Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 29)


Hello everyone….. thank u all so much for liking my ff…..
N also seeba di who helped me the most…..

Now the final game.
Swasan are standing against each other.
Sanskar:?Teddy­ …..get ready for ur punishment…?
Swara:?Will see.
Both took there position. soon the game start… Both swasan were looking at each other eyes.
Swara make a pout? n gave him a kiss?.
Sanskar become numb by seeing the action of swara.

By getting this chance swara look the hanky n won the game.
Swara:*jump in happiness*Yeee…..w­e won by saying this she gave hi fi to ragansh.
Laksh slap his forhead:Hey bhagwan….. bhai what have u done now we are gone.
Sanskar came back to sense:it’s cheating… swara u did cheating…
Swara:*fake crying*See na Bhaiyo…. As he lost the game now her is blaming me….*By saying this she fake crying like a kid*
Ansh:Sanskar what is this… u loose so acceptit..
San:But she Did…
Swa intrupt:What u wanna say that I did cheating ok tell us what I did?Sanskar was speechless:hmm…. u… u…
Swa:What me me….. say na….
Sanskar was not able to ans anything.
Swara wink at him.?
Lak:Leave it bro no use of arguing with them.
Rag:Losers get ready for punishment.
Sanlak: ??Wh…what punishment?Swaragini discuss something n then swara speak:Nothing much dance for us.
Sanskar was about to say something but
Lak intrupt:So simple… I am a dancing star tell me what dance u wanna see Salsa hip-hop or…
Swara intrupt:The song which I am going to play dance on it.

By saying this see gave a smile ?which was a danger warning for Sanlak.
Laksh was cool but sanskar found something fishy.
Soon swara start a song which shock Sanlak n Ansh rag samy were controlling there smile.
Sanlak:?What the hell…. what song r u playing swara… we cannot dance on it.
Swa:U have to do it…. loose the game so. do it.
Sanlak were helpless. n started to dance on Lovely song….
“”Tere naal naal sajna veMera dil dhadke, mera dil dhadkeTere naal naal sajna veMera dil dhadke, mera dil(Habibi, aashiqui, hayati, naseebiHabibi, aashiqui)
Both were shaking there hips n lak was dancing like a professional
Main lovely ho gayiaanNaam tera padh ke, Naamtera padh keMain lovely ho gayiaanNaam tera padh ke, NaamteraGhar aaya mera sohna sajanGhar aaya mera sohna sajanGhar aaya mera sohna sajanGhar aaya mera haaye sohna sajanYe jo bangle hai re laal color kiTere liye hi khan khan karkeInn haath mein.””
All were laughing after watching the dance where laksh was trying to seduce sanskar n sanskar was giving disgusting looks to him.

After laughing for so long swara feel pain in her head but soon the excitement took it away.
Rag:??laksh I never know that u r such a great dancer.
Samy:?Sanskar u r also good… but laksh rocks.
Both Sanlak sit down on the sofa as they were exhausted by the dance.
While others including the elders were laughing remembering the dance.
Rag come with a juice glass n sit beside laksh.
Lak:my Ragu… I knew that u love me so much n can’t See Me like this that’s why u brought this juice na… I love u Ragu…
Rag:Its for me not for losers… by saying this she drunk the juice in front of him.
Ragu rocks laksh shocks.
Soon swara give them the 2nd task.
Swa:Guys get ready for the 2nd task?Sanlak:Now what?
Swa:I get to know that my dear hubby can cook very nicely.
Sanskar gave a deadly glar to samy who was supressing her laughter.
Swa:So go n cook for us.
Lak was very happy as he thought that it’s only 4 sanskar
Lak:Go bhai all d best.
Sanskar gave a look like I will eat u now.
Swa:Aree Aree what all the best …
Lak:I dnt know cooking na so…
Swa:So…go n help ur brother.
Sanskar gave ?
laksh cried like baby.

