a flash of a boy and a little girl..in that boy always used to protect her and make her laugh..
I wait for tat boy to save me and console me but he didn’t..???
It is u..only u. Whom i always wait to save..me..
Ansh:?doll…i ..i …i …am..sssssoorryy..
And break down..
Swa:?y r u crying??
It is my destiny..
See someone shows my place in ur life. By saying this she throw the envelope which contain the pics.
N went to her room.
Sans go after her..
Swa:?pls sanskar leave me alone…*she fold her hand in front of him*
Sans step back..
Ansh became was not reacting….He sit on his knees with a thud.
Arnab keep his hand on his shoulder..ansh quickly hugged and cry vigorously..????
Ansh:??I loose her….. once again…. she hate me now. DO.LLL….I AM SORRY…..

San make Ansh sit on the sofa n gave him water to drink.
San:?Ansh dnt worry.. she dnt hate u…she is just hurt that we hide ur identity.
Rag:?But who told about Bhai to her.?
Just then samy notice the envelope.
She open it n show the pic n she captions. N saw them to all.
Samy:Sanskar….bhai… someone did it intentionally. They wanna break the relation between u n shona .
Look at the pics by saying this she gave the pics which increase Ansh anger.
Ansh:???Who the hell is that person? I will kill him..
Others are worried for swara.
Lucky get a call…which was on the table….while taking the call he found a. rare signal in his phone after cutting the call he saw the surroundings of the table …..He get shock to see microphone under the table. ?
He signal all to keep quite n Show them the microphone..
San ansh were hell shocked.???
Suddenly sanskar remember about the pen drive n warning of kartik “Ur wife n family is in danger”.
Sans:*whisper* everyone speak normally…till we come back.
By saying this Sanskar laksh Ansh ragini n samy went to Raglak.

Lak:Bhai…what happen why did u call us all here?
San:Laksh first give me ur laptop.
Lak gave him the laptop.
He took out the pen drive n insert it.
San tell him everything what happen in Hospital .
Ansh:What….Doll life is in danger.
San nodded n all sit to read the document store in the pendrive.

Pendrive document
Hello Mr. Sanskar Kumar.U must be shock how I know ur name .So let me tell u the hospital in which it wife is being treated in that hospital my wife works As Junior Doctor.N by her I came to know that ur wife’s life is in danger. The doctor gave u wrong information regarding her illness she is not suffering from Blood cancer.
(By reading this all hve a smile in there face but only for a while)
But she was given It is a rare slow poison. it is killing her slowly. I am a forensic expert n I can say by examining the reports that it is very rare n it is effecting her health gradually. I can’t help u directly as people the behind u all and will harm me n my family so sorry for this n please consult another doctor as soon as possible otherwise her chances of survival will be hard. I have attached the reports in it.
All are horrifed after reading letter.
Rag:Oh my god…..who is doing all this and what enmity does he have with swara.
San:I think microphone is also kept by that person only to know our activities .
Ansh:N now we cannot let them know that we know about swara’s illness.
San:By why the hell Dr. Sarma is doing this….. What enmity he has with us. He is the beat doc in India. …n he is a good man…..
Lak:Now what shall….
He was interrupted by a voice from swara’s room.

All rush to her room n was shock to see the scene.

Precape:What happen to swara…..who is the enemy…….. New entries. ……

Guys hope u are liking our story…… if not please tell me…..

I have started a new story… “Whispering hearts”
Hope u will like it.
I will post next episode soon……

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  1. sanya

    Nice dear
    Heyyyyyyyyy guys did you see today epi how was it I loved IT omg sankar Kiss swara reaction………
    I was smiling like an a Idiot oh god this was unexpected epi i thought it will be boring like sahil ko pakdo but to my suprise i loved the epi

  2. soumya

    Awwwww… So bad yr..gandi bachhi.. Aise koi suspense me chordta h kya… Now ur punishment is k u ve to upload next episode fast fast n fast… Otherwise mai b mera next chappy post nhi krungi…. By d way loved it…??????????

  3. Reethi

    Awesome. Feelimg sad for all of them.????.omg????these many twists.I’ll die in excitement
    Plz post next part asap plzzzzzzzzzz.

  4. Aahna


    |Registered Member

    Awsm…one side u give us happy news and other side again shock….
    I really luv ansh and swara bonding. Update next part asap can’t wait to know who is new villain…

  5. Isabel


    |Registered Member

    Oh my!! Shocks after shocks, so many surprises, waiting to know everything very clearly.. Keep smiling 🙂

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