Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 15)


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1.Good News:Ma-Papa ? me a new ?.

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Recape:Swasan reception ?
Swara was standing alone confused what must be happened which changed so many lives.
She want sanskar to be with his family Happy ?
After a while sanskar come back to swara n saw her lost somewhere.
Sanskar:Swara what happened?????
Swara:Nothing sanskar…….
Sanskar just noddedhis head n again get busy with his guest.He started to introduce swara to them.
At last they reached to Maheswari family where everyone were hoping that sanskar will talk with them as there son but also?it was not possible so soon at least.
Sanskar went near them
sanskar to swara:Swara they r the great Maheswari ‘s(with taunt tone)My…..
All look towards him with lots of ?
Sanskar:My new business partners….
All were disheartened ??
But simply smile at her.
Swasan leave from there.
Swara :Sanskar I know that they r ur family then why u…
Sanskar:Swara I know that u know they r my family but for me they r nothing more than business colleagues.
Swara:Then why it affect to u when u saw them suddenly.???
Sanskar was hell shock as swara never asked him any ???
Swara just smile n spoke:Because they r still everything for u sanskar…. we try to hate people whom we love the most u r also doing the same by avoiding them u r hurting itself more then them.
Sanskar:There is nothing like that swara….. shut up……
Swara smile:Ask ur ♥ sanskar.
Sanskar :I dnt have ♥ I am heartless…..
Swara:No one is heartless sanskar…. we need a heart to express our feelings. U love them u need a heart….. u hate them then also u will need a heart……so no one is heartless to hate something we have to love something so think once…… sanskar do u want to live a lonely life or u want a family….A Happy family…….
Sanskar had tears in his eyes but he was controlling himself:I dnt need family….. u r enough for me……
Swara smile faintly:For how long I will be survive sanskar????? 1 year or not even that much also?
Sanskar was hell shock:Swara what r u saying????
Swara:No need to act sanskar I know I am suffering from blood cancer n I dnt have much time……
By saying this she look other side she was not able to control her tears.
Sanskar was feeling a terrible pain by thinking his life without swara but he was unaware of his own feelings.
Sanskar:Nothing will happen to u swara…… Doctors r going to start there treatment soon….so…
Swara Intrupt:I am also a medical student I know the procedure…..how they will treat me???? For treatment we need a donor n me……. I even dnt know who r my real parents…… r they alive or death…… N I dnt care also because they never thought about me then why should I??????? They left me to live with the devils not even thought that how am I… so why should I think…….
By saying this she break down…….
Sanskar:Swara nothing will happen to u trust me ???? u will be okay
Swsra:Trust for what sanskar n why should I be okay….. for whom I should be okay??? For my so called parents who want me to die as soon as possible???? I dnt have anyone sanskar I am a bl**dy Orphan…… dnt know whose dirt am I???
Sanskar was not able to take any more and he make swara look at him his eyes were red with anger
Sanskar :Not a word anymore swara….. not a word……. Otherwise it will be not good for u???
Swara smile faintly:Good that too with me…. what happened to me till now that is Good sanskar……. n by my saying anything the truth will not be changed that I am an orphan…… N why r u Caring for me so much today…… I am nothing more than a pr*st*t*te to u……
That was it for sanskar….. After that word at the very next moment…… there was a big sound in the hall corner….. A SLAP….. A VERY TIGHT slap……… ✋✋✋✋
Some people heared the sound n look towards the direction n were shock.
Not everyone only the Maheswari ‘S including Sarun(Samy+Arun) saw this as swasan were near them.
Sanskar was boiling in ???? n swara a
was in shock after getting the right slap???
All rush towards them……. Ragini n say went near swara n hold her.
Ragini saw swara’s face it turned Pale red due to the slap…….
Ragini was hurt unknowingly she got furious
Rag:How dare u slap her sanskar???? *She shout making everyone shock*
How can u be so inhuman….. she her condition….. oh wait to whom I am expecting to be human who is not even worse than an animal… …
Samy:sanskar what is this how can u slap her u know her condition still???
Sanskar with guilt :What should I do samy …..if u would have listened her nonsense talks then u would have slapped her more…
Samy:what she was saying…..
sanskar:She was……
Suddenly he came do his sense n look towards his family…. n stay silent.
Rag:What he will say…. he has nothing to say as he is at fault…. but he will never accept it……. Still the same…..
Samy cupped swara’s face n asked her:Shona what happen….. what did u say to sanskar???
Ragini was shock by listening “Shona” but stay silent.
Swara:I wa..s… Before she could say anything else she fainted…..
All were shock by seeing her condition.
Samy n Ragini hold her n sanskar took her in his lap n rush to hospital. …..
Samy n Ragini was with swara n sanskar was driving……
Ragini crying :Swara get up swara…. what happened to u….. Sanu(Sanaya)What happened to her….
samy also crying:Ragu she will be fine…..
Ragu why r u so scared for her…. she is unknown to u na……???
Ragini was also confuse …..
Ragunu:I dnt know sanu but when I saw her I feel a connection with her…. I fell like she is very close to me……
Samy smile a lil but was more scared by seeing swara’s condition…….
She feel a sudden pain in her stomach…..
Ragini:What happen sanu……
Sanskar :Samy r h fine????
Samy :Ya Ya I am fine….. sanskar please rush a bit fast……
All reached hospital
? ? HOSPITAL ? ?
All rush swara to Dr. sarma by samy was not able to run as her pain was increasing…….
Swara was shifted to ICU……
Here all were outside icu……. samy somehow managed to come near them but suddenly fall n scream:Maa…….
All were shock sanskar run to her n hold her:Samy samy….. what happen samy…..
Samy was holding her stomach…… n was crying…….
Sanskar pick her up n shout for doctor…..
Sanskar was now completely broke down after seeing the condition of the two most important person in this condition…….
He was blaming himself for it….????

Precape: No Idea …..pleasehelp guys?????????????

Credit to: smiley

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  2. Hi smiley.. i really love ur story..
    I would like to share some ideas of mine..
    1) Make sanskar appolgy to inconious swara in hospital ward which should be shown by maheswaris.. (to make maheswari family to realise that sanskar can change due to swara)
    2) Give one emotional talk of swasan.. make him speak with his heart which will give swara a will power to live for him..
    3) Make ragini know the truth and help swara to recover from her cancer..
    5) sanskar care for swaraz after operation which should be noticed by everyone..
    6) Swasan romance with swara’s permission..

    Dear i have many ideas for this ff.. i like to write these type of stories.. if u want i can help u to continue this ff bcz i really love it so plzzzz i can’t bear if u discontinue it..

    1. i am sorry if i said anything wrong

    2. thank you everyone n lucky specially thank u for ur ideas I will surely use the. ???? love u all ….u guys r soo sweet

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