Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 28)

Hello everyone….. I am sorry as last episode was not good….. I will try my best to improve my writing skills……

*******IN SWASAN ROOM********
Swara wake up first n saw her love sleeping calmly…. she never saw him sleeping so calmly as he was always in effect of medicine or something else. But today was different.
She widout disturbing went to washroom.After sometime she come back wear UK nearing a simple baby pink salwar.
She went near the mirror n was Waring her accessories when she saw herself.
She was looking at her face n figure.
Swa:(to herself) Am I becoming fat??? *touch her face*My cheeks are looking so round…. She was continuously blabbering herself. when she hear a laughing sound.
Sanskar was awake and was looking at his wife’s antics.
San:?Swara what r u doing ?
Swa:Amm…mmm… nothing…. I am just wearing my accessories….
Sanskar come behind her n back hug her n place his cheek in her shoulder.
San:Hmmm ….so my dear wife is feeling like she is fat. …
Swa:Am I really fat….
San:*He carry her n went near the bed n make her sit in his lap*what can I say now…
Swa:?Tell na sanskar am I really becoming fat…
Sanskar nodded like a cute baby.
Swa:?Hoooo. ..that means u think I am fat….
San:No u r not fat but my cute teddy bear…. By saying this he pull her cheek n give a peck in her lips
swara??? push him n went from there.
Sanskar smile? n went to freshup
After freshup he come down in hall n found no one.
That time Laksh was coming down when he slip from the stairs n call from there.
Sanskar was shock n run to him.
San:Lucky….lucky..r u fine…. did u get hurt.?
Lak:*happy n emotional*I am fine bhai….
San:??Dnt u know how to walk… stupid…. if something would happen then……i *suddenky he remember what he was doing n leave him.*
But laksh hug him tight n cried.
Lak:??I am sorry bhai… plz forgive me…. I didn’t believe u… I am sorry bhai…
Sanskar didnt hug him back .He feels as if his t-shirt is becoming wet n found that laksh was crying badly n hug him back.
San:Lucky stop crying….
Lak:Did u forgive me?? I am sorry bhai…. please…
San:Shh…laksh I forgive u n I am not at all angry with u… I was just hurt but it was only Becz of u I m proved innocent today… so I m Nt angry Wid u….
Laksh STOp crying n smile.
Lak:Thanks bhai….
Sanskar too smile.
********HOSPITAL ***********
Ragansh has come to do test for swara’s bone marrow. transplant….
After the tests.
Doc:Mrs.Maheawari n Mr. Singhania u both r capable for the transplant but we will get to know after 3 days who can donate the bone marrow…. so till then u have to wait.
Ragansh:Ok doc thank u.
By saying this both left.
While going Ragini dashed with a man n ask sorry from him while looking at him she notice a tattoo which was on his neck (An eagle).
He without replying went from there after giving a look to Ragini. She was confuse but brush away her thoughts n went from there.
swasan samy laksh were sitting in hall when ragansh come back.
Swara was sitting with an angry face ?.Sanskar have a cute ☺ while samy n laksh were confuse. ?
Arnav(Now I will call him Arnav) :What happen guys…why so silent.
Lak:We r also asking them the same.
Arnav went near swara n ask:Do….swara what’s the matter…..
Swa:*pout*Do u know this….. arrogant….. Bussinessman Mr. Sanskar has called me what???
Swara:*in childish tone*He called me fat….. ???
All take a relief breath except saksar.
Lak:Bhai why u said like this.
Samy:Ya why u said like this….. she is not fat she is cute…. right Ragu?
Rag:Ya Di…. our shona is very cute*By saying this she pull her cheek*
San:Who said she is not cute…. I didnt call her fat….
Swa:??U lier u called me fat….
San:??Swara remember what I called u…..
Swara gave a deadly look to him. ??
San:I said that u r my cute teddy bear…. what wrong I said…. u look like a cute lil teddy bear na…..
