Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 2)

Hello everyone….
Some of u are not satisfied with the character of sanskar so sorry but guys there are like this people also who have such mentality.
But sanskar will be good but after sometime. Zanbar ko insan banane ke liye thora time toh lagega na……

Episode start
Sanskar wake up and saw the room all messup he get up n went to freshup.
As he enter he found swara sitting under the shower like a lifeless body.
He went near her his eyes were red with lust again.
Swara was sitting just rapping herself with a bedsheet.
Sanskar was about to touch her when he got a phone n went to attend it.
After sometime he went office without taking bath.

After sometime swara came to her sense n went back to her oh sorry to sanskar’s room.
swara went near the wardrobe to get her dresses but to her shock there was not a single dress of her she remeber that she brought nothing with her from her house.

she sit near the bed by wrapping herslf with a towel but she was shivering so she went near the wardrobe again n took out a shirt of sanskar n wore it.
Unknowingly a feeling occupied in her heart.she Imagine sanskar near her with a cute smile but she jerk her feeling when she remember his harassment.

Sanskar was sitting in his cabin after his meetings.
Sanskar pov
As much as I try but I cannot hate her.I dnt know why but now I am not able to forget her.I slept with many girls but she is different why I jate women no I am sanskar kumar who hate women.
women’s r not trustworthy they r cheaters.
But she is different
No she is also same she will also betray me.
His mind n heart was fighting n he was frustrated.
After sometime his new pa Aman came to him n tell him that he has one more meeting to attend so he have to go Hotel blue moon.
Sanskar nodded n after sometime he went there.

Sanskar was waiting there when someone come near him n he was shock.
sanskar:What the hell r u doing here?
UK:I must ask u this question ?I am here to attend a meeting with Mr.S.K…..
Sanskar*smirk*Oh toh u r The new owner of Maheswari.
UK:No this Is my husband’s company n I am the co owner.
Now excuse me I am busy.
Sanskar:(fold his hand n sat in boss style with a smirk on his face but with lots of hatred in his eyes)Ok ……..
Ok toh tell me guys who is the girl.
Why is Sanskar hate her????

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  1. The girl’s SWARASAN..u already told us…n u finally updated…!! Huh!! N it was osum,,but make it longer

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    Awesome……….hats-off…..ur ff is very different dear and also very intresting……..waiting eagerly for the nxt update…….

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