All laugh looking at there antics…. N specially singhania family were happy to see there princess so happy….
Soon Sanlak come with Gobi Manchurian n rashmalali.
Sanlak serve everyone n all started to eat.
San:*whisper*My cute lil teddy bear get ready for punishment to tease me.?
Swara make a puppy face:Sorry….
Laksh was eating like a bhukkard as he work so hard today ???.
While eating suddenly one piece of Gobi stuckin arnab’s throat n he struggle to breath all were shock.
Sak:Arnab …..arnab oh god I think something stuck in his throat….. Ragu call the doc.
Rag calls the doc.
All were trying to help him.
when suddenly swara went behind him n started to give punch in his back.
All were shock.
Sak:shona…beta what e u doing ??Ap:Swara beta leave him.
Swa:Move back everyone….
By saying this she gave a tight beat on his back by her elbow.
Arnab spilt the piece out from his mouth n took breath with relief.
All were shock.

Sak:Arnab r u OK?
Arn:?Ya I m f9.
Ap:Swara beta how u know this all tricks.?
Samy:She is a medical student aunty.
All were shock except sanskar.
Rag:What…swara r u a medical student?
Swa:I just did one year class.
Arnab was happy to see love for him in her eyes.
He went to her n was about to say something when she said.
Swa:Take care Mr. Singhania.
By saying this she went from there.
Arki were happy that there princess love them. Ansh was smiling.
sakshi went near Ansh n hug him.
Sak:Ur doll love us na beta? She love us
ansh:Yes MA she love us. it’s just that she is a lil angry with us. Dnt worry everything will be OK.
Rag too come n hug them.
After that all went back to here rooms…..

At night swara came down to have water while crossing Raglak room she hear rag’s crying voice.
She went to check. N heared ragsaying
Rag:I m very bad I dnt believe my best friend. Today I saw no emotion in his eyes…. Does he really hates me so much?
Rag:?Swara… what r u doing here? Do u need anything? *by weeping her tears n trying not to saw her tears to swara*
Swa:Ragini what happened between u and sanskar? What relation u both share?
Rag was shock by this question:??Swara why..r u asking all this?Swa:*Hold her hand n make her sit*Ragin u can tell me I dnt mind if u share ur problems.
Rag:*hug Her*swara….we were best friend.. not more than samy n sanskar but still he wasmy only best friend.
All family members thaoght that we were in a relationship so they fixed our marriage. We both agreed for our family as they were very happy n we both also dnt have my problem that time.
Swa:? Do u love him now also?Rag:No shona… we never loved eachother we were friends nothing else.
But then that party incident happened n I also didn’t believed himn said him that he was an animal n slap him ??.

After that he went from here. Then Laksh return from USA. We become good friends then started to feel for eachother n fall In love after that family members came toknow n we got married. ???
Swa:??How sweet….
Rag:??But I am feeling very guilty now I want to say sorry to him but I am feeling ashamed to face him.
Swa:*hug her*Dnt worry I will help u…. u both will be friends again.
Swara nodded.
Both talk for sometime n aftersthat swara went to her room.

sanskar was working in his lappy when swara come to room.She went to the bed n look towards sanskar who was very much involve in his work.He feel her gaze in him.
San:*without moving his eyes from the screen*Teddy….do u wanna say something.
Swara:yes…i…. *suddenly she realise what he called her*???Sanskar stop calling me that….
San:?Why I will call u teddy only….Swara took a pillow n started to beat him:???Now call me that…. I will kill u…Sanskar was smiling n hold her hand n pull herclose to him.
San:So what u will do… if I call u teddy.. Mrs teddy sanskar Maheswari..Swara was happy as he introduce himself as. Maheswari but also angry as he called her teddy.
Swa:Sanskar stop calling me teddy or else…
San intrupt:Or else.. what..
Swa:Or else…
before she can complete her words sanskar place his lips on her.He was kissing her after a while she too respond to him. they leave eachother after they were out of breath.Swara ?? while sanskar ☺.
After that both slept hugging eachother peacefully…

A girl(16 years) Was in bed half conscious trying to get up but failed.She was crying n was saying:papa please takeme from her… papa.

precape:lots more

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