By saying this he took a glass n drink water.
Lak:Ya she is a small teddy bear n her father is a big teddy bear…
San who was drinking water split all the water.N all land in laksh face as he was in front of him.
Arnav samy laugh while rag give a look like I will kill u right now….
Lak:??Bhai…. what have u done…
San:stupid ….its ur fault….i just said my swara is a cute teddy bear…. I didn’t said anyone else.
Laksh went to wash his face.
Swa:???I am not a teddy bear.
San????:U r my teddy bear….
Swa:??no I am not…
San:Yes u r my lil teddy bear….
Swa:??Bhaiyo….. see na… this donkey is calling me. teddy bear…… Sanskar I will kill u if u again call me teddy bear…..
All were amazed by hearing Bhaiyo.Arnav was beyond happy.
Swa:Please tell him not to call me that bh..*she stop*
Arnav:Swara…u can call me Bhaiyo…. n sanskar dnt call her teddy bear….. she is not a teddy bear….
Sanskar n all were happy after looking Arnav smile.
San:Okay An… Arnav I will not call swara teddy bear…. okay na teddy bear.
That time laksh came. Swara was irritated with it n she stamp foot on laksh leg n went from there.
Laksh scream in pain:?????Ahhhh……both husband n wife only make me there target….
Samy n Ragu laugh. ….
Sanskar n Arnav went behind swara to convince her.
San:Swara….swara…. I am sorry. ….u r not fat…..
swa:*taunt tone*No no…. I am fat…. I am ugly…. ?Dnt talk to me…
San:*laugh inside*No ….swara… u r so beautiful…. okay tell me what should I do to seek ur apology.?
Swa:U will do whatever I say….
San:I know u will take advantage of this situation now…
Swa:?I Neve take any advantage… okay u feel like I will take advantage na… okay so let’s play a game…
Samy n Raglak also come there.
Samy:What game?
Swa:handkerchief game?
All:???What is that?
Swa:Dnt tell me u all never played this game?
All nodded in no.
Swa:?Hoo….we always played this game…. n this is my favorite game.
Samy:Okay the tell us the rules. we will surely play.
Swa:No sanaya…. u r not allowed to play this game… as u r Nt single now… u sit n enjoy the game.
Samy:*pout*no.i will also play…..
Swa:No…its not good for ur health… sanaya….. it’s. not good to bend in this state…
Samy:okay…i will sit u all njoy….
Swa:Okay…rules r simple we will make two teams n from each team one one member will come n stand face to face. n there will be a hanky which will be place betwn them.The one who will take the hanky n will cross this*point to the lines she make*will win.
Rag:*excited*Hey I have played this game once
Lak:U r saying as if u won a gold medal. By saying this he n sanskar laugh.
Rag:Shout up u donkies….
Swa:Okay guys stop so who will be in my team n who Wil be in sanskar’s team.
Swara’s team-Ragini Ansh n swara.
Sanskar’s team:He n lucky.
San:hey it’s not fair… u have three members we only two….
Arnav:Okay then I quit…..
Swa:But Bhaiyo….
Arnav:Dnt worry… *whispers*i am with u ….
Swa:? Okay…. let’s start…..one more thing
San:now what?
Swa:Nothing much… but…. one condition?
Swa:*smirk*The party who will loose will have to be slave of the winning party…. n also have to fulfill three wishes…
Sanlak n Ragini were shock.
Rag:*whispers in tension*Swaraa…what r u doing if..
Swara cut:Ragini dnt worry…. we will only win.
Rag nodded.
Swa:So let’s start the game.
All nodded. All were given sheets First was Ragsan.
Both come n were roaming around each other.Ragini was not making eye contact with him as she think that he hates her but today there is no pain n hated in his eyes he was free from all this negative thoughts.
Soon he took the hanky n boys score a point.
Swa:?Ragu…. wha u did.. ???
Next was Swalak.
Both were concentrating fully on the hanky…. n this time swara won.
Now the final round betwn swasan.

Precap:Who will win????? whom u all want to win??

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