Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 13)

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Guys why u think only ragini can be her sister one more girl is there na Sanaya then ????

Recape:Swara illness.

All trio were in shock after hearing about swara’s condition.
Samy crying:Doctor when we have to start her treatment?
Doc:As soon as possible.She is in her second stage so we have sometime but not very much.
Samy:But still can u tell us the time till when we can postpone her treatment?
Doc:U can postpone it till 2month maximum after we have to start her treatment otherwise. ……
Samy:Otherwise what Doctor?
Doc:we will decrease our chances to save her.
But why u wanna postpone her treatment?
Samy look towards sanskar who was in shock till now.She jerk her n he somehow come back to reality.
samy asked him to speak to the doctor.
Doc:Mr.kumar…I am asking why u wanna postpone her treatment?
Sanskar:Actually doctor …….He inform him about swara’s fake parents n there behaviour with them.
Doc tense:Mr.kumar I suggest u should search for her real parents because only her siblings can help her in her treatment otherwise I am sorry to say but we will loose her.
Sanskar was numb.what to do what not to.
Doc:She has gained conscious.I suggest to take care of her properly dnt allow her to work n stress herself.Keep her happy.
Sanskar nodded n went with samy n Arun.
(*Guys Dr.sarma is family doctor of Maheswari so he knows sanskar from his childhood. He is in his late 40s)
All come to her n saw her sleeping. Samy went near her n hold her hand. swara open her eyes n smile looking towards samy.
Samy hold her hand n cried.
Swara concern:What happen sanaya? R u alright?
Samy was not in her state to speak anything she rush to arun n hug him.
Swara was confuse she look towards Sanskar who was standing like statue.
Swara:Sanskar what happen to u all?
Sanskar went near her n hold her hand:Nothing everything is fine …u r abit weak so u have to take care of urself.
Swara was still not satisfied but just nodded.
Sanskar:Samy take care of her….I will be back after sometime.
Samy:Where r u going????
Sanskar just look towards her n assure her that he will be back….
Samy nodded her head n went near swara.
Sanskar went inside like a storm. His eyes were red with anger.
Sanskar shout:SANJAY…….
Sanjay n Sweta (Swara’s fakemom)
rush to towards them.
Sanjay:Sir u here????*scared*
Sanskar:Who r u?
Sanjay was confuse:Sir what r u speaking……..
Sanskar shout:What is the relation between u n swara?
Sanjay:she ….is….my..dau…
Sanskar:Dont u dare to say she is ur daughter. …..Speak the truth or it will be very bad for u………allll…….
Sanjay n sweta were looking towards eachother with fear.
Sanskar:SPEAK UP………
Sanjay Panic:Sir….she…I..s n..ott o..ur d…aughter.We just bought her up.
Sanskar:Then who is her real parents? Why u spoiled her life like this…..
N speak the truth otherwise. …..
Sanjay cried with anger:She is not our daughter.We kidnapped her so that u can take revenge from her parents.
Sanskar shock:Why?
Sanjay:Because her father was the reason behind my elder son’ s death…..N so to realize them the pain of loosing a child we kidnaped her when she was 10 years old.We kidnapped her on her 10th birthday n was about to kill her but my ma didnot allow us to do so …..n we have to bought her up.
Sanskar:N she never protest to go to her real parents?
Sanjay:No at first she troubled us alot but….
Sanskar:Buy what?
Sanjay:But when she was 11 she meet with an accident n we all thought she will not survive but the car owner by which she was crashed took all the responsibility of her treatment n after great difficulty she was saved but she lost her memory.
N from that time she listen whatever we say to her n asked her to do.
Sanskar hold his coller:How can u be so heartless…….
Sanjay:Becz I hate her n her family becz of them my son died.
Sanskar:But what was her fault that u do that much bad with her.
Sanjay:She has there blood that was her fault.
Sanskar:Then why u didnt u let her to die.
sanjay:Death is a small punishment ……I want to see her to feel death by living only…..so I made a princess of her parents my slave.
Sanskar punsh him so hard that he fall on the floor n was bleeding.
Sanskar:Who is her real parents.?
Sanjay smirk:I will never reveal it….
Sanskar hold him:I will give u what ever u want ……open ur mouth blo*dy hell……
Sanjay:80 lakhs after that I will think .
By saying this he went inside.
Sanskar was hell angry he call Arun.
Sanskar:Arun withdraw 1 crore as soon as possible.
Arun:But sir….
Sanskar interrupt:Do what I said….
By saying this he cut the call……..
After sometime arun come with money n hand over it to sanskar.
Sanskar gave the money to sanjay.
Sanskar:Itz more than u asked now tell me the name…….
Sanjay smile:How much????
Sanskar:1 crore….now speak up….
Sanjay was shock:Her parents are*he think*
Sanskar:Dnt u dare to lie otherwise u will not be able to stand on ur feet after that…..
Sanjay know him so he thought that as his revenge is also complete n he got money too so itz no use to lie.
Sanjay:Famous bussinessman Arnab singhania……….
Sanskar was horrified by his truth.He feel like his whole world turn upside down.
Sanskar went to him n asked
Sanskar:Don’t dare to lie u bas**tard ….
Sanjay:Why I will lie? I am speaking the truth she is the younger daughter of Arnab n Sakshi Singhania.
Sanskar:No…u r lieing they only have one daughter…..
Sanjay:Because they may think that she has died.
Sanskar leave him n leave to hospital.
Sanskar come to see weather she is fine or not.
As he entered in her cabin he was amazed by seeing the scene.
Swara n samy were laughing whole hearthly.
Unknowingly a smile appeared to his face too.
As soon as Swara saw he she stoped laughing.
Sanskar went near her n sat beside her.
Sanskar with lots of care:How r u feeling now?
Swara:Much better.
Sanskar:Samy what doc said ?
Samy:They will discharge her by evening.
Sanskar nodded.
After completing the formality of discharge paper they went home.

