Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 27)

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sanskar:Swara what happen…. why r u crying?? is everything okay???
But no reply swara was crying n hugging him tightly.
Sanskar break the hug n cupped her face.
San:Swara?What happen…. please stop crying?
Swa:?Sans… kar I was that…. girl whom u saved that day.
By saying this she again hug him.
Here everyone were shock???
Arki feel like someone stab them n Ansh was turning red due to anger n guilt.
Rag:?R u… Sahi?
Swara look towards her n nodded.
Swa:Whenever I work I introduce myself as Sahi to avoid problems.
Sanskar remember that incident n hug her tightly.
Raglak look each other as they know why she work there.
Swara was crying badly Ansh want to go near her and hug her but he control himself.
Swara started to say what happen that day from her POV.
Swara:that day was one of my horrible day. I was working as a waitress there. Me n one of my colleague was serving drinks when three people come near us n started to disturb us. But we didn’t say anything as they were rich so to prevent problems we did our work silently. After a while my colleague went to the other side. That time……. *she was crying while saying all this*….They again come to me… n *hold sanskar’s hand*they forcefully took me to a corner n….
Ragini cannot listen anymore she run n hug her.
Swara too broke down. She was not able to say anything.
After a while she look towards sanskar n hold his hand again.
Swa:??I am sorry sanskar only bcoz of me… u were insulted n was away from ur family this many years.. it’s all..
San intrupt:*He cupped he face*Shh….dnt say a word more…. it was not ur fault…. dnt u dare to blame my wife understand….
By saying this he kiss her forehead n hug her.
Arki come near her n was about to hug her when she move back.
Swa:?I am fine Mr. &Mrs. Singhania.
By saying this she went to her room.
All look at her n was sad. They want to go to her when Ragini say that she will take care of her. N went behind Her.
Arn:But why she was working as a waitress there..???
Lak:To pay her fees for her board exam.
All were more sad now by hearing the struggle she saw in all this year’s.
Arki were standing like lifeless body.
Samy *proudly:?but sad*:We should be proud of her papa… MA. ….
All look at her curiously….
Samy:After so much struggles also she topped her exam…. yes she score 97%in her Board exams.
All were feeling proud as well as guilty.
Specially Ansh happy for his Doll n Guilty as he cannot protect her from all the struggles. N when he remember that incident.
Ansh’s anger was in its deadline. He asked sanskar.
Ansh:?Sanskar can u tell me the name of that three Bas***ds?
San:Raj singha,Rajat Dixit n Tussar sonie.
Ansh thanks him n went from there.
All the MF were feeling guilty for not trusting there son.
DP wnt near him n fold his hand:Sanskar beta…..please forgive us…. we know we did a crime but that time proves were against u so…
San intrupt:I dnt need ur sorry… Mr. Maheswari….
He was about to go when Dp hold his hand
Dp:?Please beta… come back to us… we beg in front of u…..we need our son…. please….
Sanskar was melting his hatred was decreaseing.
But before that he went from there.
Here in Swasan room.Ragini make her sleep in her lap. N was caressing her hairs. Both were crying.
Ragini was holding her as saying that she will never let her go now.
All were sitting in the hall watching ?except swara was sleeping due to medicine effect n sanskar who was with swara.
They were siting casually when a news was shown which says that the three devils who tried to molest swara was under arrest n all there bussiness were sealed n all there illigeal business were open to the world. Now they were bankrupt.
Everyone look towards Ansh who was sitting casually as nothing happened.
Dp:?Ansh Beta did… u….
Ansh gave a evil smirk to them which replies every question.
Ansh stand up.
Ansh:*in dangerous tone*Anyone who tried n will try to hurt my doll…. will have to bare the consequences.
Lak:U did right…. they should get this punishment… Becz of them so many lives were spoiled.
Ansh:*smirk*Laksh Its not finish….. there punishment has just started….. Wait and watch.
By saying this he went away. While other were still in shock…..
Ragini come out to drink water when she saw a shadow .
Ragini:i think I saw someone….
She went there and search but didn’t find anyone.
Ragini to herself:no It must be my illusion…. may be due to stress …..
By saying this she went back to her room.
In a bungalow (unknown)
A man in his late 40 was holding a pic of a girl(16 years) n was crying.
Man:I am sorry beta…. I am doing all this only to save u……..u always want me to be a good man…. but I am Helpless please…… forgive me god ….

A man (35+)was working In his laptop with full concentration.
Man:I have to save her …..i cannot make that girl suffer.
After completion of his work he look to the other side where his pregnant wife was sleeping.
He cares her hair n sleep.

Precape:Ragansh in hospital.

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      shan we r trying to give everyone equal importance but as there are many characters so sometime we have to leave someone na… dnt worry samy also will get importance……

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