Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 22)


Hello everyone….. Thank u all for ur comments…..
“SHAN”I am Really very sorry for not replying to your comments so….. I will clear ur doubt in this episode ok….. Sorry sorry sorry everyone I will try to reply u all personally….. ???

Okay so Ansh Singhania character will be played by Barun sobti n His partner will be Sanaya Iran(Arnav-Khushi) .

Singhania family history
Arnab n Archana(Sakshi Tanwar) love each other from college days only. But Arnab parents didn’t allowed him to marry her n forced him to marry sakshi as there family were very reach. it was a business deal more than a marriage. After some time everything was normal Arki become friends n started to live there life peacefully when one day a letter come which shocked both.
It was a letter by Archanaa who asked him to meet her as she is going to die.
It was nearly 6 Years of there marriage.
Both Arki went to Delhi to meet Archanaa. (Guys singhania live in Kolkata)

After reaching there they found that Archanaa was on her death bed.
Archanaa smile looking both of them n speak
Arc:I am happy Arni u moved on in ur life.
Arn:*concern*What is the matter Archanaa….. what happen to u???
Arc:I am suffering from Tumour Arni…. I dnt have much time…. that is why I called u to inform something important……
Archana look towards sakshi n call her.
(Sakshi is very good hearted person.she knows about Aranb n Archana love story)
Sak:Dont worry Archanaa everything will be okay???(to arnab)Arnab call ur doctor friend n asked him to treat her…..
Arc:No…..no…..use of all this…..i dnt have time…. Sakshi *hold her hand*Can u do me a favor??? Or can say can u fulfill my last wish???
Arki:Dnt say like this….. Archana….
Arc smile:Arnab I never wanted u to know this but I think god want something else….. Sakshi I am sorry….
Sak:Archana what’s the matter tell us….
Arc:Arnab u have a 6 years old son……
Arn:What….??But how…. I mean….
Arc:??I was pregnant when we broke up but i dnt want to inform u as if I do so u would have left ur family for me…. so I left the city n come here…….I promised myself do never reveal this truth but now I am doing it as I cannot leave him alone….. my family will never accept him so.. I…. *she was breathing heavily*I
Sakshi pass her the water. ..
Arc:So I called u both here…. it’s my last wish please take care of my son…… *Hold sakshi’s hand*Sakshi….i know that It is not easy for u to digest this truth but…..i am helpless please ???take care of my……
Sakshi intrupt:Where is my son……
Both Arnab n Archana were surprise to hear this from her.
Sakshi smile:I am blessed to get a son….. n archana*Cares her hairs*Dont worry he is my son…… now…. I will love him more than my own child…..
Arc:Thank u sakshi….. thank u so much…..
Sak:But where is he….???
Arc:He will come now…. he went home to freshup…..As I told him that his dad is coming today…..
Arn:Does he knew about me????
Arc:No he just know that his dad will come today….. He is not sweet ARNAB… He is much more matured then his age children…. N he dnt like his dad…..
Arn:Why he will like me….. coz I never come to meet him… he may be angry with me…….
Archana nodded.
Sak:Dnt worry I will take care of it….. but Archana why u didn’t inform us before about ur illness…
Arc:I dnt wanna come in between ur family…..
ARNAB hold her hand:???I am sorry Archana…… I am very bad.. I am….
Arc:Shut up…. Arni…. otherwise I will tell ur secret to sakshi…. *smile naughtly*
Arn:?No no….. OK…
Sak:What secret…..????
Arn:No nothing…… Archana shut up…..
Arc:???actually sakshi…. whenever ARNAB do something wrong I would have punished him n will snatched chocolates from him….n he would have asked me sorry n will beg me return him chocolate….
Sak:?What….. ARNAB r u kid….
ARNAB blush:I love chocolates….
Archana n sakshi laugh…..
Arc:N u know whenever he is angry he would eat nearly 10 ? in an hour……such a kid… he was…..
They were having a good time together when Ansh come there.
(Imagine him Junior asr Arav singh Raizada of Iss pyaar koo Kya nam soon)
Arki look towards him n Was happy. While Archana was satisfied that Her Ansh will not be an orphan. He got a mom along with his dad.
Archana introduce him with Arki n said that she will be always with him.