Sanskar bring swara home n along with them samy too come there.Arun was absent as he is preparing for the reception party which is going to be held next day.

Sanskar place swara in her room n after giving her medicine after she slept Samy n sanskar went to the hall .
Samy:Sanskar what happened did he opened his mouth?
Sanskar nodded his head in yes.
Samy happy:Who is her parents?
Sanskar:U know them samy…..
Samy confuse:I know them????
Sanskar:Mr.Arnab n Sakshi Singhania
Samy was shock by this revelation.She never thoght that she will get to hear there name from sanskar’s mouth.
Precape:Reception (Sure) swara’s family intro.

ok now guys think n reply who is swara’s parents n why all r so shock after listening this.

Do u think Ragini is her sister?
Do u think Sanaya is her sister?

What relation she have with them?
Will she be survived?

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  1. Nice epi…Sanaya paren’t are dead so it might be ragini…..eager to meet singhania family

  2. surabhi Srivastava

    Awesome nxt update soon

  3. Sanaya I think

    It’s confusing reveal it soon….

  4. Awesome…. Update soon

  5. Y is sanskar shocked????? How r they linked with him…..??? Continue soon…….

  6. Hope sanaya is her sister.. Anyway awesome episode dear

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  8. awesome i think ragini is her sister

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  10. Plz update next part soon can’t wait plz plz

  11. I want sanaya to be her sister

  12. Plz make ragini her real sister

  13. yes swara should survive and I think all three of them are sister and awesome update

  14. I think ragini is her sister so dat sanskar was shocked dat how would he cnvnc to ragini. Might b. Bt lets see

  15. awesome…..i want sanaya to b her sister….hope its sanaya…..

  16. Munira Juzer Ali

    Hope it is Sanaya…

  17. Angel Goldie

    Awsum…amzing..if Sanaya s Swara’s Sister den it’s an Amzing Twist..infact Amzing Wala Twist..i hope Sanaya is only Swara’s Sis..n Plzz Continue soon n a Bigger Part

  18. Arnab and Sakshi are Ragini ‘s parents. Sanskars and Ragini were in a relationship but at the last moment she must have left him and her parents forced her to marry Laksh. Now Sanskar will have to ask help from the girl he hates the most.

    Swara’s accident was with Sanskar ‘s car. He might not remember but she does.

    All these are my predictions. How far am I right? Guess you won’t be able to say even if I’m right for the suspense purpose.

    Good update BTW. Now Sanskar will be all the more caring and loving. Awaiting next update.

  19. Nice episode & I think ragini is her sis. & of course she will survive.
    & smiley in next week I am didn’t come to this page regularly because Ramzan is coming na & my college will also start. So don’t forgot me. If I didn’t comment on ff . but I will try to come regularly. Love u loads. Take care .

  20. Menaz come back soon ……will miss u.thnk u for ur comments

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