Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 25)


Hello guys…… Thank u all for ur comments. Guys I am not able to change my cover pic.TU themselvesdo that so….. sorry for that….. Hope u r liking the story….. N one more thing from last episode ideas are of Seeba di (Seeba di thank u alot for helping ur sis?)

Sujju:Sakshi ji how u came to know that swara have allergy with mushrooms?
Sak:Actually ARNAB also have allergy with mushrooms
By hearing this swara get emotional. All notice her hesitation.
Sak:N once by mistake she ate mushrooms n we have to rush to hospital.
N Arki Ragini laugh by looking each other.
Ap:What happen??why u r laughing?
Sak:U know our son…
Dp:Ansh …ya who dnt know him….
Lak:Asia’s one of the top most bussinessman.
Sanskar unknowingly:Ya I also heared about him.
All were surprised by this but we’re happy.Sanskar realise n concentrate on his food.
Adn:He is well known for his one more quality. His arrogance n anger.
Dp:Ya …I heard about it that he is very angry type man who never talk about anything except bussiness.
Sak:But he is very good by heart.
Ap:Why not after all he is ur son. But why he is like this.As we also hear in TV about him but strange thing is that very few people knows how he looks.
Arn:From childhood only he is very reserved type.
Rag:But after Shona went missing.. he become arrogant.
All look towards swara. Swara feel something when she hear about Ansh.
Environment become emotional so laksh try to cheer them.
Lak:Ok but why u laugh that time… share with us also?
Again Arki n Ragu laugh.
Lak:*irritated*Ooffo Ragini stop laughing n say.
Sak:I will tell. When shona got admit Ansh was in London for some work. After getting to know about shona he rush from there.
After reaching to hospital. When he went to meet shona. As soon as he enter *laugh*
Ap:What happen.?
Arn:He saw Doctor was trying to give shona injection n she was crying.
we all were standing near her.
He become furious n rush to his Doll n push the doctor.
After consoling her.He gave a deadly glar to doc. He took the injected n inject the doctor.
After hearing this all the MF were shock.
Lak:?What he inject the doc? But why?
Rag:Becz his Doll asked him to do so…N u know that doctor after that never show his face to us. We heared he was not able to sit for 3-4days.
All laugh ???? .This time a slight smile come in swara’s face. All notice it. Soon she compose herself.
Swara:Sanskar I am going to my room.
Sanskar:Wait…He get up from his sit again Carry her in his lap n went to his room.
After coming in room he gave her medicine n she slept.
After sometime he come down n call.
All were sitting in hall.
Sanskar come to talk with them.
Sanskar clear his throat to grab everyone’s attention.
Ap:Sanskar beta do u wanna tell something.
Sanskar:Yes MA… actually I want to talk with Mr. &Mrs. singhania regarding swara’s treatment.
(Sakshi still like sanskar but she is a bit angry)
Sak:Yes sanskar tell.
Suddenly they hear a voice.
MF were confuse while Arki samy n Ragu get happy.
Soon a man enter he was Ansh Singhania.He was sweating.it shows as he was running for a long time.
Ask run to him n hug him.
Sak:?Ansh….beta u come….
Ansh:Ma ….where is my doll….
He was running n searching everywhere in the hall like a kid.
Ansh:Doll……Where r u doll???
He kneeled down n cried.
Ansh:???Doll come out… baby…. where r u..???
All the MF were shock to see him like this As they know Ansh Singhania as arrogant n heartless business.
Ragini n samy went near him n hold him.
Ragu:?Bhai calm down…. please. …we will tell u where is ur Doll.
Ansh:Ragu where is.. she…. u know na I am dying from years to see her once.
Samy:Bhai please calm down…. u have to be strong.
Sakshi hold him n hug him.
After a while Ragini went near him n hug him.
Ansh was confuse:Ragu whybr u crying now….. see our Doll is alive na… I told u all but u didn’t believe me.
Ragu:?Bhai…. she dnt consider herself as Our shona bhai….
Ragu then tell him everything about swara’s anger about her illness the torture she got in this year’s.
After listening all this he broke down+His anger cross it’s red line.
His eyes were red n he was shivering ????
He was about to go but sanskar hold him.
Sanskar:No use Mr. Ansh….. that Sanjay is not in his house. Police are finding him .
Ansh bang his hand in wall in frustration.
Ansh:Where is my Doll?
Sanskar:She is sleeping. come I will show u….
Ansh nodded n went.
Swara was in deep sleep due to medicine effect.
Ansh enter in the room .tears were flowing from his eyes.
He went near her n saw her.
Ansh:*Caring her face*My Doll….. u have grown up….. my doll is so beautiful….. Mom did u saw her she is so cute…. My Doll is so cute…..
sakshi place her hand on his shoulder:Yes beta…. ur doll is very beautiful .
He was continuously crying holding her hand. He look towards her when he saw tears from her eyes also from.
Sanskar saw this. Both place there hand to weep her tears at the same time. sanskar move back Ansh weep it.
Ansh suddenly remember something.
Ansh:Mom…..i can’t say doll that I am her brother.
All were shock ???
Sak:Beta what r u saying…. how can
Ansh:Mom Ragu said that stress is dangerous for her so I can’t give more stress to her.
Arn:But how u will live without meeting her. sh
Ansh:I said I will not introduce myself as her brother.
Ansh:I am going to say something listen clearly
Sakshi was about to say something when Ansh intrupt
Ansh:Dont intrupt between my talks.
*In cold n arrogant tone*
All nodded.
Ansh:I will introduce myself as Arnav singh Raizada. Annapurna aunty’s sister son. I came from London n I will stay here only. Is that clear to u all??
All nodded.
Ansh:Arnav…..aunty practice from now…. I dnt want any mistake….. from anyone….. ?

By saying this he look towards swara. Cares her face…..Kiss her forehead n went from there.
Precape:Entry Of ARNAv singh Raizada. Swaransh bond.

Guys hope u like my update…..
If u dnt like then please let me know……… N thank u all for ur comments……..
Seeba di….. specially thanks for ur help……………

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