Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 26)

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Recape:Ansh entry
After Ansh left the room along with others. Sanskar went near swara n hold her.
He was caressing her hairs when swara cuddle n hug him in sleep.
Sanskar try to free himself from her grab but she even tighten her hold on him. At last he give up n hug her. N started to talk with her.
Sanskar:You know swara…. You are the only one whom I can introduce as my family. U know me understand me trust me even after I did so bad with u…. *He kiss her hairs*I love u swara…. U know from last 6 years.I am just surviving but after u came I started to live my life…. I suffocate everyday by remembering that my own family didn’t trust me. In all this year’s there was not a single day when I didn’t miss them.All left me swara…. Now I can’t even imagine my life without….if something happened to u*His eyes can saw his fear by the tears in it*No no…. nothing will happen to u….
By saying this he hug her tightly n slept.
Two pairs of eyes were witnessing all this n were happy as well as sad.
They were Raglak.
Lak:We did a big mistake by not trusting bhai.
Rag:Yes laksh…
Ragini think. something.
Rag:Laksh we should find the truth behind that incident.
Lak:you are right…. But how?
Rag:We will decide it afterwards let’s go now.
Both went from there.
All were sitting in the hall after the morning prayer. Swasan were also present there.
When a man enter in the hall. Ap saw him n got Happy.
Ap:?An…Arnav…. Beta come.
Arnav(Friend now I will call Ansh as Arnav)
Arnav took blessing from everyone.
Ap:He is my son.
All knows about the drama except swara.
Swara:Ma ….as much I know u have u have three sons n one daughter na?
Ap:☺ Yes beta….He is my sister’s son… he consider me as his mom so he is my son na.?
Swara smile n nodded.
Arnav:Massi who is she?
Ap:Beta she is Swara… Sanskar’s wife.
Arnav smile n went near her n forward his hand for handshake.
Arnav:Hello D…. Swara
Swara ☺ :Hello…. *Hold his hand*
(She got some flashes of a boy n a girl. )BHA..IY..O
All were shock n Ansh was beyond happy.
Arnav:Swara what u called me?
Swara:*feeling dizzy*Bha..ai.. yo…
By saying this she faint.
Both sanskar n Ansh hold her n sanskar carry her to room.
Ansh was hell scared for her.
Ansh:Sanskar she is fine na?? What happen to her suddenly… I dnt tell then how she c…
Sanskar:Calm down Ansh….. she just faint due to stress nothing else dnt worry.
Ansh:?But she called me Bhaiyo. how I mean….
Sakshi inrrupt:U both r connected by hearts beta.She dnt know u but she can feel u.
Ansh was still not satisfied but he control n went to swara.
Raglak went for the investigation. ?(CID)
Both went to the manager of the resort.
Mr. khanna(Manager):Hello Mr. &Mrs. Maheswari….
Mk:Tell me how can I help u?
Lak:Mr.khanna do u keep records of the people who work under u?
Mk:Yes we keep each n every detail of our workers.
Lak:Do u have the record file of 6 years before?Actually we are searching for someone.
Mk:*think for a while*Ya we have but…
Rag:?But what….
Mk:We have to find it…. as it’s very long time…. so it will take some time.
Raglak:We will also help u in searching.
Mk:Okay but of which party u want?
Lak:Holi party 2010 which was sponsor by Maheswari’s n Singhania’s.
Mk nodded n trio with the help of some more worker started to search for the file.
After searching for sometime they found the file.
Both thanks them n went from there.
Rag:Laksh there are 5 girls only it will not be a big problem to find them.
Lak:Ya….lets go .
Both went to meet the girls.
1st girl:-Haya
Rag:Hello Haya….
Haya:Hello mam…. please tell how can I help u?
Rag:Haya…i need a few information from u please dnt mind.
Haya:Surely nog mam please tell.
Rag:Haya…six years ago when u were working in shunishine resort did anything happened with u…. I mean… did someone tried to molest u or… something…
Haya:No mam….. nothing such happened to me…. But I heard that someone was abuse that day…. that girl work with us only but dnt know her.
Raglak thanks her n they asked the same to next two girls.
Everyone replied the same.
Rag ask the same question.
Tani:Mam I remember that incident she was working with me.. only…. Her name*she think for a while*ya Sahi…. she introduce herself as Sahi….. She was just 15 that time youngest among all of us.
Rag:Can u tell us what exactly happened that day?
Tani:Mam I dnt know fully but that day there was a big holi party.we were serving drinks to the guest when 3 men come n started to disturb us. After that I went to see other arrangements after I came I saw Sahi crying badly.
When I asked her she said that ….the men tried to abuse her but she was saved by someone…
Rag:Do u know who save her.
Tani:i dnt know man but I heared people gossiping that the man was from Maheswari family.
Raglak were shock.
Lak:Do u know where the girl live now.?
Tani:No sir…she came for the first time that day S….. I still remember when I asked her why she is working… she said that she dnt have money. to clear her fees for board exam so she is working. That is why I can never forget her.
Raglak become sad hearing about the girl. They thanks Taniya n went from there.

