Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 14)

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Recape:Swara’s real parents reveal.

Samy was crying but it was of happiness.
Sanskar confuse:How is it possible samy……As much as I know u n ragini is the daughter of Singhania
family then who is swara?
samy hug sanskar n smile:She is our shona sanskar…..
Sanskar still confuse:Shona????But u or she never mention her name to me Then..????
Samy:I am the only daughter of my parents sanskar but she is youngest n most pampered child of singhania family.Arnab papa n sakshi mom’s third child.
Sanskar:What. …but as much I know ragini n Ansh is only known to us.
Samy:yes sanskar becz when she was 10 she was kidnapped n police declared her death. All were scattered but specially Ragini bcz shona was like her life.
Ansh n I was 12 years that time n ragini was 6 years older then shona.
We all love her like our baby. she was very much stubborn but very understanding.
sanskar smile.
Samy suddenly remeber something:Sanskar I wanna inform about shona to Arnab papa .
He was about to give the phone to her but that time swara wake up n call samy.
Samy rush to her n hug her.
Swara was confuse:Sanaya r u alright?

Samy smile:Yes shona I am fine……
Swara fell something strange after hearing shona.
But she just hug her back.
Samy compose herself:Swara why u called do u need anything?
Swara:Ya actually I am hungry so was about to getup but *by holding her waist*my waist is paining.
Samy concern:What…
wait let me call doctor.
Swara:Aree.aree.no need I am hungry so I think its paining.
Samy just nodded but she knows the reason behind it.
Today is swasan’s reception n it was organized grandly.
Swara was sleeping but her sleep was disturb by a noise.
She somehow open her eyes n was shoco to see sanskar struggling with breakfast tray.
She wake up n saw him in this state she was not able control her laughter n start laughing. …..
Sanskar somehow come near her n place the tray near her bed n sit beside her with fake anger face.
Sanskar fack angry:What’s so funny? ??
Swara stop laughing after looking his angry face n noddee in no.
Sanskar:Get ready today is our reception.
Swara nodded her head n went to freshup.
Swara n sanskar were looking the most heavenly couple in the hall.
Swara was wearing a pink lehenga (Imagine the one which she wore in raglak’s wedding)
N was sanskar was wearing a red sherwani(Imagine the dress of salman in film veer “salam aya song”)
Both were looking like Royal prince n princess.
ALl people come here were only talking about swasan.

After sometime Maheswari family arrive.Sanskar become furious after watching them coming there.
He thought they will not accept the invitation but they did why he dnt have any clue.
All the members of Maheswari family came (Ap Dp sujju Rp uttu pari adarsh raglak n sparsh(parish son)
Samy n Arun was present there.Samy saw the Maheswari family n sanskar’s Face.
She went near sanskar.
Samy:Sanskar r u fine?
Sanskar nodded n went from there.
Swara was confuse:Sanaya what happened to him? He was happy abit ago suddenly…..
Samy:Nothing swara …..he saw his family thats why he become furious…
Swara:What his family????
Samy point towards the maheswari’s…….
That time Ap n sujju come towards swara.
Swara took blessings from them n smile.
Ap n sujju was glad as she was very traditional just like they want sanskar’s wife.
They bless samy too n went away.
Then ragini come n stand near swara.
Unknowingly tears were flowing from her eyes not only her swara’s eyes were also crying but why both dnt know.
Ragini hug her n swara too reciprocate.
Samy was smiling by looking both of them.

Ragini hug samy too.N she left from there.
Swara:Sanaya who is she?
Samy:She Is ragini….Sanskar’s brother would be wife n his ex.
Swara:What his ex???
Samy:Ya….I dnt know what happen to them that they broke up but after there breakup sanskar cutoff all the relationship with his family.
swara:But why….They seems to be good na.
Samy:They r good swara…..but I dnt know the reasons behind sanskar hatred.
Arun call samy n she went to him leaving swara alone.

precape:Entry of arnab n sakshi.

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