Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 18)


Hello everyone….. Sorry for late update missed u alot.

Guys this week I read two novels n one idea came to my mind (so total 3 ideas) Now u all decide which I should write okay????
so u decide and let me know

Recape:Swara got discharged. swara’s request to stay with Maheswari ‘S.

As both swara n samy saw his anger both kept quite n soon car stop n all come down.
But the environment was not like SM.
Samy look towards sanskar with shock ????? while swara was confused ???
Samy:Sanskar you…
Sanskar interrupt:Mom n MA want there DIL to be with them so.
All went inside. MF are unaware about swasan’s arrival all are sitting in the hall when they saw sanskar swara n samy.
Ap n sujju rush to them n hug both.
Ap:I am soo happy sanskar u came with our DIL. Thank u
Sanskar:Ma please from when u start to say thank u to me.
Ap brush his hair and bless him n make swara sit as she is not well.
Ap:Come sanskar. sit I will make ur n swara’s favourite dishes today. come sit.
Sanskar look towards DP n Rp n then to Raglak.
Sanskar:No MA actually I have to drop samy to her house then I will go to office u want ur DIL TO stay with u so I brought her here. Otherwise I dnt have my plans to come here anymore. *He said all this by looking at DP n Rp*

Swara was just looking at him.He went near her swara stand up.
Sanskar make her sit:Swara take care of urself I will be back soon.
Swara nodded.
Samy n sanskar went away.
Sanskar :Samy when Mr. n Mrs.singhania will come.?
Samy:today evening…..
Sanskar:Okay I will drop u n tomorrow I will bring u here u can tell about swara
Samy:why me u can only tell the.m na….
Sanskar :I dnt wanna talk or see them.
They were going in there ? .Samy’s house come n samy was. about to go when she asked a question which shocked sanskar.
Samy:Sanskar can I ask u one question????
Sanskar:Samy from when u stared to take my permission to ask questions…. Ask whatever u want…..
Samy:You love swara na……
Sanskar???????????:N.. o… no… I… d.. Nt l.. Iove any.. one…. samy…
Samy?:i got my ans sanskar bye take care.

Samy was going when sanskar shout.
Sanskar:i dnt love anyone samy…. dnt think anything…..
Samy:Please ur hand near ur heart close ur eyes n ask ur heart the same question u will get the answer. bye.
Sanskar rush to office.
He was not able to concentrate on his work n ws thinking about samy’s words.
He did the same.
He place his hand near his heart n closed his eyes n
sanskar:I know I dnt love anyone……
By saying this he stayed for sometime. N soon he heared something….. He heared someone laughing whole heatedly. …..he saw someone in darkness a girl who was jumping in happiness n smiling.
He went near her .
As soon as he saw the face he opened his eyes.

Sanskar:No this cannot be happened I cannot love anyone….. how can it be possible…. no no …
By saying this he again try to concentrate on his works but do u think guys he can do so no….. so he went to meet his angel ???
Guys suggest Swara’s parents characters will be played by whom I am confused???

Precape:Sanskar tell swara about her parents.

ease comment I am getting less comments now a days if u guys are not liking my ff I will finish it soon dnt worry

n please suggest me which story is should write by the above three ideas

Credit to: Smiley

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  1. Kritika

    Wow! U posted soo big part nah! Huh??
    It was awsm…finally realized his love..
    I don’t have any idea abt other novels except FSOG.. its a little bit similar to Saba’s swasan…
    In that Christian plays a -ve role..I hate what he did with anna..I have heard it from Saba’s season’s comments…
    I would love to see sanskar in -ve shade..

    1. Kritika

      I meant swasan’s not seasons

  2. Awesome dear… For new ff r u asking to choose any concept 3?

  3. Awsum..finally updated..was waiting f.long time…awsum..loved da Part..continue soon plzz

    1. Anisha

      Goldie! Dr…..
      I missed you so much! ??
      Where are you?
      I am reading your recent ff now!
      Wait! Her destiny his love isn’t it?
      Why don’t you post here?
      And Ya one episode of heaven to hell fast pls

  4. Abirsha

    awesome…..very very nice…..simran nd raj of jamaai raja for swaras parents…..

  5. Awesome part…

  6. Awsome dear. But it ws soo short. Update nxt part soon nd mk it long ok

  7. Lucky

    Awesome dr plzzz make it long update.. and give more swasazn romance..

  8. Yar ok to itna late n upper se iyno short update it’s not fair

  9. Soujanya


  10. Hey kritika n anu thanks for your comments…. n sorry I will post one more episode today if I can actually I am a bit busy so…… n please guys suggest Me idea ….i wanna start my new ff soon

  11. Awsome epi …….for new ff 1 …I didn’t the novel ????

  12. Sathya

    Don’t fifty shades of Grey.. There is not story in that only so much of erotic scenes r there. We need romance but at the same time not like that. I know you can write.. N u r capable… Other two I have no idea…

  13. Dear.. What’s ur age.. U read fifty shades of grey… Are u serious?? Keeping this aside fifty shades of gray is a complete mature adult book and in that Christian gray is negative ( can now compared to sanskar in ur ff) and Anna steel works for her.. It’s all about luring, attraction and etc etc.. I mean to say u can’t add it here cause swara is having cancer and the romantic stuff and storyline is like too much in that book but u can extract some scenes if u want ..
    Then. Half girlfriend .. Umm like., what to say for this.. U must have read it so the story line is like that an uneducated boy tries to make physical contact with the lead gurl protagonist ..( u have already added that in ur ff before .. I mean swasan are already in a physical relationship).. Then they seperate and meet again .. And cancer and speech.. No pieces suit with ur storyline… But may be u Have some thrilling idea.. I don’t want to go with the option 3.. I have read many novels .. And if, I like share my opinion , what suits best for ur upcoming storyline will be fifty shades of gray.. Though I am reluctant about this too but as u asked I would like to go with that option.. Rest ur decision.. Hope u keep entertaining ur readers… 🙂 🙂

  14. I haven’t read any of the novels
    So can’t tell u
    Awesome ep
    If I can make sanskar in negative shade in ur next ff then please make it

  15. It will be a story of frnds wid benefits. N too short part. And abt swara parents then swara’s papa-ram kapoor n mother-goutami kapoor(ram kapoor’s real wife)

  16. Anisha

    I really do like both the parts of FSOG!
    But Pls don’t make my sanky like Christian! ???
    Sanky ???? my love…. ??

    Christian wasn’t -ve he was just used to have s*x so he needed a s*x partner & found anna

  17. Purvi

    Awesome….. Continue soon….

  18. Short update..

  19. I think u should go for option 2 & yippee sanskar realised his feelings.

  20. Superb part…. bt abt ur ideas….wt u feel like writing u pen down..

  21. awesome.. continue and give next part soon.. i havent read any novel in those its ur wish…

  22. Aahna

    Awsm part..
    I have only read half girlfriend about other novel I don’t know. U can write any story.

  23. Nice updt☺☺☺☺☺….Happy as sanky realized his feeling..plz updt tomorrow as it’s weekend u miss on these days…long updt plz….

  24. Kaynatk01

    awesome dear u cant write fifty shades of grey just a suggestion

  25. Hi I..actually I haven’t read any of the novels… So I can’t suggest u…but ya….I would like to see heartless sanskar…nice episode?

  26. yar i just love fifty shades of grey….i have watched the movie but i ma unable to know its end…plz tell me what happened at the end after she left him as he beat her with stick!!!plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me

  27. Its awsome plz update daily

  28. Awesome but short

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