Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 11)


Hi guys……I am back…..
Firstly my results I score 89% n I got very less marks in Maths n science…..Never mind I will try to crake my H.S…….

Now about the ff problem many of u r not happy with my story as it is similar to Saba’s ff SWASAN A PATH HATE TO LOVE & Angel’s ff BEAUTY N BEAST.
I am very sorry guys but I already informed u guys that it will be similar.But still I will try to make changes…
Thank u all my friends for ur love n prayers I am very lucky to get u all.Thanks for praying…..Love u all……

Recape:Swasan Marriage……Sanskar’s confortation…….

Sanskar went to freshup. swara was confuse n shock.
Swara’s pov
What is this sanskar Kanhaji? So easily he confess his dirty addiction to me n now he want me to choose what I want as if he will care my decision.
But atleast he reveal his past deeds to me but atleast he should be a bit polite na……*she pout*
Now what I will do kanhaji? I dnt want his health to effect….
swara’s pov end.
Her thoughts were intrupt by Sanskar.
Sanskar:Swara u go n change.
Swara nodded n went to freshup.
Swara come back to room.
Sanskar was sitting n working on his laptop.
swara was confuse what to do.
She took her matress on the floor n was about to set when sanskar saw her.
Swara look towards him.
Sanskar:What r u doing?
Swara:Making my bed why???
Sanskar:why so …..u have such a big bed?
Swara:But that is ur bed na?
Sanskar:U r also mine na…..u r my wife Mrs.Swara sanskar kumar. So u have full right on me n my everything. okay?
Swara was hell surprise but she just nodded.
Sanskar:Now come n sleep here.I will not touch u till u allow me.
Swara to herself:As if he never touched me before…….
Sanskar understand her thought by her face
Sanskar smile:I know I have touched u be also but that time u were swara gadodiya n that was a revenge but now u r my wife so u dnt have to worry about it.
Swara open her mouth in shock.
Sasnakr smile looking at her expression.
She went to bed n sleep on the left side.But sleep was far from her.
After sometime sansakr took sleeping pills n sleep.
Swara get to know every action of him n she was restless what to do.
After a while she wake up n saw sanskar.
Swara’s pov
I m very happy that I got my first love as my husband but not this way sanskar.I loved u from last 7 years when I even dnt know the meaning of love properly but still u were alwys in my Heart but what happen to that Sanskar whom I lovee once.U r not the one u r completely different ……..I dnt know what is ur past but I will try to make u that sanskar again.
Swara’s pov end
By saying this she gave a peck on his forehead.
N sleep by the other side.

Guys very sorry for this short update my relatives have come so I am busy abit sorry sorry sorry.
I will upload as soon as I get time…..

Guys I dnt know about romance much so sorry I will not be able to describe properly.
But Will try. …

Credit to: Smiley

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