Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 12)

Hello guys thank u for accepting my ff but I am sorry I dnt have ny idea of addiction……….

Recape:Swara’s pov.

=======NEXT MORNING=======
Swara wake up first n after freshup she went to make breakfast for sanskar.
After sometime sanskar also wake up n get ready to go office.
Swara come in room to check whether sanskar wake up or not.
After looking that he was ready she smile unknowingly.
Sanskar also saw her smile n he too smile her back.
Sanskar:Swara where were u?

Swara:I was making breakfast for u…
sanskar:Why I have appointed servents for u only so that u dnt have to work like u have worked at ur so called parents house.*A bit angry*
Swara saw his anger n was happy for his care.
Swara smile:I love cooking n specially for my loved ones.
Sanskar was surprised by her answer.
Sanskar:Ok fine…but just cooking no household work n all okay?
Swara nodded.

After breaking Sanskar went to office.
Sanskar was in his cabin busy working on an Important file.
Arun come to his cabin.
Arun:Sir Maheswari project is pending can u declare ur decision.
sanskar smirk:Arun inform the maheswari’s that the deal is on.
Arun:Ok sir….
He was about to leave but sanskar call him again.
Sanskar:Arun what about the invitation cards?

Arun:All the cards were delivered to every partners n also rivals.
Sanskar:What about the maheswari’s?
Arun:No sir we didnot invite them as u didnt put there name on the guest list.*He was scared*
Sanskar smile:Ok so invite them now personally.
Arun was surprise to see his sweet behaviour.he smile went away.

After sanskar left swara was feeling lonely n was bore now.
She took her guiter, sit at hall n started playing it.
(Guys it was a tune u can imagine Ek hazaro main meri behena instrument tune…….N it is a suspense why she is singing it)
Her tune was so beautiful that all the servents come near her n was enjoying the tune.
But swara was crying closing her eyes.She was geting some flashbacks….She stop playing n hold her hand…..n scream in pain n faint.
All the servent got panic n Ramu kaka (Head servant) call sanskar.
Sanskar pick up his call.
Sanskar:Hello ha Ramu kaka….
Rk:Sir….mam faint suddenly….
Sanskar panic:what…..what happen is she fine? She got hurt or what..???
Rk:No sir she just faint please come soon sir.
Sanskar hangup the call n run as fast as he can.All were surprise by his action.Arun too run behind him.
¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤IN CAR¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
Sanskar call doctor.
Sanskar:Hello Dr.Sarma reach my house right now…..yes its an emergency. ……
He reach home n went inside.

Swara was in the sofa n was not in her sense till now.
All servents (5servents) were standing near her n the female servent was trying to wake her up.
Sanskar panic:Swara…..swara wake up…..what happen to u?…..
Doctor arrive n sanskar rush to him.
Sanskar:Dr.sarma please check her she faint suddenly. …

Doctor:Mr.Maheswari calm down..
*suddenly he realize what he said n was scared what will be itz consequences*
But to his surprise sanskar was not in his sense to listen his talks n was continuously asking him to check swara .
Sanskar:Doctor what r u thinking check her….
Doctor went near her n check her after examining her.
After a while he complete his checkup.
Sanskar:Doctor what happen she is fine na
Doctor:Mr.Kumar we have to do some test as I am not getting ny external illness.
Sanskar:Ok…..u go I will take her….
Doctor left the place n sanskar took her to in bridal style n rush to car.
Swara was going through tests n sanskar was panicing.
arun call him.
Arun:Hello sir where are u…we have a meeting in nexr 30 mins
Sanskar:Cancel all the meetings I will not be able to come .*He was shivering*
Arun notice his voice changed n tense:Sir is everything alright?
Sanskar:No actually I am in hospital.
Arun:Sir r u fine? Why r u in the hospital?
Sanskar:I …m …fine but swara faint suddenly so I brought her here.
Arun:What….sir is she fine …..Wait I am coming….
Sanskar:No…ar..*Before he can complete his word the phone was cut*
After a while samy n arun reach hospital.
Samy:Sanskar what happen to swara?
Sanskar explain what servents says.
Samy:O god …..what doctors said?
Sanskar:Reports will come after 1 hour …..till then nothing can be said.
Samy hug him n cried.
Doctor call them to his cabin.
Samy:Doctor what happen everything is fine na?
Sanskar intrupt:What do u mean by no….What happen to her??..
Doc:Mr.Kumar please atleast let me speak….
Sanksar realize his mistake n nodded his head.
Doc tense:Mr.kumar can u please gave me the past reports of Swara.
Sanskar confuse:Past reports ?
Doc:Yes past reports of swara she has survived from a deadly accident in her past years…dnt u know?
Sanskar nodded his head in No.
Doc:N morr than that she is suffering from cancer…..n she need a donor for her treatment.N due to that accident her body has become weak.
Sanskar was shock to hear this.
And again a shock come to him
Doc:N from my experience I can tell that she has lost her memory too.
That was it for them ……….

precape:Sanskar threatening swara’s fake parents.
Sanskar’s care for swara.

Sorry guys for so many bemaries to a single person but I suddenly got the idea so used it ……as I already said I have not organized the story whatever come to my mind I present it to u all.

So what do u think who can be swara’s parents…..
Will swara be saved????


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