Rag:?Sanskar was innocent Laksh….
Lak:Yes Ragini…. we will prove him innocent…

Both reach MM n call everyone in the hall. All were present except swara.
Dp:Laksh whts the matter why did u call us here?
Lak:Papa we did a crime?
Dp:What r u saying?
Laksh went near sanskar n hug him.
Lak:?Bhai I am really sorry bhai…. I dnt trust u… I am sorry….
All were confuse… including sanskar He didn’t hug him back.
Ap:Beta what r u trying to say?
Lak:Ma sanskar is innocent…. he didn’t molest any girl that day….. instead he save that girl.
Dp:But we saw….
Lak intrupt:It was fake papa…. (to sanskar) Bhai please u explain what exactly happened that day?
Sanskar?:I dnt feel it necessary to explain anything.
By saying this he started to leave when one hand hold him.
It was Ap.
Ap:Sanskar u have to tell….
Sanskar:Why MA… why they want to listen me today when 6 years back I asked them to listen me once they didn’t believe then why today.
Ap:Becz indirectly they have raised finger in my upbringing so u have to answer…. for me.
Ap:U have my swear Sanskar ….
Sanskar failed to say no.
sanskar:That day when u all were busy in the party… I was feeling bore so i went to get some drinks while going I saw ur bussiness partners Mr. Raj. Mr Dixit n Mr. sonie… commenting on two girls. At first I thought they were just having some fun n it’s harmless so I wnt 4m there after I return with my drink I saw them taking a girl from there to an isolated corner n was forcing themselves on her.
I cannot take I n beat them badly. After they run.. I wnt near the girl she was a kid. She was crying like anything I try to calm her down she was shouting n tell me to leave her after sometime she calm down n I left from there.
When I went near u all I dnt know what happened to u… all…u were beating me like animals at first I didn’t understand but then I saw Raj smiling.
When I asked bade…. I mean Mr. Dp what was my fault he said that I was molesting a girl m when Raj tries to stop me I beat him n his partners n for that he loose a big contract. they asked me to call the girl n prove myself but I didn’t agree as she was very small for all this.
All the member of the family were shock as well as guilty ??
Dp:?Sanskar beta….
He was interrupted by a glass breaking voice. All look towards the direction n saw swara standing.
She run towards sanskar n hug him as much tight she can.
All were confuse by this.
Sanskar:Swara…what happen why r u crying…. is everything okay…. r u fine..?

To be continued


  1. soumya

    Divyanshri…. Yesterday in an analysis i saw you name….she was right…go to Cvs….seriously swaragini will be on top….loved it…sachhi… Sis…i wish i could give this script to cvs and tell them….dekho nalayak insano…see…this is what known as a story…not the crap that you show… Yr divyanshri i have fallen in love with it.. And haa you said seeba gives you ideas na.. Seeba and your jodi rocks…thx for giving such a wonderful ff….

    • Divyanshri



      ? thanks soumya for liking my ff…… I also a big fan of ur ff……. n dnt say like this yaar agar CVS walo ko para Cham gya then they will stop swaragini…….. Jo Bhi ho CVS walo ke hi wajeshe Hume swaragini dekhnako MIL raha Hai…….

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    Ok Bye…
    Love u

    • Rosey

      I think the girl whom sanskaar has saved must be swara thats why she Hugh ed him as in early episodes u have shown the pov of swta in which she has said that sanskaar has saved her I m damn sure that girl must be swara plz upload half I tar I can’t wait anymore

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      I am really sorry Munni….. I am using cell phone so I. cannot give u links please try to find it in Google…… n again sorry….. ????

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