Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 26)

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Recape:Ansh entry
After Ansh left the room along with others. Sanskar went near swara n hold her.
He was caressing her hairs when swara cuddle n hug him in sleep.
Sanskar try to free himself from her grab but she even tighten her hold on him. At last he give up n hug her. N started to talk with her.
Sanskar:You know swara…. You are the only one whom I can introduce as my family. U know me understand me trust me even after I did so bad with u…. *He kiss her hairs*I love u swara…. U know from last 6 years.I am just surviving but after u came I started to live my life…. I suffocate everyday by remembering that my own family didn’t trust me. In all this year’s there was not a single day when I didn’t miss them.All left me swara…. Now I can’t even imagine my life without….if something happened to u*His eyes can saw his fear by the tears in it*No no…. nothing will happen to u….
By saying this he hug her tightly n slept.
Two pairs of eyes were witnessing all this n were happy as well as sad.
They were Raglak.
Lak:We did a big mistake by not trusting bhai.
Rag:Yes laksh…
Ragini think. something.
Rag:Laksh we should find the truth behind that incident.
Lak:you are right…. But how?
Rag:We will decide it afterwards let’s go now.
Both went from there.
All were sitting in the hall after the morning prayer. Swasan were also present there.
When a man enter in the hall. Ap saw him n got Happy.
Ap:?An…Arnav…. Beta come.
Arnav(Friend now I will call Ansh as Arnav)
Arnav took blessing from everyone.
Ap:He is my son.
All knows about the drama except swara.
Swara:Ma ….as much I know u have u have three sons n one daughter na?
Ap:☺ Yes beta….He is my sister’s son… he consider me as his mom so he is my son na.?
Swara smile n nodded.
Arnav:Massi who is she?
Ap:Beta she is Swara… Sanskar’s wife.
Arnav smile n went near her n forward his hand for handshake.
Arnav:Hello D…. Swara
Swara ☺ :Hello…. *Hold his hand*
(She got some flashes of a boy n a girl. )BHA..IY..O
All were shock n Ansh was beyond happy.
Arnav:Swara what u called me?
Swara:*feeling dizzy*Bha..ai.. yo…
By saying this she faint.
Both sanskar n Ansh hold her n sanskar carry her to room.
Ansh was hell scared for her.
Ansh:Sanskar she is fine na?? What happen to her suddenly… I dnt tell then how she c…
Sanskar:Calm down Ansh….. she just faint due to stress nothing else dnt worry.
Ansh:?But she called me Bhaiyo. how I mean….
Sakshi inrrupt:U both r connected by hearts beta.She dnt know u but she can feel u.
Ansh was still not satisfied but he control n went to swara.
Raglak went for the investigation. ?(CID)
Both went to the manager of the resort.
Mr. khanna(Manager):Hello Mr. &Mrs. Maheswari….
Mk:Tell me how can I help u?
Lak:Mr.khanna do u keep records of the people who work under u?
Mk:Yes we keep each n every detail of our workers.
Lak:Do u have the record file of 6 years before?Actually we are searching for someone.
Mk:*think for a while*Ya we have but…
Rag:?But what….
Mk:We have to find it…. as it’s very long time…. so it will take some time.
Raglak:We will also help u in searching.
Mk:Okay but of which party u want?
Lak:Holi party 2010 which was sponsor by Maheswari’s n Singhania’s.
Mk nodded n trio with the help of some more worker started to search for the file.
After searching for sometime they found the file.
Both thanks them n went from there.
Rag:Laksh there are 5 girls only it will not be a big problem to find them.
Lak:Ya….lets go .
Both went to meet the girls.
1st girl:-Haya
Rag:Hello Haya….
Haya:Hello mam…. please tell how can I help u?
Rag:Haya…i need a few information from u please dnt mind.
Haya:Surely nog mam please tell.
Rag:Haya…six years ago when u were working in shunishine resort did anything happened with u…. I mean… did someone tried to molest u or… something…
Haya:No mam….. nothing such happened to me…. But I heard that someone was abuse that day…. that girl work with us only but dnt know her.
Raglak thanks her n they asked the same to next two girls.
Everyone replied the same.
Rag ask the same question.
Tani:Mam I remember that incident she was working with me.. only…. Her name*she think for a while*ya Sahi…. she introduce herself as Sahi….. She was just 15 that time youngest among all of us.
Rag:Can u tell us what exactly happened that day?
Tani:Mam I dnt know fully but that day there was a big holi party.we were serving drinks to the guest when 3 men come n started to disturb us. After that I went to see other arrangements after I came I saw Sahi crying badly.
When I asked her she said that ….the men tried to abuse her but she was saved by someone…
Rag:Do u know who save her.
Tani:i dnt know man but I heared people gossiping that the man was from Maheswari family.
Raglak were shock.
Lak:Do u know where the girl live now.?
Tani:No sir…she came for the first time that day S….. I still remember when I asked her why she is working… she said that she dnt have money. to clear her fees for board exam so she is working. That is why I can never forget her.
Raglak become sad hearing about the girl. They thanks Taniya n went from there.

Rag:?Sanskar was innocent Laksh….
Lak:Yes Ragini…. we will prove him innocent…

Both reach MM n call everyone in the hall. All were present except swara.
Dp:Laksh whts the matter why did u call us here?
Lak:Papa we did a crime?
Dp:What r u saying?
Laksh went near sanskar n hug him.
Lak:?Bhai I am really sorry bhai…. I dnt trust u… I am sorry….
All were confuse… including sanskar He didn’t hug him back.
Ap:Beta what r u trying to say?
Lak:Ma sanskar is innocent…. he didn’t molest any girl that day….. instead he save that girl.
Dp:But we saw….
Lak intrupt:It was fake papa…. (to sanskar) Bhai please u explain what exactly happened that day?
Sanskar?:I dnt feel it necessary to explain anything.
By saying this he started to leave when one hand hold him.
It was Ap.
Ap:Sanskar u have to tell….
Sanskar:Why MA… why they want to listen me today when 6 years back I asked them to listen me once they didn’t believe then why today.
Ap:Becz indirectly they have raised finger in my upbringing so u have to answer…. for me.
Ap:U have my swear Sanskar ….
Sanskar failed to say no.
sanskar:That day when u all were busy in the party… I was feeling bore so i went to get some drinks while going I saw ur bussiness partners Mr. Raj. Mr Dixit n Mr. sonie… commenting on two girls. At first I thought they were just having some fun n it’s harmless so I wnt 4m there after I return with my drink I saw them taking a girl from there to an isolated corner n was forcing themselves on her.
I cannot take I n beat them badly. After they run.. I wnt near the girl she was a kid. She was crying like anything I try to calm her down she was shouting n tell me to leave her after sometime she calm down n I left from there.
When I went near u all I dnt know what happened to u… all…u were beating me like animals at first I didn’t understand but then I saw Raj smiling.
When I asked bade…. I mean Mr. Dp what was my fault he said that I was molesting a girl m when Raj tries to stop me I beat him n his partners n for that he loose a big contract. they asked me to call the girl n prove myself but I didn’t agree as she was very small for all this.
All the member of the family were shock as well as guilty ??
Dp:?Sanskar beta….
He was interrupted by a glass breaking voice. All look towards the direction n saw swara standing.
She run towards sanskar n hug him as much tight she can.
All were confuse by this.
Sanskar:Swara…what happen why r u crying…. is everything okay…. r u fine..?

To be continued

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