Ansh was matured he know about his mother’s illness n also knows that she has less time.
But he dnt wanna live with his father but his mother make him swear on her n he has to live with his new family.
Next day Evening Archanaa pass away. ARNAB n Ansh did her last rituals.N trio went back to Kolkata.

Arnab’s parents also accept him n was feeling guilty as for them only somewhere Archana has to bare all the taunts from the society…… N also the child.
At first it was hard for the singhania family to make him normal as he was closest to his mother only n she left him. He didn’t eat for days.
He never talk with his father but gradually by looking the care and love of sakshi he started accepting her as his mother. Soon he become the ladla of his mother.
After someday Ragini was born.Sanaya was 4 years that time.
Ansh love his sisters alot. After 2 years he went abroad for farther studies. S he dnt wanna be with his father. Sakshi dnt want him to send but he insist so she agreed.
After passing his board exams he came back to live with his family for some days.
That time Sakshi was Pregnant with swara. After some days there princess was born….
Ansh feel a special bond with her. Here eyes reminds him of his mother. So he named her Doll(As he used to call his mother doll)
Soon his doll become his life. He said
to sakshi that he will be studying here only as he dnt wanna leave his Doll.
Like this many days pass nicely. Shona(Swara’s birthname) Ragini n Ansh bonding become strong. All cares for shona as she was the youngest. But was most pampered by Ansh.
Shona also obey only Ansh. But her partner in crime is Ragini as Ansh is very reserved boy.
But then The incident took place. The heartbeat of the house was snatched away from them. Shona was kidnapped by Sanjay because he thought that Arnab killed his son. N everyone knows that Shona was there weak point.
So he kidnapped her n Everyone get to know that she was killed. All tried alot to find her n Sanjay but failed.
All get convinced that she was dead but not Ansh. He believed that she is alive.
After this he cannot live in kolkata so he went London for his studies.

Now let me tell u there age difference:
Ansh is 15 years elder than swara
Samy is 10 years elder ” ”
Ragini is 7 years elder. ” ”
Sanlak are 10 years elder ” ”


Swara was kidnapped at the age of 10.
Her accident was help when she was 11.After that she loss her memory.

This episode is a sorry to Shan…….. please dnt be angry with me……. I will post the next episode today only…….

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    Awesome…… Continue soon…..

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    Tmrw before going to school I ll check tu..I want ur ff…please!!!
    The idea was really awsm..
    N don’t u dare end it..
    Already I got mini heart attack when saba ended her ff..n now I will get serious wala if u end it

    1. Divyanshri

      Thank u all for ur comments …..

      Kritika. …..this episode was the past of Singhania family……
      N u r awesome yaar…… first u give warning n also say please ????

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    It is ansh past life.good

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  8. Hey kiddo…don’t take tension…no one is angry on u…they just love this ff…take it easy….

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    I am from tamilnadu…
    Waiting for valcono to burst…pls make sure swara should say some incidents wch affected her more…

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  9. please odnt end this ff.. its so nice… give next part soon as its only intro of singaniahs.. please dont end this ff and continue soon,… give swasan scenes and sanaya arun also .. want swasan scenes frm 2 parts ur nt giving swasan.. continue . dnt end…

    1. Divyanshri

      Anu thanks for commenting n sorry u will not get any proper swasan scene now as I will write some family drama…… but there will be swasan scene too…….. but not romantic but emotional….. hope I dnt disappoint anyone……

      shan is still missing

      1. its ok after completeing family drama give swasan scences… hope after that u vl give… serial me tho swasan scences nahi mil raha hai kamsekam ff me toh dedo… hahaha.. ..

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      1. Abirsha

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  15. 10 years is a major gap…6-7 is limited enough between a couple but 10 is much

    1. Divyanshri

      Is it…. ????Okay I will change it.

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  18. Awesome

  19. Isabel

    It’s really cute and good bonding of Ansh and Swara, feeling sad about Swara’s memory loss and her anger towards family, eagerly waiting to read more, loved it a lot

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