Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 24)

Hello guys….. Thank u very much for ur love….. I am feeling blessed to get friends like u……
Recape:Swara’s blast…. emotional scenes…..

All are very sad specially Arki. Ap sujju sakshi samy were sitting. All were trying to console Sakshi but none succeed. Here Ragini was sitting beside laksh placing her head in his shoulder.
Laksh is making every possible effort to make Ragini feel better but she was crying like anything.
Laksh:Ragini…..ragini calm down please stop crying…. swara is just angry with u all she will be fine….give her sometime….
Ragini:?Laksh Do u know we missed her so much. Mumma cried day n night…. Papa didn’t cry in front of us but he never smile whole heartily from that time….. n Bhai…. bhai left us all n went away…. He was broken.
*she weep her tears n look towards laksh*u know…. laksh… Bhai was most closest to swara. She was his Doll. He said he feels as if he is near Archana MA when he is near his doll. He suffered the most. N now if her comes to know about her hatred he will not be able to bear it.
*By saying this he again hug him n cried*
********IN AIRPORT*********
A man is shown talking in phone with bossy attitude. He was in his bussiness suit. He was hell charming.
He was the handsome hunk Ansh Singhania.(AS)
AS:Yes Steven cancel all my meetings….
OS(opposite side) :…..
AS:I dnt care if I loose any tender… or money…. if they can’t wait for me then I dnt care. Nothing is more important than my going India now…..
By saying this he hangup without listening anything.
After cutting the call he sat n waited for the flight to take off.
He open his phone n there was a pic of a cute lil girl(Imagine Pihu )
He cares her face n a tear fall from his eyes.
AS:My Doll…. I knew only u are Alive. I am dying to see u Doll….
By saying this he rest n remember his time with his Doll.

It was shona’s first day at school. She dnt wanna go school so she was hiding n noone was able to find her.(Age4). Arki were tired to finding her while ragini’s trick also fail this time for finding her. Normally when shona refuse to do something all make efforts to make her agree n Ansh stay away from all the drama ‘s.
But after seeing all family members condition he calls swara.
Ansh:(imagine child Adi (15)from yhm)DOLL…..Come out…… I wanna talk with u….. please doll….

After few sec a cute lil girl come to him n sit on his lap.
Shona:Bhaiyo .. I… wll. .not go to school….
By saying this she cried. ?
Adi hug her n cupped her face:Doll u have. do go to school u will get many friends there…. N I will drop u n pick u up okay.???
AS:Doll promise…..
Both hug each other n Shona went happily to school. All adore there bond.
Again Once When Swara was 8 her favorite Fish died. That time Ansh was out of town.It become impossible for everyone to make her calm. She stopped eating n cried day n night.
Ragini bought Fishes for her similar to her fish but nothing affect her.
At last when Ansh come she went to him Hug him n cried for hours. After sometime she stopped crying herself as. she saw Ansh tears.
Shona:Bhaiyo…why r u crying???

Ansh:becz My Doll is crying ….
Shona:?No no…. I will not cry…. please dnt cry Bhaiyo…. sorry.
*She weep his tears*After sometime both come down laughing… All were shock by this. But they know Only Ansh can handle her.
His thoughts were disturbed by Air hostress who came to take his order.
He refused n remember the Cursed day of there life. which change everything….
It was shona’s 10th birthday. Singhanaia Mansion was decorated as beautiful as possible.Many people were invited.
Shona came down in beautiful baby pink Barbie dress.Ansh in Blue suit(Young Barun) N Ragu(child kaurvaki of Asoka) in red gown.
Shona was in middle of both.
Everything was going well when suddenly shona got missing….
All search for her but didn’t found her.. Ansh got mad…. He cursed himself for leaving her alone. When….

Flight land n Ansh reached Kolkata.
Here in MM in swasan Room.
Sanskar went out to attend a important call when swara got up.
She scan the room n found no one there.
She got down the bed n was going to washroom when she got hurt with pieces of glass she scream in pain.
Hearing her scream sanskar rush to her n saw her bleeding.
Sanskar:???SWARA…. *Help her to sit on the bed*what the hell is wrong with u..?? If u want anything u could have. called me?? ?
Swara:?I was going to washroom.
Sanskar:So….where was ur eyes…. did u lost them somewhere….. stupid….
Swara was trying to say something but
sanskar intrupt:Shut up n sit…. I am bringing First aid box.
Soon he bought the Aid kit n dress her wound.

Swara was just adoring his love n care for her.
Sanskar feel her graze. He left her in bridal style n took her to washroom.
Swara was shock: sanskar….wh
Before she can complete sanskar drop her in the bathroom. n went out.
After she freshup he again took her same way n place her in the bed.
After a while Arki Ragini samy came there.
They were tense as how swara will react but to there surprise she was calm.
Sakshi went near her n hug her. but swara didnot reciprocate.
Arki started to talk with her but she was silent. which hurt them even more.
All were talking with her but she was mum. After a while she finally spoke.
Swara:sanskar am tired I wanna sleep…*without looking at anyone*
All were hurt as she didn’t talk with them.
They left the room n swara lie on the bed.
It was night all were sitting on the dinning table.
Arnab:i wish my all kids will be with me.
Sakshi was sad.
Ap n sujju understand what they mean so they wnt to swasan room.
Ap:Swara beta….. sanskar please come n have dinner with us.
Sanskar was about to say no but Sujju signal her something so he kept quite.
Swara:Ma….i am not hungry…. u all eat.
Sujju:Arreee….chori if u dnt eat how u will be fine.. come beta…
Swara:Mom…i am…
Ap intrupt:beta for us…..
Now swara has no option rather than to go with them as she cannot deny them after they asked with so much love.
She nodded her head n get down of bed as she was taking step she shout in pain.

Sanskar:swara …..who told u to walk.
Swara:Dnt u hear what MA n mom said then why r u asking….
Sanskar:i heared n we can go down without even letting u walk na
swara was confuse but suddenly her confusion was clear as sanskar carried her in bridal style n went to dinner table…..
all were surprised as sanskar was carrying swara.
Sanskar place her in the table properly n was about to go when swara hold his hand.
Swara:Where r u going????
Sanskar:?i …i.. ha… I have to make an important call… N I m not hungry too.
Swara:I know why u r going…. sit with me n eat…. otherwise I am also going to my room.
By saying this she getup but sanskar hold her.
Sanskar:?Ok fine I am sitting.*frustrated *I never thought that u will be so stubborn. ?
Samy Ap Sujju all laugh looking at his expression n others smile a lil.
All were eating silently . Suddenly swara started to sneeze badly.
Sanskar:Swara …..r u fine???
Swara:I dnt… *sneeze*I dnt know wht happened *sneeze*
Sakshi went near her n pat her back while doing this she saw mushroom at swara’s plate.
Sakshi:Ragu …..do u have any Medicine for Allergy?
Ragini:Yes mumma…. why?
Sakshi:Go n bring it quick.
Sakshi started to scold her.

Sak:?If u have allergy with mushrooms. why r u eating it…. dnt u know how dangerous it must be for u.
sanskar:What allergy.. swara u have allergy with mushroom.then why u didn’t tell me.
Swara:How….i… *sneeze*how I can tell u *sneeze*i myself dnt know about it. Bcoz I never ate mushrooms.
Ragini come with medicine n after a while swara feel relief.
Sujju:Sakshi ji how u came to know that swara has allergy with mushroom?

Guys Ill continue it. Limited writing don’t worry today only I will post it.

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