Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 30)


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Recape:Swasan Raglak Masti.

Both swasan r sleeping peacefully when sanskar Wake Up n saw his love sleeping like a baby.
He Wake Up widout disturbing her n went to freshup.
All were sitting there.Sanskar too join them n sat beside samy but didn’t talk Wid her.
Samy:Sanky …..
No reply
Samy:Sanskar ….*Shake him*ehat happen?
San:?Dnt talk to me?
Samy:?But why?
San:?Dnt act like innocent who gave u d idea to tell that I know to cook? only Becz of u I have to bear so much of torture. ?
Samy:?Sorry sanskar…but shona asked me something special about u so…
San:So…so u told her that I know to cook OK… now talk Wid her only…. u r not more my friend. u never help me na.
Samy:Okay sorry na… forgive me I will do whatever u want me to do promz.
San:u sure?
While talking sanskar saw a pic of a cute lil girl on Ansh phone.
san:*looking at the pic*?she is so cute.
Samy:?Who show me.?
Sanskar show her the pic.
San:?I wish I also have a cute lil teddy like her.
Samy: ☺ Then ur wish can be fulfill?
Samy:Do u know who is she?
San:A cute lil teddy bear ?
samy:?N this teddy bear is ur wife.
Samy:?Yes….its her pic when she was… *she think*
Ansh:When she was 6 years old. I took this pic On her school annual function day.
San:?She was indeed very cute….
Rag:She is still cute…..
Who is still cute… a voice come from the stairs. it was swara.
She come n sat near sanskar.
Swa:?Sanskar what r u all discussing who is cute?
San pass the pic to her n ☺.
Swa:?Ooo… she is soon. cute…. just like a teddy bear….
All started to laugh after listening this.
San:?Swara do u know who is she?
Swa:?No but who ever she is…. she is very cute…. May be her parents are also like teddy bear that’s why she is also…. I am right now Bhaiyo?
By listening this Arnab started to cough while Sakshi laugh along Wid others. ???
Swa:?Why all r laughing?Bhaiyo.???
Ansh:Swara do u know who is she?
San:??*Pulling her cheeks*Its u Mrs. Teddy sanskar Maheswari…
Swara was ??
San:?Now u urself agreed that u r a teddy bear na?
Swa:?No I m not a teddy bear.
San:?yes u r my cute lil teddy bear.
Swa:?I am not teddy bear… u monkey….
By saying this she took a cushion n started to beat him.
Raglak samy r laughing including Sanskar n elders.
San:?Teddy teddy bear.
Swa:???I am not teddy…
By saying this she went from there in anger.
After a while.
San:I think we tease her much?
Samy Raglak nodded.
San:Ler go n console her.
All went in search of her n found her sitting in the garden.
Rag:*Back hug her*Shona…princess we r just teasing u..
No reply…. She was crying ??
Samy too come n sit beside her n try to console her she gave them an angry look???? n started to go.
But stop when she hear a melodious voice……
((Oh dil se dil ka rishta juda…
Pal do pal mein mitta nahi…
Bandhan dilo ka tutta nahi…
Bandhan dilo ka tutta nahi…))
She turn n was shock to see the person. Not only she but also Others.
It was arnav(Ansh)Holding a ? (Ragini’s ?).
((Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hain))
He hold her hand n make her sit in the bench.
((In aankho se har aansu
Mujhko churana hain ))
By saying this he rub her tears.
((Mujhko churana hain
Mujhko churana hain
Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hain))
After singing this he too started to cry.
All are shock to see Ansh Singhania this side which was only known to singhania family.
Swara saw him crying n she too was shock.
Swa:??Bhaiyo… why r u crying?
Ansh:Becz my d…. my sister is crying..
Swa:No …dnt cry… I will also not cry from now… promz….
By saying this she weep his tears. n smile. He too smile her back
All were adoring there bond. ?
In the evening sanskar was coming from his office. A man was following him.
Soon the man miss his car.
While coming he saw a pregnant lady dashed with a bike n fall. As a result she faint. (Guys imagine the lady as Sandhya from Diya aur baati)
He immediately took her to the hospital.
He admitted her n after searching he found her husband info n inform him.
San:Hello Am I speaking to Mr. Kartik(role played by Suraj from Diya aur baati)
San:Sir…actually ur wife meet with an accident so please come to Sunshine hospital .
Kar:?What. ..okay I am coming.
After a while he reach there.
Kar:(to receptionist) Excuse me a lady is admited here a few minutes ago.
Rec:Sir can u tell us the name.
Kar:Seena Agarwal
Rec:2nd floor Cabin no. 9
He run from there.
He reach in front if the room. That time sanskar was not there.
Doc come out after checking.
Kar:?Doc my wife…. she is fine na…. what happen…?
Doc:Calm down Mr.?
Kar:Kartik Agarwal.
Doc:Mr.Agarwal ur wife is fine. U should thanks that man who brought her here on time
Kar:Where is he?
Doc:I think he went to bring medicines.
Kar:Can I meet my wife doc?
doc:yes u can…..
By saying this he went from there.
Kartik went near her n sat.
Kar:I am thankful to that man who save my wifen our baby. But I am feeling bad as I missed that man. It is really very important to inform him about his wife but….
His thought were disturbed by door sound.
Sanskar enter with medicine.
Kartik saw him n was shock.
San:Hello Mr. kartik..
Kar:Hello Mr.
San:Sanskar Maheswari.
*forward his hand*
Kar:Thank u so much for saving my wife.
By saying this he sake his hand with sanskar n gave him something in his hand.
Sanskar was about to say something when kartik hug him n say something in his ears
Kar:*whisper*Dnt react. ur family’s life n specially ur wife’s life is in danger. The password is “danger”.
San:Okay then I shall take leave. Take care.
By saying this he went from there.
While thinking what must be in that pen drive he got a phone.
San:Ya laksh…
Lak:Bhai come home… we have to discuss about swara’s treatment.
San:ya…i will be there within 10 min.
He keeps it in his pocket n went from there.
In MM all the gents were in the study room while the ladies were in kitchen except Swara. She was enjoying the nature when a parcel come to her.
Parcel boy:Mam Do u know Swara Maheswari?
Swa:yes I am swara….
PB:*Handed her an envelope*Mam this is for u….. Please sign here.
Swara sign n took it.
She was about to open it when sanskar call her.
San:Hello swara….
Swa:Ha sanskar.
San:Did u have ur medicine…
Swa: ?umm… Ya Ya.. m. I have taken it…..
Swa:Ya really….. OK bye.
She run to her room n have her medicine.
After a while she remember about the envelope n open it.
It contain a photos of SINGHANIA’s.
where Ansh Arki Ragini n Ansh fiance was there.along with there names. Near the corner there was a question mark…

Behind the pic there was written
WHERE R U??? ”
Swara hold the pic n tears were falling from her eyes.
Here in hall all the young stars were present.

Ansh was depress n was in deep thought . all notice it.
Rag:Bhai….whats the matter? Why r u so upset?
No reply.
Samy:Bhai….what happen…..
Rag:*Shake him*Bhai what….
she saw he was crying…
Rag:Bhai…waht happen why r u crying?
Sanlak:What happen bro….
Ansh:I am scared guys…..After my doll come to know my identity she will start to hate me.
San:No…Ansh dnt worry she will not hate u….. n we have to hide this truth till her treatment .As stress is not good for her.
All nodded.
After a while swara come to them n stand in front of Ansh.
Swa:?Who r u?
All are shock by her question ???

precape:Some suspense…..

Guys hope u all are liking the story if not please inform me…. I will try to improve it……

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